If You Want to Repair Rust on Your Car, Don’t Do This

If You Want to Repair Rust on Your Car, Don’t Do This

rev up your engines, Jack see says
Scotty I got an 05 Nissan Altima runs
great but the underside has bad rust there’s even a hole in the passenger
side floor panel, is there any way to control the rust what can I do, okay
unfortunately like Neil Young sand rust never sleeps and it doesn’t once, rust
starts, the metal actually rusts from the inside out, it’s rotting away, now
where the hole is you could cut out the hole, and have a guy weld in a piece of steel
or aluminum pan so you don’t have a hole there and if you want you could try
having somebody sand it all down the underside the rusty parts and then spray
it all with rust preventatives and under coating and stuff and it’ll slow it down
but really the undercoating stuff is best on a brand new vehicle when it’s
made like most new cars are made with special paint that’s electrostatically
put in when the frame and the body goes into a giant little lake of paint and
the electrostatic charge of ones negative once positive and it sticks
even goes inside the frame, so then you don’t worry about rusting, but on older
cars once they start rusting it’s pretty much you can’t do that much to stop it,
because it started, like I said you sand it down get it coated but it’ll still keep
falling apart, once it rusts starts it’s pretty much the end of a vehicle,
south-korean says hey Scotty I got a 2007 Chrysler 300 SRT what do you think
about that, they are fun to drive they’re stinking fast cars I got customers with them and I love it when I work on them to road-test them because they are
screamers, but that said they’re extremely expensive to repair when they
break, it’s not automatic that’s one of the weakest points of those things and
as for the engine it’s a very strong engine but you do want to take care of it,
don’t listen to the garbage that people tell you that you can change your oil every
10,000 miles, I would change the oil on that every 5,000 miles religiously with
synthetic oil make it last as long as it can because when an engine or
transmission does break, it’s more money than the car is worth to fix it in most cases if
you have an automatic, sky high says is a turbo cooldown necessary on a
diesel engine, they always used to tell you to cool them down because they
wanted things to last a long time and that was a good idea, see here’s the
thing, you’re driving your car the turbo spins faster than anything the exhaust
gas spins it then it Rams air into the engine, most modern cars have turbos that
are either oil cooled or oil and water cooled, so they run at
a pretty decent temperature that you’re not gonna really have any problems with
it just shutting off when you’re done driving,
unless you’re racing around like a lunatic and if you are driving as hard
as you can, then I’d let it cool down for a minute or two before I’d shut it down,
now the reason they told the really old cars like in a 60s and 70s to let the
turbo cool down was because a lot of those were naked turbos, they didn’t have
water cooling and a lot of them didn’t have engine oil cooling, and so they
would get really hot and if you didn’t let them idle and cool down a little bit,
they would warp and they would wear out faster, but on most really modern ones
that are oil or water cooled you really don’t need to cool it down when you shut
them off, unless like I said you’re racing around like a maniac, minty
Channel says Scotty I’m thinking about buying a 90s Ford f150 5-speed 4
wheel drive what’s your opinion what should I look out for, okay if it’s in good shape they can be an excellent truck because it’s the 5-speed the 5-speed
makes the big deal of difference the things that wear out on those are the
automatic transmission you get a standard and you want a four-wheel-drive
truck, hey, now it’s a ninety so you know it’s pushing 30 years old, you want to always
pay a mechanic like me to check it out before you buy it,
so they can check the transfer case they can check the engine, they can see it
depends on what 90s, if it was pre 95 the scan tools don’t do much but if it’s 96
up, the scan tools can tell you an awful lot, so you’d want it checked out with a
scan tool it was 95 or newer, but they can be excellent trucks you know it will have
a little bit of wear but you can always fix them because parts are available for
them and they were pretty well built especially with a standard transmission,
ghost 88 says Scotty my 07 Corolla got mechanically stopped at two hundred
ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine miles on speedometer the dealer
wants 580 to replace it, should I go to my local or mechanic replace it one from
another, yes I mean we mechanics do the time, go to a junkyard buy used one and
put it in, those things are so expensive if you want to buy a new one
they cost a ton of money and in my case the ones that I normally fix for my
customers, I go to a junkyard I can get a whole dash for older ones for like 70-80 bucks
I just popped the dash out takes 20 minutes and pop the new dash in and away you go,
George says Scotty greeting from Moldova by Audi a3 makes a grinding
noise when steering and sharp corners left and right, even when stationary I
turn it all the way what could be the problem, first thing you want to
do is have a mechanic look at your power steering pump, make sure it’s full fluid
we actually have gauges we can hook up to it and we can see if the pumps going
out and when it gets to all the way to the edge you turn hard, if it has to work
hard and it’s wearing out it can make noises so have that checked too, the other
thing is you want to check since you said it’ll do it sometimes even if it’s
sitting on the ground you turn it all the way, you want to have a mechanic
check the power steering rack because if the racks going out, when you go the
whole way to the edge it strains and if the racks wearing a lot of times it’ll
make horrible noises either way it’s an expensive endeavor to fix on an Audi I
mean if it’s drives okay otherwise and you have steering that doesn’t bind it
go smooth, as long as the fluid is full I probably live with that particular
problem, because the racks and the power steering pumps on those Audis cost a
small fortune, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell,!

