If You Only Have $500, These are the Cheap Cars You Should Buy

If You Only Have $500, These are the Cheap Cars You Should Buy

rev up your engines,
Joe Joe asks Scotty what’s the best car to buy for $500, now if you can find an old
corolla or a Camry Toyota go ahead buy one if it still runs and shifts okay, but
since you’re talking about a unique situation, buying a car for 500 bucks is
practically nothing these days, so even if it’s something like an old Buick, go
ahead and buy it if it runs good and shifts good and stops, because you’re not
gonna get much for five hundred bucks these days, maybe you’ll get lucky and an
old person passed away and you get an estate car or kid joins the army and their
selling his car and it’s in good shape, you never know what you’re gonna run into,
I mean you can get accidental good cars there’s no ifs ands or buts about
that, but if you find one it’s 500 bucks and it runs and it shifts good, you can buy
just about any car if it lasts you more than a few months you’re making out like a
gangbuster, it costs you 70-80 bucks a day just to rent one,
VTEC for life says, Scotty are there still reliable old BMW or Audi’s if so
what’s the best miles to buy them at, if you’re talking about really old, yeah I mean I
worked on in the 1960s and 70s and 80s and they were pretty solid built cars,
the part still cost a lot of money yes but they were really solid reliable cars,
but of course you go back that old their dinosaur cars, and you’d have to restore
them, but if somebody’s already restored it you get one at a good price hey why
not, I mean they are fun cars they’re well built cars, it’s just that when you get
into the cars that are from the sixties or seventies or even the eighties,
they’re so old there’s so much stuff that could be worn out on them, you know
that it’s more a toy, I would buy a car like that if you wanted to toy to play
with, and drive around yes, but I would not buy a car like that as an everyday
driver, Green tree says mr. Kilmer
what do you know about hydrogen powered cars, how do they work, do you have any
experience with them and what do you think their prospects are, here’s the thing
most people when they talk about hydrogen powered cars they’re talking
about a fuel cell car, Toyota sells them in California now, now a fuel cell car
uses hydrogen, the hydrogen goes into a fuel cell, and it turns that hydrogen
into electricity that runs electric motors so they’re just like a Tesla
they’re 100% electrically driven, then the waste product is just water
vapor that comes out the tailpipe so they don’t pollute, now you can also run
cars on hydrogen, any car that’s an internal combustion car, you can convert
it to hydrogen if you wanted, it’s not that complex of a thing, it’s like the people
that convert cars to run on natural gas on propane and stuff that’s totally
doable too, but where are you gonna get the hydrogen from that’s the problem, you’d
have to make a hydrogen infrastructure and realize hydrogen is very explosive
so it’s a real pain in the butt to store, so it’s gonna be a while before anything
like that really goes whole hog in any country, because the infrastructure would
be so expensive to create, Ruben Tatum says, do you trust parts from Rock Auto
well it depends what you’re buying, it’s an online seller, I have had customers, I
don’t buy much online, I’m in a big city Houston there’s plenty of warehouses
around and they give discounts to professional mechanics which I am one
and I’ve been dealing with some of these places for over 40 years
so I try to get local stuff because my customers what their cars fixed as fast
as possible, and I try to do it if they get it in by 8:00 in the morning it’s out
by 5 in the afternoon, so I don’t deal with that much, but I get some customers
buy stuff from rock auto and I put them on they were okay, but I’ve had some people
buy them and they were really cheaply made Chinese junk, so it depends on what
parts you’re buying, and when you buy stuff online realize that if it’s wrong
you gotta wait, there’s a time lag, it can be a
real pain buying stuff online and a lot of times they don’t tell you where it
comes from until you get it and it’s too late then, Sebastian B says Scotty I need
to buy a new 4×4 SUV it’s for work do you have any suggestions, do you have
that an SUV, cuz here’s the thing, there’s plenty of them out there,
the Toyotas, the Lexus, the Acura they’re really well made SUV and their going
to last a long time, but they cost a small fortune especially a four-wheel
drive, but you know if you have to get a four-wheel drive and you have to get an
SUV, get a Toyota or lexus if you want it to last the longest, if you want a
lower price one, hey I go Ford they make decent that four-wheel drive stuff, and
the prices are going to be quite a bit lower than a Toyota or a lexus but they
won’t last as long, the Fam says my 95 chevy c1500 with the TBI 350 sometimes
surges and loses power after it’s been warmed up after 30 minutes of driving
after I shut the truck of,f what can cause that, well it’s an old truck and when
they do that and they’re warmed up and they sit, odds are your throttle body
injectors are leaking, and so when it’s hot, it fills the intake with gasoline then
it’s flooded out, I see that all the time now since it’s an old TBI one, you
can get rebuild injectors and seals pretty cheap and you can do it yourself,
they just screw in and out, try that first it’s pretty obvious thing that
happens, they flood out when they get that old and they sit,
now when the engine is cold it doesn’t matter because if it drips a little gas it
will start up better, a cold engine needs more gas, but a hot one doesn’t, so if you
never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that

