If You Only Have $1,000, These are the Cheap Cars You Should Buy

If You Only Have $1,000, These are the Cheap Cars You Should Buy

rev up your engines,
valor and he said hey Scotty what do you think of a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder, we
need a cash car for my wife’s commute to her new job and of a budget of a
thousand bucks, any other recommendations okay a thousand dollars for car these
days is practically nothing, that’s equivalent to let’s say a hundred
dollars when I was a young mechanic for a car, and you didn’t get much for a
hundred dollars unless you got lucky got the neighbor’s car or something that
they were tired of it maybe had some rust or something, I’m not a nissan fan
but the 03’s were okay, so if you find one and it runs good and the
transmission shifts good and you don’t see a
bunch of oil leaking on the bottom, it could be an okay runaround vehicle for a
thousand bucks, of course I think try to find a Toyota
Corolla or a Toyota Camry, but you’re not gonna really find a very good one for a
thousand dollars in most cases, if you can go right ahead, look for a Corolla or
Camry, but if that thing’s okay for a thousand dollars, especially if you know
the people and you know the history of the vehicle it could be an okay
commuting vehicle, just don’t put a lot a lot a lot of miles on it, cuz if you do
it’ll wear out being 16 years old and you didn’t say how many miles it had on
but on the other hand let’s say it’s got 200,000 miles on it, don’t buy it then
that’s too many miles, dolphin back 50, is it true that all maintenance must be
done at a certified shop or dealer to keep the car warranty in effect, cuz I’ve
been changing my own car oil and such and I’m worried, you have to read the
warranty of course, that’s why I tell people I don’t really believe in them
their insurance policies, but long as you keep the receipts for your oil changes
that’s legal, I’ve had customers here in Texas they tried to wheedle their way
out of something, they prove that they had bought the oil filter and changed
the oil themselves, hey that one particular car I’m talking about they
actually hired a lawyer, and the lawyer said no they changed the oil they got
the receipts for that, and they ending up getting stuff fixed under warranty
yeah but who wants to get involved in that stuff in the first place, stay away
from most of those warranties, their not worth the paper that they’re printed
on when it comes down to it, Chris JD Scotty I bought my wife an 06 lexus
one hundred and fifty five thousand miles, no repair history not
sure if the timing belt was replaced, I looked the outside there aren’t crack
should we replace it, I would replace it, it’s got 155 thousand miles
and they tell you to change it about every hundred, and it’s 13 years old it’s
definitely it’s a very crucial part, and once you change it then you’re not gonna
have to think about it for a hundred thousand miles or eight ten years, and
have it done by a pro mechanic who knows what he’s doing, because those v6 engines
they’re well built engines but the cam that’s on the passenger, that’s very hard
to set up it’s in a place where you can barely see the stupid thing, and the only
way it can be done correctly is with a professional mechanic who has a good set
of cam lockers, so when they take it apart before they take the old belt off
they move it into position, and then they lock it with this cam locking tool and
if you don’t have that tool, odds are when you put that belt back on it’ll
slip a tooth or two and the car won’t run right and you’ll be furious about it
so make sure you use a good mechanic who knows what he’s doing,
schye and he says scotty we’re looking to buy
a 2014 toyota corolla with standard transmission, but it spent time being flat towed behind
a motor home, can this create damage, it’s a manual transmission,
so you don’t have to worry about it, if it’s an automatic transmission I wouldn’t
touch it with a 10 foot pole,
cuz their not made for the wheels spinning and the
engine not running to make the oil pump in the
automatic transmission go, but manual transmission they only have splash
lubrication so it just splashes as it spins around
no there’s nothing wrong, if they left the tires all
evenly so they all rolled down all fine, and you road test it and it drives fine,
don’t worry about it in a manual, but from my own experience never buy one that’s
an automatic, even if they say, well we disconnected
the drive shaft, people can tell you all kinds
of lies, but with a manual transmission you don’t have
to worry about towing them,
colt 97 my friend’s 2010 cts 3 liter as a
high-pitched noise when you accelerate, it only lasts a few seconds and there
are are vibrations in idle and if you accelerate hard the engine feels like it
jumps forward, you want to pray it’s not the transmissions, those CTS had horrible
transmissions, have your friend find a mechanic like me who knows what he’s
doing, and we’d hook up our dealer level scan tool and we take it for a road test
look at the live data, the mode six data, and any
historical codes, and you want to pray it something like a bad ignition coil, a bad
ignition coil will do that, and it’s you know nine years old and it’s a Cadillac so
those could go out, there’s a lot of things that could be, you want to pray
it’s not the transmission going out though, cuz that’s the weak link of that
cts, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember
to ring that Bell!

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. Hey @scottykilmer i have a 1999 mercedes benz truck with 110000 miles on it.. It runs and drives great, how long will it will last before a major problem occur?

  3. I got a 99 Deville with 90K miles for $1000 in 2017 it’s at 132K now still rolling along nicely! Had to replace alternator in 2018

  4. 1000$ go buy any 4 cyl 5 speed ford ranger. Theyll last 100s of thousands of miles, they're dirt cheap to fix and plentiful in junkyards and you can get 30mpg if you get the newer duratec ones.