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  2. 30 minutes of learning in 5 minutes. Other channels give you 2 minutes of information and 28 minutes of nonsense about their dog, their grandmother their wife. This is why Scotty kilmer is the best

  3. Another problem with older turbos:  "Coking" the turbo.  Caused by shutting the car off when hot causing oil to sit in the hot turbo causing it to turn into coke.  Then you're f&^^%ed.

  4. I'm soo glad to hear you say change oil every 5k with synthetic. Chrysler just wants to sell u another car in 4 years. That's why they say 1 year or 10k mile oil change

  5. That odometer that stoped at 299999 miles was a coding error do to Toyota. It effects all. Cars of that generation. It also stoped at 299999 km to.

  6. Rust is caused by lack of maintenance. If you wash the underside of your car monthly then it will take care of the salt and other materials for a very long time. I have kept a 20 year old Toyota running doing exactly that living in the northeast. Of course you have to own the car from brand new for that to work. Buying a used car there is no guarantee the previous owner took care of it like that. As Scotty points out, new cars with their computers those fail first now.

  7. Do not use rubberized undercoating on your car. It will CAUSE rust. It holds moisture. In fact, if you read your owner's manual, you'll find that undercoating might void your warranty.

  8. Why is the title suddenly in my own language? (I am talking about Dutch here) Normally your titles don't get translated, but today some of them were…

  9. The Chrysler 2.5 Turbo is a nice engine, I`m german, drive also a w126 560 and don`t see what problem you have with these engines… they`re solid and easy to service…

  10. My next project is cutting out my rusty rockers on a 01 Suburban stupid me purchased a northern truck, looked great when purchased but now?? Should have asked more questions!! Oh well

  11. I like the pics up in the corner. Do you have to have some kind of legal right to use those? Or are they free to use? How does that work?

  12. The Altimas are known to have the passenger side floor rot out. Does not mean the rest of the car is junk. Had it happen to a 2003 Altima, check my videos on the repair. Not that hard but Nissan should have been forced to recall for the problem. I think but not sure that it has to do with the ac coil drain line getting clogged and dripping water on the inside at the floor pan. Something with the drip tube design. Anyway cut out the rust, wire wheel the area, spray paint it and add the sheet metal. You can use fluid film on the underside to prevent rust in other areas.

  13. Hey Scotty. I watch your videos. Those are very informative. When you explain anything , never ever stop showing pictures, I love it. Saludos Houston!

  14. If your odometer goes out just get a GARMIN my GPS had speed setting,trip meter even has a max speed setting so if you lend your car to a relative that is just going down to the store and you see a top speed of 50 and the route has max posted speed of 30 mph , either your relative is speeding in your car or they are going out of route either way they are not being truthful and you should not lend them your car again.