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  2. I bought a 93 Lincoln Town Car Jack Nicklaus Edition for $500. I've been daily driving it for a year now.

  3. I really appreciate the pop up photos. They’re hilarious. 🤣🤣 What are your thoughts on a 99’ Jeep Wrangler?

  4. Scotty, you give the best advice, I promise. Just bought a old Camry for $500 and it runs like a champ, passed smog with no problems. I'm a happy camper. Thanks😁😀

  5. Bought a 1997 Toyota Camry off a relative of mine for 400$. Had 200k+ miles on it but it never gave me any problems for the 2 years I had it. Deciding on if I should stick with what’s safe and buy me a 2019 RAV4 or risking it all and getting me a 2016 Ford Edge Sport.



  7. I just got a 1998 Toyota Camry 185k miles 850. No service lights or lights on dash. Needs tires and I notice a leak unfortunately. he wanted 1000 I talked him down lol. Hopefully it last.

  8. I paid 1,500 for a mazda protege with a,little under 200,000 miles on it . The seller said it runs like a,sewing machine . Haha,.
    Brand new tires ,perfect blue paint , no dents , clean like new interior . I put on a new valve cover gasket and engine belt plus a,50 fuel pressure regulator . . My wife has been driving it 20 miles a,day for the last 9 months .
    It smokes a little on start up every so often , no big deal . runs good
    Good on gas too .

  9. I bought a Ford Explorer for 500.00 from a lady at church. Drove it for 2 years over heated blew engine. Should I fix it ?

  10. I purchased a 2002 Nissan Sentra for $600. The previous owner ran the car down to the ground. It has 80,000 miles. My mechanic changed the muffler, struts, and the rotors and brakes. Car was shaking when I drove 65mph. Misfire in bank 3. New spark plugs. Now I have to buy rims, the rims are warped. So total price of car and to run correct is $2200. You get what you pay for.

  11. I would avoid any old Toyota product up north do to rotting frames from salt ..Also older Toyotas had computerized excelleration issues where the cars took off and killed many …I had far better luck with older Hondas ..A Honda will not rust out ..

  12. My first car was $25.00, of course, that was 60 years ago. I bought a '49 Ford when I was in Japan in 1961. I believe I paid $75.00 for it. It had four bald tires and three more bald tires on the rims in the trunk. I got a flat one time and the rubber was so worn off I could poke the tube. My buddy was driving it and he was leaning against the door when it flew open and he fell out, the car hit a tree and stopped. Not to much damage, the bumpers in those days were real bumpers.
    I used it for about a year and when I shipped out to Hawaii I sold it for $75.00.

  13. You said five hundred dallors where did they go no pictures or nothing I'm interested call if runs my name is Lynda number 276 1084 thanks

  14. I have bought a lot of parts from Rockauto over the years. I look for closeouts. I bought Wagner semi-metallic brake pads for my Sonata for about $24 per axle set, and they stop much better than the original ceramics. If you watch what brand you are buying, you can do very well.

  15. I've bought plenty of parts from Rock Auto for my Mercury Mountaineer for like 8 years now. And all of the parts I have on it have been fine. You just have to look at what company produces them. I bought a power stop front brake kit like 3 years ago. And today, they still work like their suppose to. You just have to look at the info. The have different sections for the same part. They have Economy, standard, and premium.

