I Was Wrong About the Dodge Ram

I Was Wrong About the Dodge Ram

rev up your engines today I’m going to
talk about the RAM 1500 eco diesel now the new eco diesel the 2020 version has
changes in it from the classic Ram diesel if you’re remembering a past
Dodge Ram diesel pickup now they just called them Ram they changed the name hey what’s in a name but it came with a very reliable coming straight six-cylinder
diesel engine and yeah it didn’t put out a lot of horsepower 160 of them to be
exact they were extremely reliable diesel
engines and they were a straight-6 they deliberately put a straight-6 in for
ease of maintenance there was lots of room to working on them when they did
finally break down they were easy to work on I’m not a Chrysler fan by any
stretch of the imagination but those early pickups that had the straight
six-cylinder diesel engine I had customers drive those things three four
five hundred thousand miles and the engines of transmissions are still going
strong they started making it bigger and bigger and I got a 6.7 liter diesel you
can still get them in the 3500 s and stuff but the eco diesel and a new ones
that’s a completely different animal the ego diesel that they’re all advertising
now is their big Saviour power and gas mileage is a v6 diesel but an engine is
made in Italy Italian engine it’s paired with a ZF transmission now the zr ones
it’s a German design company but they’re not made in Germany to me this changing
around the stuff all the time it’s very symptomatic of problematical
companies you got the early diesels then they tried Aysen transmissions and now
they’re using the ZF transmissions it’s like they can’t make their mind up which
company they want making their transmissions they’re not even making
their own transmissions they’re buying it from somebody else they’re going to
do that they stick to some manufacturer and have them perfect them an example of that is Toyota and denso some toyotas pretty much all used Nippon
Denso air conditioning compressors over the years they’ve always bought them
from Denso so they don’t say oh gee we’ll buy them
from one company then another company then another company as an example if
you go over decades Honda’s but their air conditioning compressors from
various different companies some denso and lots of different companies
and they had a lot of problems with their air conditioning Honda makes great
cars but their air conditioning compressors have always been suspect and remains so this day so with Chrysler changing what transmissions they put
with these diesels that’s a mistake I’m sure that they decided to go to a
cheaper one and then they didn’t like the Aisin ones so now they’ve gone to
the ZF ones which is not a good thing when it comes to vehicle manufacturing
if you want quality and reliability that new v6 to diesel engine made in Italy so
that’s got one strike against it made in Italy I’ve had customers with these
diesel engines the v6 Italian wants they’re not happy with the bid just
don’t hold up over time take the early six-cylinder Cummins diesels in the
Rams those thing could run three four five hundred thousand miles they were
really bulletproof engines I’ve had customers with those b6 eco diesels less
than a hundred thousand miles and then the engines had problems not something
you want to expect in a diesel engine if a customer’s worth four diesel engines
the engines only go three or four hundred thousand miles
yeah the transmissions maybe they go 200k and then you’d have to replace it with the
rebuilt ones but the engines were still going strong that’s the whole point of
buying a diesel engine when it’s gonna last a really long time they’re very
expensive to repair when they do break customer minor had Ecodiesel ram v6 had engine problems they wanted them to buy back the vehicle now here in the united
states have the lemon law dodge wouldn’t buy back his truck on his lemon law but
they offered him compensation money spent all their money on the truck the
engine didn’t hold up that well he didn’t want compensation money he wanted his money back and go buy a Ford truck instead if your vehicle doesn’t meet all
the qualifications of lemon law it can make a diminished lemon law where they
can offer you cash for compensation that you get to keep the truck and they give
you some money they offered him three grand and he was so mad he
take it you said I’ll never buy another one of their products Italians then I’ve
known for making really reliable long-lasting designs they never have
Chrysler Fiat as far as I can read they’re even talking about pulling fiat
out of the United States market entirely now they’re still gonna sell a bunch of
chrysler cars and a fiat engines and all kinds of fiat parts but the actual line
of fiat cars they’re talking about pulling it out of the united states
last I checked Fiat sales united states are down 44% the actual Fiats themselves
so it wouldn’t surprise me a Fiat pulls out of the United States again they
pulled out 1983 and it wouldn’t be surprised if they pull out again the
quality’s not there and Americans just aren’t gonna buy that chunk but here I
assume that a lot of potential customers for the RAM Ecodiesel have no idea that
these v6 diesel engines are buying are made in Italy and if you research
anything about these Italian diesel engines especially the v6 s they’ve been
laden with problems like I say I had a customer with one he engine started
going out had about a hundred thousand miles just under a hundred thousand
miles now I might be laughing at it because I have an ironic sense of humor but if
you would bought one of those things you’re not gonna be laughing you’re
really gonna be crying or you’re gonna get as mad as can be at Fiat Chrysler
for putting these Italian made diesel engines in their big trucks now that
said if you get the really big trucks like the 3500 you can still get the big
Cummins engine in it now the vehicles themselves do have problems some people have picked the 3500 dodges one of the worst trucks out there so I’m not saying
go out and buy one but at least it’s got a decent engine in it it’s gonna be able
to pull and haul and last because sure you can get horsepower and a lot of
torque out of a souped up v6 diesel engine but hey if it’s an Italian made
diesel engine and you’re pulling a lot of weight putting a lot of stuff in the
van odds are it’s not gonna last like a Ford diesel that might go three four
hundred thousand miles these things can’t take it not you want to get a
truck to just puddle around in town in against the purpose of a diesel
in the first place they can pull stuff they can all stuff in the bed if you’re
gonna get a truck for just tooling around don’t waste your money on a
diesel truck get a gasoline truck the cost less they’re faster you’re not
pulling all that weight you don’t care I’ve got a customer whose axe boyfriend
owned one but a gasoline engine and he was such a fanatic he got mad at her
because she saw her horse saddle on the back of his pickup truck bad he said
that’s gonna scratch my bed and he wouldn’t even haul or sell he went his
bed scratch you know she kind of realized he was nutcases he loved him
anyway so she dumped him probably so it was cause you wouldn’t let her put the
saddle on the bed of his pickup well he had a gasoline engine it made sense he
was never gonna pull anything haul anything he didn’t need a diesel engine
but if you want a diesel pickup truck you want an engine neck and pull’ that
can haul you don’t want one that wears off before its time and even though they
extended the warranty to five years or 100,000 miles to a true diesel pickup
owner a hundred thousand miles isn’t spit they want something that’s gonna go
two three four hundred thousand miles they don’t want something it’s gonna
fall apart that quickly for diesel engines are supposed to be stronger they
cost a lot more money to buy for that reason which is a reason you know if we
apply an Italian diesel engine it is not gonna hold up from my experience in the
past they have problems because they’ve been using these engines for the last
six years unlike I say if you don’t believe me google it and you’ll see the
problems that these v6 eco diesel engines have had to me it’s kind of the
same as Fiat they pull all the united states in 1983 then they come back it
looks like they’re gonna have to pull their brand out again had they gotten
any better over the years No so why anybody would want to buy a
vehicle that had an Italian source diesel engine is beyond me I know
scumming diesel engines were great engines why didn’t they keep using them
well because Fiat Chrysler it’s Italian company right now of course Fiat
Chrysler merged with the French company I wouldn’t be surprised they start using fresh diesel
engines but I do have to say from my knowledge of they actually they
make better diesel engines than the Italians do but
maybe 10 years from now they’ll have Rams with French diesel engines and their good engines I don’t know I can’t forecast the future that fire I just
warned you about what’s out there now what not to buy so not at least you
can’t say you weren’t warned by Scotty if you go out and buy an eco diesel and it
falls apart before its time, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell

