If You Don’t Have This Cheap Luxury Car You’re Stupid

If You Don’t Have This Cheap Luxury Car You’re Stupid

rev up your engines
today I’m gonna talk about the cheapest Lexus the Lexus is250
is it a good car or not, now this is a 2015 is 250 and yes it is that huge
scowling grill I personally find them absurd looking aside from the looks
which frankly you don’t see most of the time you’re driving a car you’re looking
out the front you can’t even see the front of the car so what are these
lowest price is two fifties really like as a car to begin with Hey look they’re
still made in Japan so yes they’re solidly built and under the hood we take
off this plastic junk and there’s a 2.5 liter v6 engine that’s what is 2015 it
has 204 horsepower not racing standards but plenty of power a normal driving
this thing’s got plenty of pickup what I like about it it’s a solid build Lexus
v6 with timing chain no sense to mess around with plastic and rubber timing
belts it’s also normally aspirated it’s not turbocharged so you don’t have to
worry about the turbocharger breaking and course there’s less wear on the
engine I’m sure the newer ones you can get what else 4-cylinder turbocharged
jobs that puts up more horsepower but this plane old v6 engine it’s going to out
last those things it’s a typical Lexus kinda nice leather
interior this one’s a little messed up cuz it’s been in a flood so all the mats
are gone but the interior is nice got big old back seat and a huge chunk that
use goes back in forever now these two fifties are made as a sportier car a
little bit tighter handling and the bigger Lexus sure it doesn’t ride as
smooth as my wife’s lexus es300 which has a much cushier ride but that’s
not what it was made for anybody look at the styling you can see the styling is
even more aggressive it does have a decent ride it’s not horrible right it’s
just tightest or handles quicker that’s all bells and whistles you can go eco
normal sport even has the snow button so if you’re in the snow it’ll
stay in a certain gear longer so it won’t slip when you’re taking off in the
snow or the electronically controlled transmission you can do paddle shifting
if you want down and up but of course most you want to know hey do they hold
up well yes they do hold up they’re well-made Lexus vehicles it’s not like
they’re cheaper made they’re just the lowest price one that you can buy and in
that respect Hey for me cheap Scotty there’s still too
expensive new so if I bought one I do just like my wife’s es300 did I buy I
would buy one of these used in a heartbeat if it was taken care of as far
as I’m concerned it’s a further refinement of life this original idea
where they sent some Japanese dudes to California where they studied Americans
and saw what kind of a luxury car do Americans want
well they realize that yeah big v8 one ride smooth huh but now it got sporty
ones with six-cylinder engines and really as fast as ice thinking and going
a long run if you’re only gonna be cruising around 75 85 here in Texas the
road to that speed limit 85 cars gonna have no problem about if you’re on a
pitch and you gotta get out of the way step on the gas it takes off really
quickly and as I said it does it with a normal engine it doesn’t need to use the
trickery of gasoline direct injection it’s just a normal fuel-injected v6 and
what’s really cool about it is it’s rear-wheel drive a classic driver’s car
go under here is a rear end axles go to the back wheels it’s a
serious driver’s car and now to make any fancier ones they got v8 engines and
their absolute screamers even with this v6 this thing’s plenty quick enough and
it’s a joy to drive but with none of the headaches of an advanced v8 engine where
everything’s hard to work on this baby everything’s out in the open it’s easy
to work on and of course it’s got the modern conveniences down here you can
see the electric motor it’s got an electronic power assist that allows you
to drive it either conservatively or in sport mode so it’s like cabin more than
one car rather conservative driving around you want to get serious push the
sport mode you can have a much tighter steering experience the push of
a button but being a typical Lexus they’re well built they rarely break
down so don’t have to worry about that system breaking down like you do with a
lot of other manufacturers you can see this one’s been wrecked that’s just
primer paints and they cut and bolted it on you can see it’s been spraying over
after it’s been fixed but this one took the wreck and drives like a dream still so
there’s solid enough and crumpled the front-end rebuild them and they still
work great go try it out well say a GM vehicle at a customer was an Impala have
a wreck like that the insurance company fixed that the car was never the same it
didn’t handle right and rattled and had leaks these things they getting wrecks
you can actually take someone put them back on the road and I you know the truth
about the cheapest Lexus out there the is 250 and why may not be the most
expensive Lexus but it sure was built solid, so if you never want to miss
another one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Lexus all the way! i picked up a 2019 Lexus is 300 F sport this past saturday, Best smooth beautiful car i’m SUPER TIGHT with maintenance so this baby will run until i die!