  16. My last $500 car was a $700 1970 dodge dart. The carb was very unreliable and it often was hard to start.

  17. Hi scotty my name is Robert I have been watching your videos for a very long time You inspired me to be a technician I graduated from uti two years ago I have been working for a used car dealership in Fontana I have a 2000 dodge Dakota I purchased yesterday it has over 200k on it it has a trans temp light and a over drive off light .And also after the vehicle is warmed up the vehicle stalls out then once it cools it starts right up I was also replacing a valve cover leak on it and plugs I noticed a lot of sludge all over the push rods valve springs any recommendations on that I want to keep the truck the body looks nice and It fits my two todlers

  18. I bought my ex a 10 year old VW polo, still giving 46mpg for £750…a money i got from xino financial services,contact them on +15623677365

  19. I love photos of smiling animals also…where do you find them?
    also, I hear that Maruti-Suzuki cars do better than Toyotas in my region….is it correct or Toyota is wrong due to the weather conditions in west India?

  20. There are NO good $500 cars in the bay area. Anybody selling their Toyota for that?..its bought by a friend long before he even needs to put a for sale sign on it. Mostly lots of junk American compacts and trucks. Chryslers lined up on those streets where people park their used cars for sales. Mitubishi,Kia's too.

  21. I would look for 90's Buicks. They are good cars and they were usually owned by older people who didn't drive them hard and usually did the maintenance regularly. I have owned several that I bought cheap from people in nice neighborhoods and they have all been good for over 200,000 miles with no major problems.

  22. Best 4wd by far, cheap, is a jeep tj. Parts cheap easy to fix upgrades cheap. I even got used tires! I had 31" tires with rims someone had almost brand new they wanted 35" tires. Picked them cheap. Loved that vehicle last forever!

  23. Hey i got a 2005 dodge caravan with 100,000 for 950 miles on it and runs like new with heavy rust on the bottom what should i do

  24. For $500 don't expect much. My advise is try to work overtime and set your budget to $1500 to $2000 max. Toyota cars are really good cars and well made cars and are cheap to run too !

  25. Ford has gone downhill alot on the crossover side and cars i say because you showed an escapen on picture and the escape is on the lower side of reliable cars

  26. I'm addicted to Scott's channel that I slept in on my examination day.
    Mum (with a bucket of cold water*): 'Rev up your engine. You're late"

  27. Got a 98 Toyota Tercel with 160,000 Miles for $500 and all the maintenance records, and it came from an honest back house mechanic. Best car I've bought for under $1500. Never give up hope kids.

  28. I got a 1999 Corolla 17 months ago, 34,000 miles later- $40 AC blower, $80 2 new front tires, $50 Spark plugs and wires, and a lot of burnt oil running great still

  29. I bought a 91 Corolla for 850.00 123.000 miles.2 years ago. I've used it to deliver pizzas for 7 months. No problems. Just needs an a paint job cause the gloss is gone

  30. "I would buy a car like that if you want a toy to play with"—shows a picture of an Asian sex doll! 🤣 🤣 🤣

  31. I got my 95 corolla 1.6 auto 146,000 miles…for $500 but it was my aunt's so i gave her what the dealer was gonna give her for a trade in ..in cash…..idk much worth buying for $500 where I live…id put my $500 towards bus fare til I could afford a car.

  32. Hydrogen can explode if you exceed four percent oxygen content. Yes sitting in a tank it can just explode. Don’t attempt to make and store hydrogen at home. You could die!

  33. I bought a 68 mustang fastback for $700 and drove it for 3 years. That was 1978. I sold it in 1981 for $1050.00 . Still regret selling it! I bought an 03 Mach 1 new and still have it.

  34. You are Not a professional Mechanic, dear Sir!!! You are The Moses of mechanical knowledge and Honesty… THANK YOU Sooo MUCHHHH,, so Reeeeb up your engines, Halllleluuuuyaaaaaa!!! Can I hear an Amen!!!!!

  35. 500 for a Honda?

    These kids out here have been told so many times that their crappy Honda’s will run forever that they are trying to sell their 91 civics with 289k miles,blown engines and trannys for 5000$. Stop it!!!!

  36. They have alot of 500 cash car places here in houston✊👍😅 lowest amount ive payed for a car was 6,000 something for a 2003 Nissan Altima and love it! That honda civic in the thumbnail reminds me of my old fwb car same color and all, great on gas👍😅

  37. Doesn't the fuel cell take in water and separates oxygen and hydrogen. So there would be no hydrogen tank?

  38. Scotty,where the hell do you go to to buy a corolla or civic for 500? Never! People want like 1500 to 3000 bucks for a toyota or civic with 300,000 mike and the excuse,"its a toyota" mexicans are know for this

  39. I bought a 2008 Dodge Caliber 170000 miles and still running strong at 210000 miles for $200. Old lady got a new car and needed it out her driveway. Changed my life.

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