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  2. Scotty, you should do some research on the new ZF transmissions- they are being built right here in South Carolina in a state-of- the-art new (MEGA MILLIONS) facility just for this transmission- it may or may not turn out to be good, but give it a chance- a lot of other car companies are banking on this 8 speed automatic!!!!!!!

  3. Scotty: "CUMMIN-G-S"
    Every RAM Enthusiast: …. Ah, no it's 'CUMMINS'!!

    Love my 2015 RAM 3500 6.7 Cummins, it pulls like a freight train!


  5. FCA cars aren’t realizable. However their Pentastar v6s and their v8s are stout, and any of their cars with the ZF 8 speeds are also stout. Everything else is trash though.

  6. Hello Scotty, this is Joe. I’m from the year 2023. My EcoDiesel engine makes pinging noises when I pass 40mph. What could it be?

  7. For the life of me, it boggles my mind why Honda can't find a decent AC compressor. They always fail and are weak for the summers we have in socal.

  8. Scotty, your rants are mixing a lot of 1/2 ton info with Heavy Duty truck info.
    Ram still makes the cummins with an available Aisin transmission on 3500's and up. The 2500's have an RFE tranny built by Chrysler. Only the v6 ecodiesel in the 1/2 tons has the zf tranny, which I agree isn't worth buying.
    Also, you say to buy a ford diesel instead and show an HD truck. Why not compare it to the Ford V6 diesel they make in the 1/2 tons?

  9. You know why the rest of the world doesnt drive american… they fall apart and are endless money pits compared to everything else.

  10. The Detroit Diesel 92 Series was an outstanding engine. Too bad there was no possible way to fit one of those monsters in anything but a bus or semi cab. Now that's an interesting idea, try to fit an 8v92TA in an F450.

  11. Dodge have NEVER MADE a decent vehicle…an just keep going down hill… who would spent their mo ey on these vehicles…total junk

  12. My wife worked at the Dodge dealer for years. Always a story about what junk they are, and pissed off customers. Same stuff failing again and again. Almost like it's planned or something.
    No Dodge for me!

  13. I had a customer that…
    Scotty is right about the Ram customer service, also. Lots of complaints about how hard it is to get a timely response for replacement parts or warranty repairs.

  14. I had a 2014 ecodiesel that lasted 190K with no engine or transmission problems until it was totaled in a wreck. It's a light duty truck. If it wasn't so popular Nissan, Ford, and GM wouldn't be trying to get a share of that market.