  3. Hiya Scotty. Where aboots in Canada 🇨🇦 are you from??? Just aboot everyone I axed today, said that the word “ABZEUREHD” is not a Canadian word. It’s “ABSURD”. 😀

  4. I drive one every day. Yes it’s reliable in a sense that it’ll run for a long time without major issues but 2.5 V6 isn’t perfect. They have carbon build up issues, a handful of them came with bad ECUs, navigation hard drive has issues and along with the fuel door switch. Same with BMW, Audi. Sorry but Lexus isn’t all that great as it seems.

  5. Hey Scotty,
    Okay,The Lexus IS 250 2017 with a V6.A good dependable car.
    But,you fell short a bit.What other Lexus IS 250's from what other years are also good?
    Hey,I'm not being too critical here am I.

  6. I've heard older versions of that 2.5L engine had lots of problems (piston rings, I think?). Did Toyota end up correcting that?

  7. Avoid used models of the Lexus IS-250 as they have engines that usually require $8,000 of engine work to clean out the carbon built up inside of them. That is half the price of a brand new economy car, so do not buy a used IS-250 unless you enjoy losing your cash. Just Google "carbon deposits" and "Lexus IS-250" and you will see what I mean. The mechanics have to remove the entire engine, breaking down all of the engine components, overhauling the cylinders, and all of that usually cost anywhere from $6,000 to $8,000 and you have to do that every 5 years.

  8. I ain’t no genius but I don’t think I can get one of these for $500 or something I can afford, so not “cheap” to me😂🔫

  9. Breaking news VW, Audi & Skoda recall 80,000 cars in Australia with bad 'DSG' automatic transmissions💩 2009-2015.
    ……and they are not CVT'S

  10. Hearing scotty brag up this wrecked flood car is like bizarro world. Seems like buyers remorse is bound to kick in on a flood car, yet you won't be able to say should've listened to scotty

  11. I'm disappointed Scotty, that engine is direct injection and the power assist steering electronics you pointed out is the oil filter housing.

  12. I challenge anyone who reads this comment to start logging the amount of time per week you spend in your car. When you realize how much of your life youre in a car, you'll start to appreciate real luxury and performance regardless of the efficiency and scotty advice. Just love your car, and love your experience. Buy whatever you want

  13. My husband has a corolla 17 and we need a other car .
    I dont want to have a other bill we decided to buy a used one, and he likes a lexus first the corolla we think is for my but i when l took the steering wheel i was in love driving so i prefer have the lexus and its more old .2009 Is 250

  14. What's up with Scotty lately? Is he ok? So basically he calls us stupid… He has been using word stupid more frequently in the past couple weeks. Not a big fan of that.

  15. Scotty I recently purchased a 2019 Acura ILX. 201HP 4 cylinder engine with a dual clutch. Over $10k lower price than this Lexus! Am I stupid?

  16. I don't care if he calls us stupid, especially if he's calling us out for doing stupid things, or the condition of his customers cars in the videos. I'm grateful for the knowledge and their is plenty of it.

  17. Hey there Snotty I still see the Hands are all about the place. Well done Snotty. Yoooooooooooooou Gooooooooooooood Bloooooooooooooke Yoooooooooooooou. LOL

  18. Wait, so this particular car has been in a flood and a wreck where the front crossmember had to be replaced and Scotty says it's a good car?! Is this how the world ends?! 🤣

  19. still to this day i havent felt a better transmission on a car since the is200 lexus. so notchy and highend feeling right off the showroom floor.

  20. I seem to remember Scotty doing a lot of moaning about flood cares so it's funny to See him in a video with a flood Lexis.

  21. What’s wrong with your hands, Scotty? They look like they’ve never picked up a wrench, and they’re flailing around all the time.

  22. My sister has a Lexus which she purchased before retiring from her teaching job and love that car so much. I can't afford one so I am still in my Ford's which I love also.

  23. I had been looking for a 2014 and up lexus is250 but damn $18k and up to $23k is too much for me. I got a 2014 acura tsx for $13k instead. Maybe in the future il sell the tsx and get the is250 when prices drop a bit more.

  24. Skotty is a savage for calling all of us stupid in all of his recent videos 😂 he really dont give a damn if you have a PhD or if you're unemployed, youre stupid if he says so 😂

  25. I live in the uk and you can grab one of those L 250 2009 model with 65k on the clock full service for about £4,000 very cheap here I think road tax Spencer £350 per year but still a amazing car for the money

  26. It's $26,000 for an average 2015. Is that cheap for a 5 year old car? I'm not stupid, I just don't want to shell out $26 grand for a tiny 5 year old car. Maybe if I was a millionaire like you Scotty $26k would be walking around money.

  27. They’re not like the cheap teslas that are outsourced to China because Elon found out it wasn’t possible to build a cheap car fully in the US

  28. The last manual Lexus made and I guess there was no demand from stupid Americans so there goes that 😤

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