I Won’t Fix This Toyota 4Runner

I Won’t Fix This Toyota 4Runner

rev up your engines, here we have a Toyota that smokes and why is it smoking that’s what we’re gonna figure out that’s why
the customer brought it over here and in this case to check engine light is on so is the vehicle speed control and the traction light they’re all on so here
we have to start with a scan tool plug it in on the port and we’ll see what
it says it knows it’s 4runner and now it’s thinking in this case it’s
got four codes the cat is inefficient the cat isn’t efficient again the cat is
inefficient again and see 1201 engine control system malfunction
now smoking can be a blown head gasket but in this case it’s not losing any
coolant and the sections been going on with the customers car for quite some
time now I did a block leak check before a couple months ago showed there was
anything wrong with the head gasket leaking it’s not losing coolant so
really there’s only two reasons that could smoke is either it’s getting too
much fuel flooding out the engine and it smokes or it’s burning a lot of oil and
this case is burning oil it’s only a little bit on the very tip so it’s an
oil burning problem but I really don’t think that’s all because it’s high
mileage they often burn a little bit of oil but when this thing smokes smokes
like that then it stops oil burning generally gonna happen all
the time I think it has to do more with that computer communication code
we’re gonna look that up don’t go on my all data repair see if there’s any
bulletins or recalls on this and hope I’m walking through all the TSB’s
technical service bulletins and recalls but there’s nothing about a c1201
unfortunately in a search engine when I put it in says no results down C 1201
and what does it gives you a bunch of procedures in the end it says replace
ECM if you can’t find anything else wrong and as we look it up I don’t feel
like guessing with a 537 dollar part now to further confirm my diagnosis I got my
old fancy scan tool but it recorded no misfires it didn’t show any bad data it
was running like up and smoking even though the engines
burning a little bit of oil hey it’s got 200,000 miles on it and burning oil
isn’t going to make an engine Rumble and tumble and trip that communication code
either twelve years old it’s only done this a few times anybody in their right
mind would be foolish just throw a computer at it I gots all the cost to
mark drive it and see what happened cuz if it gets to a point where it’s doing
it all the time it’s gonna make the diagnosis a lot easier because I’m
suspecting the computer and that thing’s bad but if wiring door to it is bad our
particular sensor is bad can do the same thing since it’s doing it so
infrequently it would be stupid to guess with the $600 part right off the bat
because I had a customer with the same exact vehicle years ago it did the same
thing I did it every once in a while and they drove it another four years without
fixing anything as long as the coolants not being lost we know the head gasket is
not blown as long as it runs decent almost all of the time and it works fine
on highway sharp it doesn’t run at all it runs bad all the time yeah but this
thing runs perfectly fine ninety nine percent or more of the time but as I
said my gases on the computer mainly because it had no misfire codes it
should have at least recorded when it was stumbling and rumbling when it was
doing the smoking and it didn’t do that at all now only time is gonna tell where
this solves 4runner and I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop if it does end up
having to get a new computer put in it but for the time being
driving around see what happens because as long as it’s not losing coolant and
it’s running good most of the time it would be foolhardy to throw a whole
bunch of money into it right away because let’s say it is the sensor going
bad or wiring going bad well then that will stop working entirely then when I
get my fancy computer and look at the data say it was the crank sensor
or the wiring I’d see that that data was either non-existent at zero or is giving
observed data out would you show me that there’s a problem that you don’t want to
guess with an expensive computer only to find out
there’s a little short down the line somewhere and these hundreds of wires
and ends up ruining your expensive new computer because that little thing
eventually over time got worse way like it’s worse if you want to fix it without
spending money foolishly and they having to do it all over again because your
brand-new computer it got fried in the same way if the original one was so
that’s repair we’re gonna wait to see what time shows and if you want it about
the traction control like being on an ABS like being on that’s a software deal
with Toyota if your check engine light comes on and there’s a problem it
automatically turns off the traction control system and the ABS system so
those warning lights come on when I reset the computer says you can drive it
away all those lights went off and stayed off but the problem comes back
and the check engine light comes on those are come on so don’t freak out if
you ever see that in the Toyota with a check engine light that’s just kind of
an ancillary effect of the check engine light coming on usually there’s nothing
wrong with those systems at all, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. I think some people are confused, this 4Runner has separate issues, the oil burning is from old age and poor maintenance. The ECM problem is making the engine management system act up so the engine wasn’t running correctly with unburned fuel going into the exhaust and smoking. But it only smoked once every few weeks and when it did act up the engine misfired but the engine computer did not store any misfire codes showing that the computer is most likely bad.

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  2. she prob got some other 'dude' to do work on it before taking it to scotty . She could have a whole slew of guys she takes it to, each one thinking they will be her 'knight in shining armour' . That way she gets 5 mechanics for the price of 1. PLUS all the dudes who got duped here too.