  15. DO NOT BUY A POS RAM I sold these junkers and almost every one I showed I had to drive around the dealership four times to stop the rods from knocking before I showed the customer complete junk

  16. If they want a smaller diesel, why don't they cut 2 cylinders off the 6.7 just like they did in the past to create the 4BT?

  17. American buyers like to chop and change there suppliers as a price negotiation tactic where as the Japanese have far more respect for each other.

  18. Never said they weren't assembled or built in US. Said less than 70 percent of parts are US. Doesn't matter what others do.

  19. Legend has it that since I bought my 1994 silver Toyota Celica, I may have a "Target" on my back. Fame and Fortune comes at a hefty price. Now I know how it feels to be a "Rock Star" out in public.

  20. I remember when Chryslers used Torqueflight trasmissions and torsion beam suspensions. Now they're just twisted pieces of metal.

  21. Out of every vehicle I see broke down on the side of the road, at least 7 are Dodge/Chrysler. Scary thing is that it's mostly Chargers and Challengers

  22. Hey Scotty, your gunna hate this one i know you dislike bmws! But this one averages 64mpg! And has been reliable upto 80k mile now! What do you think is wrong with a 3 series diesel f30 ? When you get a faint burning smell seeming to come from underneath the car after its been driven hard? and its a little nioser at idle, no signs of smoke? I was thinking sepertine belt or could be valve cover gasket? There are like 0 videos on diesel f30s on youtube so any help greatly appreciated.

  23. As an engineer I would suggest to Dodge 'go back to Cummims'. I'm not going to invoice ya for that consultation, I'm doing this as a public service!

  24. As the owner of a 3500 with the 6.7L Cummins who has a friend that drives the Eco Diesel, I can tell you that his truck has seen the shop for repairs more times than mine has for oil changes in the last year.

  25. Scotty it's Cummins not Cummings.
    Also aisin transmission is still optional on 3500 other comes with the Chrysler built 68rfe.

  26. I have a 2007 ford fusion v6 SEL 12 years now , replaced brakes as per normal driving otherwise no issues, AIR and all else works perfect still runs great, Ford hit a home run when they built this series of fusions,it is much better then the turbo trash they are making now.

  27. Ever ram I have ever had has gone over 3 hundred and they have gas engines not diesel. Explain that please. Am I the only person who has had this happen. Come on scotty why do u really hate the ram 1500 or all the rams

  28. lol i know a guy that has a new dump thurk and will not put anything in the back and when he did the 1 time he put insulation on the floor and the walls just to put 28 pic of Sheetrock in it

  29. the french have been driving a lot of diesel cars before any other country. They were generally regarded as the best in the 90s for not breaking down. Its because france used to have much lower fuel duty on diesel. Had a few french diesels engine was strong the rest of the car not so much.

  30. Scotty how good would a 5.9 Cummins 12 valve 94 with the T18 Borg Warner last completely crate t18 and professionally rebuilt to spec

  31. Well I don't know Scotty that may not be so bad in light of the fact did the Dodge ProMaster city is built in Turkey. Now I don't know about you you have a lot more experience with cars than I do but I just have racked my brain and search my memory for all of the wonderful cars that have come from turkey and I just can't think of one maybe you could shed some light Scotty. Thank you very much again as always sir.

  32. The cummins is rock solid but early transmission efforts from chrysler had trouble holding the torque.

    On another note I guess GM decided to go the straight six route with their small diesel, for simplicity and reliability. Time will tell on the latter, though.

  33. yeah i agree Ram messed up with that 3.0 diesel they could have had cummings made it but they always want to do cost cutting thats why ill never get a ram no matter how nice they are. Chevy and Ford just makes better trucks.

  34. Only Scotty knws people with 2 -3 4 hundred K. Miles on there car/truck 🐒He had costumes from all over the world 🌍 lol 😂 🐴🐴🙉🙈🙊

  35. Hey Scotty,
    My wife drove her 2017 Acura RDX to work, parked it and left the motor running for eight hours by accident. Any advice you have to offer will be greatly appreciated.

  36. ‘Eco-Diesel’ means you will save the environment from pollution because your truck will be broken down, sitting somewhere in a shop or junkyard. lol

  37. Time for Fiat to swim back to Italy. Just like Japanese don't like Amerian cars, Americans don't like Italian cars

  38. The 3.0 eco diesel is garbage. A reason the engine has a 150k warranty. The first to go are the octopus fuel lines and all 6 injectors that YOU have to pay for. After a few miles you will have the warranty kick in to get the fiat diesel engine that you still lose the money from the injectors you just put in as they are not covered under the new engine. Complete garbage.

  39. Wait a minute why be mad at Fiat for putting the crappy engine in the truck? Doesn't the phrase buyer beware mean anything anymore? If you're going to be putting that much money down on anything you should do your homework. To be fair I didn't do any homework I heard the words EcoDiesel and knew it was going to be crap when they first announced it. I did not know they were going to use a Fiat V6 diesel but when they didn't advertise horsepower or Torque numbers in the initial marketing campaign I knew it was going to be dismal at best.

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