– Hey guys, this is Austin,
and welcome to Tokyo. So Toyota were awesome enough
to sponsor a trip out here to Japan to take a look
at some of the stuff they have to show at the Tokyo Motor Show. Now one of the more interesting
things that’s been shown here is the brand new Mirai Concept. Now the Mirai is Toyota’s
fully hydrogen powered vehicle. I’ve gotta say it looks
absolutely incredible, I mean seriously just look at this thing. Now while they may call this a concept, as far as I’m concerned,
this looks very much production ready, and in fact, it should be going on sale late 2020. Now if you guys are not
familiar with the Mirai, it is a hydrogen powered vehicle which actually has been
around for a few years. In fact, I actually
went to the launch event for it a few years ago. So unlike an electric
car, this entirely relies on hydrogen which does
have some major advantages. As opposed to pretty much any sort of battery electric vehicle which will need 20, 30 minutes, an
hour or more to charge, this can be completely refueled
in just a couple of minutes. Pretty much like a gassed
powered car, gas powered car. Gas powered car. You’ve got a 10.2 inch display here, as well as there is a heads up display, which isn’t on right now. Look I’ve got a little H2O button, I’m not sure, what does the H2O button do? – It really ejects the water man. – I’m just imagine this
is like the cool version of shooting flames. You just like shoot water instead. (laughing) Toyota also has a series of BEV’s or battery electric vehicles. Now the interesting thing
about what’s going on right now especially in the car industry
and specifically with Toyota is that instead of being
just a pure car company, Toyota’s turning into a mobility company. Now what that means is
that they’re working on a wide range of
different mobility solutions everything from cars, all
the way down to something that you would consider to be
be like maybe not a scooter, but not too far off. Now this is the Ultra
Compact BEV from Toyota, even though this is the
Ultra Compact version, it’s actually the biggest of
the BEV’s that they have here. This is meant to carry two passengers. It’s actually surprisingly
cool although something that I’m a little more
excited to try is the iROAD. Dude it’s so cool. All right, I’m in the iROAD. So what’s really bizarre about this, it’s got three wheels and, whoa, so like the entire thing like rotates? I don’t know how to describe it. Okay, so I’m about to
take my first corner, thank you, and it feels
like I’m drifting, what? (laughing) Whoa, let’s full throttle. Oh dude. (laughing) That’s awesome, that is so much cooler. It feels like you’re
drifting the whole time. Typically one of the more
interesting things here is the Toyota LQ. Now this is actually a
hybrid between a concept car, and a final production vehicle. So originally, this was
known as the Concept-i We actually took at it a little while ago. However, this is a car which
is actually going to be hitting the streets of Tokyo by next summer. The idea is that this is sort of a… That was a lot of people in suits. Now this thing is loaded with very future looking technology. So not only do they intend to put solid state batteries in this which should be a huge leap from any kind of battery
technology that we have today. But on top of that, it also does have things
like OLED screens inside. You have a lot of AR functionality
with the heads up display to really kind of give you a very detailed look at the world. The idea here very much is this is a vehicle which you can drive but is also a vehicle
which can drive you around and it’s sort of that mix which
makes it very interesting. The LQ should be capable of
Level 4 autonomous driving, which means that it really
can do most of the driving although it does of course
still have a steering wheel if you’d like to do it yourself. Now one of the interesting
things here is that this is not really meant
to replace you as a driver. Right? There’s a lot of features here which will enhance your driving experience. We’re very quickly moving into a world where driverless cars, autonomous vehicles are going to be commonplace. And I think that a real challenge with the entire auto industry is why do you care? Right? I mean, if I’m looking at a Supra. I’m excited, right? Like it’s a passionate thing. I can really, I have a bond with it. I care. When it comes to an autonomous vehicle, I think there’s a real danger in that, why would you care, right? Who cares what car manufacturer makes it? Who cares what model? You’re just gonna get in it, it’s gonna take you
from point A to point B. It’s very much utility. I think that’s something that
Toyota’s very much trying to focus on and make something
which is actually passionate, which is actually exciting,
which is actually something that you want to buy and
you want to drive every day. Or you want to drive you. There is a huge change coming to the automotive industry right now. With autonomous vehicles
impending in the next few years, in the next decade or so, you gotta think that a lot
of people aren’t gonna be interested in buying cars the
way they have in the past, right? I mean if the car is utility, if the vehicle is something
which can actually be useful, even when you’re not using it, right? So a lot of people, Toyota included, seem to be interested in the idea that some of these vehicles might
be used as like, a delivery van or a taxi or something
when you’re not using it. I mean, there’s a huge shift coming and I think the idea
that Toyota has shifted into becoming a mobility
company is a huge part of that, right? You can’t just make cars forever because things are changing and they’re changing in a big, big way.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. theres a mazda in the background moohh noo ohhh noo mazda must be paying you to have their vehicles in the background of a toyota sponsored video. get techpowerup on the phone

  2. With the czech prime minister casually nudging Austin at 2:36. Austin thinking that's just a random guy in a suit. Our Czech meme sites picked this up.

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  4. 2:36 – Holy shit, that guy who just walked past you on the left is the Czech prime minister (Andrej Babiš)!
    At first I was like: 'Wait a second, did I just see… WHERE THE FUCK DID HE COME FROM?!'

  5. I think the solution to autonomy vehicles is in the movie minority report movie where all vehicles are controlled by 1 single AI.

    And power to car would be by wireless power source beam to the car, concept is already possible but yet to make it efficient. 😊

  6. your so lucky to have everything I can't even afford a decent keyboard not even close to a monitor I use a small THICK tv also OLD and playing on a ps4 I watch your vids cause your living the dream I have and one day might be able to have everything like you and I am willing to do anything but

    My dream life you have…

    work hard to get were you at peace out

  7. Hydrogen has almost no advantages over batteries, but it has a lot of problems. The pumps are expensive, slow, inefficient, and require natural gas, and you can't charge at home or make your own fuel from the sun.

    One hydrogen pump can only fill 3 cars per hour at 12x the cost of a supercharger.

  8. Cars are getting boring.
    That old MK3-MK4 Supras, Silvias, old GTRs and all the old badass cars are some real legends and most of them are not longer in production 😞
    Do you agree?

  9. You live in Claremont California you have an office in the packing house next to 21 choices I know this because I’m your neighbor it would be an honor to meet you reply if you would like I took something from the free box outside your office thanks

  10. Hydrogen cars are dumb. You have to use electricity to make hydrogen, and hydrogen production involves carbon emissions.

  11. The h2o button pours water ,which i think is a bi product from the hydrogen stuff in the car. Not sure if it is necessary but cool nevertheless

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