  3. Hey, I’ve been driving an actual dinosaur around for about 2 years now and wanted some advice, tho I’m pretty sure all I can do is leave my poor truck alone and drive it till it dies.

    I drive a 1996 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6…. I got through a trade out for my previous vehicle…. a 1995 Dodge Avenger.

    (This probably should have been my first clue that this truck was going to be something unique, because I PROMISE you this car was in 4 times worse of a condition than my truck is in even now, and this guy preferred my car anyways…)

    Ive been driving around “Bryan the Beast” for about 2.5 years and maintaining him on only the hare basics, because I initially only thought he would run for about 6 months and I would finally get my first vehicle that WASN’T made before 2008…. turns out the truck is still very much a roaring, glitchy, scary, rusted, monster no matter what I put it through. I fell in love with the truck, AND all its issues; and now I don’t want to let it go….

    But I haven’t found a mechanic willing to go anywhere near this truck to do anything other than changing brakes and rotors, or oil changes. I’ve made most of the necessary repairs myself to make sure he wouldn’t just konk out; but I believe I’ve encountered a few new issues that I won’t be able to fix….

    Someone wanna help me out, here?

  4. "It would be stupid to guess with a $600 part…" How about, "it would be stupid to guess…" That's why we diagnose problems instead of guessing. Wiring problems, sensors, and so on, can all be diagnosed with the proper equipment and knowledge.

  5. A used ecm is a lot cheaper than a new or rebuilt one.
    Driver mite get an expensive ticket if cop sees da smoke, especially Calif.

  6. Carboned up oil control rings. Best bet is to change oil, substitute 3 quarts of atf and let engine IDLE ONLY for 15-30 minutes. Repeat flush process 2 more times. Works great at cleaning out engines.

  7. I often see Toyotas here in the UK with smoke pouring out of them. I assume it’s because even when they’re neglected and on death’s door they keep on running

  8. You really don't know what your talking about here, that c1201 only stores in the abs/vsc ecu because there's a dtc stored in the engine computer. I guarantee you there's a small head gasket leak on cylinder #6

  9. My 98 Grand Cherokee built by CHRYSLER does not have these problems. Glad I stuck with CHRYSLER and not Toyota when choosing my vintage 4×4 to cruise around in. Lol

    Plate C

  10. My pops and i Went to service king for a bumper fix they fixed the check engine light, but how? I dont know. but this thing has had regular service for 13 years now we're gonna start changing bulbs and stuff ! btw Scotty please show us how we are supposed to change the glove box bulb its such a damn hassle to try to find out how the hell its supposed to work do we take out the housing do we somehow rip out the bulb
    Owner of a 2007 4runner

  11. What if your customer does not want to drive a car with warning lights on? Most refuse to even drive a car with multiple lights on

  12. I have similar issue with FJ Cruiser 2007 but in my case it has to crank for a wile before it starts. Usually it starts normal, but if I stop the engine and try to start it after around 20 min. it almost always crank long. For time to time (like once a month) there is p0124 and p0224 Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor/Switch B Circuit Intermittent. I replace Pedal and the Throttle (for used ones) no change. On start you can smell its running rich, but after a while its good. It's been that way fo over a year. I'm worries cause I use this car for long travel. No one is able to diagnose it. They say it might be a ECM, wiring or some sensor.

  13. These 4runners computers are finicky. I had one that only threw a bad computer code. It had some aftermarket rear O2's. Replaced them with Denso's and code went away. Weird thing was watching the scanner the aftermarket ones were reading within range. Always use Denso sensors in a Toyota! Bosch will give you grief! Japanese and Germans don't speak the same language. (unless it's a new Supra!)This will not fix the oil burning but will shut the dash lights off.

  14. Maybe I am ignorant but you say that the check engine light coming on also turns off the ABS and Traction Control? Well isn't it way more dangerous to drive around without ABS and traction control? I know old cars didn't have them, but I wouldn't want to drive with my airbags deactivated either.

  15. Its just a bad sensor. New cars can go into limp mode for many reasons. A poor quality aftermarket intake filter made my awd-traction-&engine light come on and my car ran rich. If the computer was bad there would be many more issues here. Scotty you gotta make more quality over quantity here some people take your advice very seriously.

  16. •Scotty: “you’re stupid if you don’t buy a 4Runner.”
    •Customer: “hey Scotty!?”
    •Scotty: “I’m not fixing your 4Runner, it’ll fix itself.”