  5. The cts-v has an fantastic transmission. The lsa and 6l90 combo is bulletproof. The lesser cts is junk though. It's hard to imagine that a model trim level can change it from junk to world class but it does in the cts.

  6. I'm just starting to drive and I'm not very car savy and was wondering what type of car I should keep an eye out for as a first to last me a while? Thanks in advance!

  7. Just got a 07 Mazda 3 for 500 bucks lol it’s mint 150000kms plus snow tires and rims as back up . Only has rust spot on rear fender that it .big difference from my 01 Yukon with 450000kms and still runs like a beast .paid 2000$ for Yukon and drove it for 6 yrs.

  8. Hey Scotty I bought a 2016 Mercedes Benz S Class. The Windows stopped rolling and the Interior Light Panels went out. Should I junk it?

  9. Iv gotten a 1998 ford focus for 400$ Oldsmobile Alero 2001 500$. Dodge Avenger 2008 500$. All only needed brakes and few other things all were amazing cars. Maybe im just lucky

  10. I had a 2002 Lexus 300es, basically bulletproof. Never had trouble with it for the 3yrs I owned it. 160k mi. On it.

  11. I will have to disagree here Scotty, I had a great experience with my 2000 Nissan Pathfinder, I bought it with 195.000 miles and sold it with 276.000. It was running great and the new owner still drives it. Also a friend bought a 1999 pathfinder with with rusty fenders and 315.000 miles., the car now has almost 400.000 and he only does oil changes to it, apparently they are build to last

  12. My first car was my girlfriend's father's car, a 1986 Grand Marquee. The price I paid was – "Could you get this POS off my driveway please?".

  13. I have a Nissan Pathfinder 2000 3.3 engine 240,000 runs good. Replaced knocked sensor and distributor cap. I am surprised

  14. Bought my 91 civic for 1k it was such a steal cuz it still runs good and still fast and can be easily customized

  15. For $1000 I'd see what I could get with highway miles, I'd look for chips in the paint at the front where rocks gravel and bugs chipped away the paint at high speeds, highway miles will make a car depreciate like crazy

  16. Scotty,
    I have a used 2001 Mercedes E320 wagon. It drives very well. However, every once in a few months (winter or summer), it would make a loud metallic noise when I take my foot off the gas while in motion. The noise increases when I step on the brakes and disappears when I step on the gas. It sounds like a loose nut bouncing around fast in an empty metal can. It sounds like it is coming from under the front part of the car. The noise can disappear and not return for months. Recently, I hear it 3 out of of 7 days, but not constantly. It comes and goes, happening maybe once or twice a day but not every day. I had 3 mechanics look at it over the past 2 years that I had it but no one could diagnose it. Of course, the car didn’t make the noise for the mechanics. They tell me that they don’t see anything wrong and that it is safe to drive. Would you know what it could be? I can send you a video clip so you can hear the sound if that helps. Other than that, the car drives well for an old car, the seat belt light recently went on, the body has some rust spots, and some lights in the instrument panel are no longer work. I don’t want to buy another car yet but I would like to know if there is a way to fix that noise problem, would it be worth fixing, is it safe? The noise is so loud that everyone around the car can hear it so it’s sort of embarrassing. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Love your videos by the way. Thank you for making them.
    – Jennifer

  17. Love the videos, but with my beaters, it's like reading WebMD…I'm worried about things that aren't giving me a problem…NOW.

  18. Scotty, I'm on a tight budget and need a van under $2k what make model is best and will I need to bring up my budget in order robget a decent van that will last a while? I don't know any honest mechanics. Please advice thank you.

  19. I'd love to see you do one on the Chrysler Crossfires. A friend wants one and I've done everything possible to talk them out of it, including showing the comments in the Crossfire forums.

  20. My better half has an 07 maybe 08 buick lucerne and i am worried about all the headaches i could have trying to keep it together, from what i know only made one year worried about the electronics and bad tranny any advice? Love ur show

  21. Scotty: "As long as you read the warranty…" Shows picture of a Prenuptual Agreement

    Scotty: …."And keep the receipt" Shows picture of a Target receipt with Wife purchased for $3.99.

  22. this is awesome, but how about best cars for the rest of the main price points?! What do you suggest at $5, $10k, and $20k?!

  23. The kids just bought a 2003 Buick La Sabre 275000 miles for $800. The guy let them drive it for about 3 weeks before they bought it. I live in a small town. Not one drop of oil or anything else dripped in my driveway. Is it too good to be true?

  24. Hey Scotty I have a 2005 Ford Expedition xlt 4×4. I replaced the engine for about $3k and the transmission went out almost immediately, is it worth putting a new one in or just forget about it. Oh it has 211k miles

  25. Sorry Scotty but this isn’t true ..I’ve bought tons of cars for less 1200. All you do is negotiate down once you find small fixable things wrong with it. I bought a 94 Lexus for 850. Runs better the. A lot of cars that I’ve paid much more for Facebook market place had decent cars with great deals because it’s personal owners not dealers. I remember I bought a 98 740 bmw for 850. Drove super strong. It just was a salvaged title so it was a dmv

  26. What’s your opinion on the 500L. I own one and it’s reliable yes but the tranny is slow to shift and it’s seems not to handle right..

