If You Have These Car Mods You’re Stupid

rev up your engines, today I’m going to
talk about the worst car modifications that people have done over time and you
might be surprised by some of them because some of the cosmetic ones that
you can do might end you up on the wrong side of the law while mechanical ones
might not be any problems at all legally and here I’m gonna talk about the nine
worst car modifications as far as I’m concerned now not surprisingly car modifications
came about soon after they started making cars to make them go faster or to
make them cheaper to produce and of course later the modifications are
purely for speed for the moonshine runners that have all been to NASCAR and
for guys like Bonnie and Clyde who used them to rob banks with of
course the bank robbers wanted speed and agility the moonshiners wanted speed too
but they needed even more they needed to be able to stand the harsh terrain where
they’re going over dirt roads with really heavy loads of moonshine and of
course today a lot of stuffs done for style like lowrider so here’s some of
the dumbest ones as far as I’m concerned and the first one are those scissors
doors on regular cars now the first ones one Alfa Romeos you couldn’t even get
them on a lowly Ford for $1,000 extra you can get one on a Ford Focus really one
spend money so you can exit your car in a weird fashion it isn’t all that
comfortable it’s kind of fitting that the Italians are the first one to really
produce them because it is certainly form over function
yeah they look cool but it’s more of a pain getting in and out creates problems
as they break they often get water leaks a dumb thing to do no they’re not stupid
modifications are these crazy air foils that they put on cars real air spoilers
on a vehicle the race cars use them for dynamics if you know anything about
aerodynamics some cars are going really fast they almost turn into a plane and
they want to fly but you take like a forming on one car it’s got so much body
contours with wind that theoretically those things could drive upside down
they’d have enough downforce that they could drive on a road that was upside
down and they would push them up and suck them up at least that’s what the
engineers tell me I didn’t drive I guess we should do that you know maybe Top
Gear or some make a track work looks like that goes and see if they can
actually drive it upside down I’d like to see that now here’s the spoiler on my
94 Celica it’s not outrageous the car came with it but really it serves no
purpose this thing doesn’t go fast enough to need one it does look better
than it without one know if you see some spoilers people put the back of their
cars bolt on clunky looking things I just get carried away it turned into
show when I was young the giant tail fins that they put on cars and
eventually the Cadillac said these humongous giant tail fins it’s just a
silly thing to do when you start putting these giant things on cars especially
they’re never gonna go on a racetrack now the next mods I think are silly are the
neon lights some of these cars look like an ad for a casino but they’re
really getting carried away with some them now of course you’re not hurting
anyone with these lights other than maybe you’re hurting people’s artistic
sensibility it’s kind of a silly thing to do really when you think about it now
one modification I find especially annoying is the rolling coal exhaust
that these guys will put on their diesel trucks and modify them so that whenever
they want they can throw giant billows of smoke out like they’re in an old coal
train and of course I know some guys are stuff like that and they just wanna make
fun of environmentalist if they see a green sticker and a Toyota Prius they’ll
often turn the things on that’s just kind of crazy I mean we’re not
four-year-olds driving vehicles at least we’re not supposed to act that way now
the next one I always get a laugh are fake air intakes and faux hood scoops that
aren’t really connected anything but they’re sitting there it reminds me years
ago working on a customer hood bought a
used car it was called the Chrysler TC by Maserati and then that was the fakest
car I ever saw I jack it up it’s got dual exhaust and I look now one side
there’s an exhaust that’s connected to the car and the other side was just
think in a pipe and then it went up and didn’t go anywhere it was completely
packed and these fake hood scoops and faked air intakes I’m fooling anybody
really and then action modification is extreme height just raising vehicles
higher and higher here in Houston there’s a whole bunch of multi-level
parking lots so many things won’t even fit in
they’re so tall take the Hummer h1 I mean it’s a military vehicle there’s no
reason to be driving it in the street it’s too wide it’s too tall and people
just keep raising them and to do a counterpoint to that extreme lowering of
cars that’s stupid too, now why race cars are low cuz the lower you are the better
they handle on the ground and guess what race cars do they race around on professional
tracks that are perfectly made but don’t have potholes you get a lower car and
you’re driving in the streets of Houston customers kids did that to a Chevy Tahoe
of all things so here’s this Tahoe the scraping on the ground every time he
goes over a speed bump and of course he put those low profile tires and every
time he hit some rack the tire half the time wreck the rim he didn’t own the
tires of wheels he went through those places where you rent them and part of
the rental was an insurance payment so every time he broke one he just driving
and they’d have to give him another one free and a new tire cuz he had an
insurance policy for it so I guess if you’re gonna do something dumb like that
at least buy the insurance for it so you can keep getting new ones free without
having to pay the full price because you got insurance for it but really unless
you’re racing cars on the track lowering them they ride like crap I got Customer
some of those I’ll drive around the block that’s yeah it feels like the
feelings of my teeth are gonna fall out every time he had a bump and the next
modification is bizarre wheels I seen them all some of these the wheels almost
as tall as the car they’re just ridiculous looking things and of course that ruins
the handling of a vehicle they were not made for that there are engineers who
designed these things with computers so that the tire size and the wheel size
matches the suspension of the car and the transformation you start putting
that stuff on Man Alive they ride like crap but I guess people
want to look like they’re in a giant Tonka toy driving down the road and of
course my favorite is the guys that have those wheels and I see them in Houston
they have extenders on the wheels like they’re in a Roman chariot and they’re
gonna be riding down so the little twirler can eat up the spokes of the car
next to them for their little chariot race they’re having,
the other day I saw one it was a cadillac had this big old piece sticking out
spinning around I mean it’s dangerous if they’re gotten
downtown they could cut some of these legs off they took a corner too fast and
there is a pedestrian there I don’t ask crazy modifications limo tents and
window graphics I got a real peeve against them myself because this is
Texas a lot of people carry guns in their glove box if the police are
pulling somebody over and they got this deep tint they don’t know what’s going
on inside that car I know it’s against the law for a certain percentage here
in Texas for sure but nobody enforces the law they don’t really care about it but
that is dangerous some idiots driving like a moron you come up to see who it
is and they got the windows tinted so darkly you can’t see who was in there
you got to be able to see you is driving a car it’s just not safe for everyone, although
knowing people odds are their gonna get more gaudy as time goes on, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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