  17. When we changed the battery of the same 4runner we get those codes, we let unplugged the battery for a while to “reset” the ecu and then problem solved

  18. I'd change the PCV valve. I had one I tore apart on a car that would stubble and smoke randomly and found the plunger would get cockeyed in the actual little bore and stick. Then randomly it would unstick. ( This is when I was so cheap I tried cleaning PCV valves instead of replacing them.)

  19. My 4runner last winter start hard and make white sweet smoke. I think it was gasket, but before I started to dismantle the engine I changed the fuel filter, and it fix it.

  20. Scotty make sure you don't get any rainwater in that very expensive scanner you may end up having to buy another one Hahaha

  21. Obviously valve seals leaking oil in the cylinders or worn rings but that's unlikely at 200kmiles. It's low on oil that's the evidence rite there it's due for a top end rebuild instead of burning oil in the cats are probably destroyed that's why it has threshold code. Driving it to the ground 😂 how hard is it to follow a manual and do the required maintenance

  22. White smoke is water. If it only smokes when cold and the coolant stays on level it would be just condensation in the exhaust. You don't need a fancy scantool for that.

  23. Okay so Oil burns blue, if it only burns on cold start – valve seals. If the car emits blue smoke all the time – piston rings. Now you say there was no bad data yet you didn’t show any, most likely the F/T was in the negatives. VSC = vehicle skid control NOT speed control. What amazes me is how you portray yourself as a professional and offer all this info for people to see and only about 1/2 your info is accurate in most videos.

  24. You advice for computer was to disconnected for 5 minutes battery terminals and then connect it again see I pay attention

  25. Could be a bad Power Steering Air Control Valve. Took a while to figure out where the smoke was coming from. Started pulling hoses until I found it getting sucked right into the intake. Solved my power steering leak also. Lol.

  26. Scotty, the abs/trac module picks up an emissions related fault and will go offline. This is normal. You may also see the codes in the transmission control module.

    Use a scanner that can do a full system scan and you will see it.

    The cats are damaged from the oil consumption.

    Try letting it sit for 2-3 days and re starting it. It may miss at start up if you have a oil leak dripping in from valve stem seals or excessive oil pooled in the intake manifold dripping a puddle in a cylinder.

    Either way. Engine and 2 cats eventually.

  27. Good thing you decided to not guess because you would be 100 percent offbase c1201 is normal to be set in the skid control ecu when the system detects a fault in the engine control ecu. You gotta chase the the P0420/P0430 dtc. If the smoke goes away after warmup your oil burning is because of the valve stem seals and not the rings. But the CAT efficiency code is going to be a result of the excess hc's introduced into the cat from the oil leaking into the combustion chamber. So long story short if the customer dont fix the oil burning concern its going to eventually cause the new cat to fail again.

  28. Scotty will not talk down on a toyota. You could have a toyota with bad front end bushings and he would say just drive slower.

  29. I have the same code on my 2011 camry but without that C CODE.
    Only the p0420/0430.
    Changed catalytic and the sensors. Even the whole exhaust. And it didnt go away..
    Can you help me scotty??

  30. Obviously it's a shoddy ECU. I really wanted to say something sarcastic and fun to Scotty, but then I always have to go back and realize that this channel is more oriented towards the do-it-yourself type.

  31. Thought u said toyota its the best? Your like Dr oz huh , he says on monday soo yeah vitamic C its great for u then on freakin Tuesday he says Vitamin C will give ya Cancer 🤣😂 ,come on scotty stop the madness! How bout you make the perfect vehicle? Dooooo it! 😋.

  32. Scotty – C1201 code sets in other modules during CEL – normal. The issue is that you are using ALLDATA instead of an actual data repository. OEM info doesn't go into depth on the code. Source – I used to work for their biggest competitor (not Mitchell). We received tons of hotline calls on it. If you notice more closely, when you pulled the C1201, you did so from the ABS computer, note the top section ABS $29. The ABS computer is letting you know the ECM has codes.

  33. my instructor always said garbage in and garbage out if the computer sees bad data from a sensor but does not throw a code or resistant in a wire can cause a problem even if it looks good just a computer like pressing the f button but switching the f key to g you might not notice right away

  34. I have a 4.7 4runner that smoked once in a while. Turned out it was sucking oil up the pcv and into the intake. Disconnected and plugged the hose, haven't had a problem since. currently at 305,000+ miles. Toyota!

  35. Check the pcv valve…… I replaced my valve cover with a new pcv valve that came with the cover and my car started to smoke on start up and it would go away while driving ….. get cat code bc of the smoke… took me a month before I realized I should try changing the valve …. change the valve the car stop smoking….. the cat code keep coming back for about 10 months and then it stop on it’s own ….. took some time for the 02 sensors to sniff clean ….. just my little story….. sometimes if you have a persistent code just try clearing it you never know it’s like the lottery one day you will win ….

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