If You Only Have $3,000, These are the Cheap Cars You Should Buy

Rev up your engines,
the andy tran episode says scotty what car would you buy if you only had $3,000, ok if
I only had 3 grand I’d go to Craigslist and I’d put in $3,000 within 50 miles of my house
and I’d look at what Toyotas were out there or if I wanted a sporty car, what Hondas were
out there for that price range and then see what was out there,
because you never know what you’re going to find for 3 grand it’s not much money these
days for a car but on the other hand sometimes I got cars for my kids for $900 dollars and
maybe I had to put $800-900 getting them painted but they were structurally sound that’s one
thing that you can often do, get a car that looks beat up but it runs good
and you can always get it fixed later if you want to, as long as it runs good you can still
drive the thing around, Christian says scotty what cars would you
rather buy, from favorite to least, a 1991 Infiniti M30, a 1991 Honda CRX, or
a 1991 Toyota Celica, ok I’d go Celica, then the CRX, and then the
Infiniti but I’d never buy the Infiniti when they get that old they can have too many problems,
the advantage of the Celica and the Hondas are there’s many parts available for them,
a lot of them are interchangeable with other Toyotas and the Honda with other Hondas, so
you can get plenty of parts at a decent price and they’re really well made vehicles,
I mean the Infiniti M30 is faster, there’s no arguing that,
in terms of reliability the Toyota celica and the Honda crx are very reliable vehicles
with very good engines, those either way,
but if you’re talking about an automatic transmission then I would only take the Celica, I wouldn’t
get the Honda, I’d only get the Honda if it’s a standard transmission,
Sharma says, which hybrid car is the best scotty,
well I’m not a fan of hybrids and I wouldn’t buy one,
but there’s no arguing that the best hybrid is the toyota prius they’re now celebrating
their 20th anniversary they were the first mass produced hybrid car,
and they still are the best one for the money, there’s no arguing that,
I’ve had customers buy them and have 200,000 miles of pretty much trouble free driving
with the things, the really are the best, they get the best
gas mileage, they keep modifying them to make them better,
I would say the worst is the Honda, the Hondas are now trying to make them like the Toyotas
now, they’re changing a lot of their design but the older Hondas were just garbage, I
would not buy an old Honda hybrid but yeah the priuses you really can’t beat them, it’s
their 20th anniversary this year so, and they’ve old millions of those things,
2jz gte, scotty what do you think of a 2014 vw wagon golf sport tdi with automatic transmission
with 130,000 km or a 2017 honda accord v6 with an automatic transmission with 90,000
km, what do you think, we’ll I’d go with the Honda accord, vw they’re automatic transmissions
are garbage and when they break generally it costs more money to fix them than the vehicle
is actually worth so I would go with the Honda accord, now their transmissions are a little
bit on the weak side but their much better than the vw and the accord is a pretty well
made vehicle plus it’s only got 90,000 km and the vw has 130,000 km so I would go with
the Honda accord, 03 says scotty what’s your opinion on diesel
cars like the Toyota, well you know I have very little experience with Toyota diesel
cars because they never really sold many of them in the US, year and year and years ago,
they put them in Camrys I believe they made a diesel and it was a massive failure, now
their coming back out and I know people in England and they bought them in England and
they said they never had any problems with them, so I’m assuming that their pretty good
vehicles, the thing is though, diesels are not that popular in the US and
I don’t ever think they will be because they pollute more, and now with modern technology
the gasoline engines are getting to the point where they get almost the same gas mileage
as the diesels and they have better acceleration than the diesels,
so I don’t think diesels are ever really going to be big in the US for anything other than
big trucks for pulling a lot of weight, for cars they never made it in the US,
I talk to people in England and they were telling me when I was in London, they said
now their government is telling them they want to get rid of diesels they’re going to
pollute we want to go to gasoline cars and electric cars,
so they told the people to buy diesels and now their screwing them over and trying to
tell them not to buy diesels so maybe it was a smart move not to buy diesels here in the
US for cars much, honey says scotty help me, I have a 1995 lexus
es300, the doors no longer open from the outside please help me,
ok I’m assuming they open from the inside, first thing you want to check to see if the
kids have messed with hitting those kid door locks, if they’ve messed with those, but if
they haven’t and they open from the inside and not from the outside,
really the only thing that can be wrong is your door handles are breaking, even though
it’s a lexus those door handles are made out of plastic I mean my wife’s it looks like
chrome and you say hoo chrome metal but no it’s chrome plastic, you can chrome plate
plastic and they have done that and usually it’s the handle that’s broken so just replace
the ones that you really have to have, it’s a 4 door you might just want to change
the drivers side and the passenger side and open the other ones from the inside,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that bell!

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