  27. I bought a 2002 Toyota Corolla for 700$ and the only problem is shaking when stopping at stoplight or stop sign. Shakes in reverse also but stops shaking in nuetral or park. Changed spark plugs, fuel injector, cleaned throttle body, switched coils around and code didn’t jump from 1 to 4. Still saying cylinder 1 misfire. Any ideas?

  28. In 1970 I bought a 55 caddie coup de ville for a 100 bucks , it ran just fine , In 75 I bought a 70 mercury marque hard top for 4 bucks . Fixed a couple minor things and it ran very well . So if you got 500 or even less and can fix a few minor things you can have a good car . screw all this fancy electronic crap . Even now with these new things the gov. can take over your ride and shut you down .

  29. $1,000 just buy a scooter….. wat in the world are people thinking? A reliable car for 1k, lol

  30. The weak link of the Cadillac CTS is that it's a Cadillac CTS. Everyone I have talked to except the first mechanic I had it inspected by before I bought said the motor is garbage, the transmission is garbage, the microswitched doors/locks are garbage. Great looking car, good performance. Terrible car long term. Had mine for 3 years, replaced the motor, timing chains, axle seals need replacement, rack and pinion blew internal seals, neither front door works, doors lock switches don't work on any of them. It's a piece of trash, never buy Cadillac. Lost the wash fluid cap and no one stocks it but the dealership for $60. Worst decision of my life, buying a Cadillac. The transmission goes, and I'll be riding a bike.

  31. I still have a 99 Taurus I bought for $300 lol. Daily driver for almost 2 years. I rarely drive it now, but it runs too well to get rid of.

  32. Scotty , miles dont mean to to much on them older pathfinders .. they will rust out before they die … iv got a 2002 pathfinder iv been driving for 3 yrs now .. same with them old 2002 maximas run forever but rust. Nissan has only gone downhill since 2003

  33. The car in the title photo is great its a ford 500. I own a 05 and have not had a single issue and it has 272000 miles on it and is still running strong

  34. Hi Scotty I love the new 2018 Accords. However the New turbo engines linked with this new 10 speed transmission they're using scares the crap out of me. Should I stay away from these new features, after all what does Honda really know about turbo engines? Or is it worth a shot since it is a Honda product?

  35. I am the original owner of an 03 Nissan pathfinder leather 3.5 liter by 4wd drive train is perfect kilometers at 180,000 what is it worth?

  36. Why weren’t Honda’s mentioned in this list I’ve owned 5 and mainly sold because I needed the money then rebought another it’s so cheap and easy to repair anyone can do it with basic tools bought a couple with bad headgasket and bought cheap sets online replaced them and it runs great with no over heating issues the others had no problems at all and bought them all for under 1.1k the most expensive being my most recent 08 accord for 1.1k and I still have my 97 civic around that I’m going to let my little brother drive for school

  37. Hello Mr Scotty i have a question for a pro like you. Do you think is fair to fix a Subaru legacy 2004 it leaks oil from the bottom ofthe engine quite to much i will say. The cost of the car is around $3000.00 and the repair around $ 1700.00. Can that be a good option?

  38. I opened this video based on the title. There was only one car mentioned as $1000 car. What other cars costing about $1000 do you recommend? Your title should reflect what the video is about.

  39. Scotty, Social Security scammers are claiming alot of Toyota Corollas have been found in Texas with 22 pounds of cocaine. Shouldn't these sell for $1000?

  40. Dude I just watch your other YouTube channel you said don't buy use car now you have another one should buy this cheap use car crazy 😂

  41. I got a rust-free Toyota Avensis D4D (2000) for $1,000

    It had 193k miles on when I bought it and I've driven it for 5k miles now and it works like a charm.

    Still debating if I should sell it after I get it inspected for another year, or just keep it and drive it till the end..
    Any thoughts on that Scotty or other viewers?

  42. I've sold a few cheap hoopties before and the worst people are the ones that ask for maintenance records or even a carfax for a $1k runner and you know who you are. If all you have is a grand be grateful that the car even runs. Beggars cant be choosers.

  43. I bought a 2006 corolla for $2500 with 110k miles. Now it has 120k miles and not even a oli change 🤪 oh I changed my left mirror for $40 cause someone broke it 😂 but insurance check gonna be way better 😂😂

  44. I bought an ‘01 Nissan for 800 bucks and got 450,000 miles out of it with no oil in the engine the entire time.

  45. Hi Scotty……I have a Nissan Sentra…..are you familiar with a CVT Transmission, my car feels like its changing gears on it's own …..can you send me a telephone number to speak with you!

  46. In Norway you get a repair for $1000. $25k car will cost ca $40k. Just to not confuse viewers with prices. Should not buy a car under $5000..

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