  15. I own a 1999 grand. Voyeger van. 6 cylinders. I have coolent problems with this van. The fan relay switch keeps going out. I have replaced it 3 times in 3 years. Last time I had a mechanic friend of mine replace it. It lasted 9 months and it is out again. It's just a little cheep black relay switch and it is supposed to turn the 2 raditator on. So the VAN overheats. What is the problem? Cheep parts made in Mexico?

  16. …well, it's not totally futile to fight rust at least if it's not overall. You have to remove it (grind, sand…), neutralize the problematic spot (with acid for example), prime the metal, and then seal it with color and clear coat. If you do it right it becomes bulletproof against rust.

  17. Scotty, I've got a 2012 Honda Fit. I take great care of my Fit. It looks and runs like it came off the show room floor. However!! While waxing it I discovered the two mount bolts on the hatchback, on top sorta under the edge when the hatch is up, have rust on them! Egads! How'd did this escape my attention! Now what do I do? Replace the bolts. . Which could lead to a lot of problems. .. like alignment of the door, not to mention it appears to require special tools, wrench. .. would I be better off having the dealership do it? Or just a dab of rust converter?.. O! I'll likely keep this little car forever. ..

  18. those corollas have a “defect” that prevents the car from ever passing 299,999. i think this impacts the Vibe too. i’m surprised Scotty didn’t mention this being a Toyota fan.

  19. Love the show Scotty. What's the deal with the over the top frequency of the edits on this one? Are you going for the Max Headroom effect or just stumbling over all of your words?

  20. I live in Windsor, many of my close friends work in the factories that build these engines, they will all be so happy to see this video.
    Everywhere you see it’s caravans, 300’s, and journeys. Windsor absolutely supports what it builds, best thing is parts are crazy cheap to purchase for domestic vehicles.
    Scotty I’m a big supporter of your videos, I was a tech for over 11 years on the shop floor, I basically agree with all your opinions on everything, I’ve seen it all, from a tech to working the front counter, you absolutely know your stuff.

  21. its not the turbo that is cooled down, its just the bearing/shaft thats gets cooled. i would let that heat dissipate

  22. They do not make steel like they used to. In the 1960s and 1950s and 1940s the steels being manufactured, the new family of high quality plain carbon steels, when they rust it is more like an extremely thin tarnish under certain conditions but most of them can be used for marine coastal conditions and naval construction (with some additional alloying conditions) that when an entire piece is covered with that ultra thin violet-black colored rust covery "IT SIMPLY STOPS RUSTING IN IT'S TRACKS ALL BY ITSELF JUST LIKE ONE OF THOSE MARINE GRADE WEATHERING STEELS DEVELOPED IN JAPAN IN THE EARLY YEARS PASS 2000. One must ask, why they did not make it mandatory by law to make it part of the building codes in all industries and in the manufacturing of steel using products is beyond me.

  23. Tried a rust conversion product on a bumper (impact bar), read good articles about it from a few years ago and best thing is it's dirt cheap per ounce. The company had since the article been bought by Rusto(something or another) who makes a competing product that is very, very pricey. The rust converter was supposed to convert lightly rusted metal to a black iron substance on the surface and protect the metal from further corrosion. This stuff, made the surface rust corrode further, like those products people buy to weather new metal and make it old and rusty looking. When it didn't seem to work after the first pass, I did a second treatment. Now going to have to buy new.

  24. Hey Scotty Im looking at a 1990-1997 Ford panther body car, can you please give me some advice and insight on whether these are good cars ? There are many in my area for 500-1000$

  25. I let my engine in my turbo car cool down in park for 60 minutes to let the oil cool down so it doesn't get burnt an shorten the life of the oil.

  26. Scotty you are a Mechanic. Leave the Auto Body to Bodymen.
    – P. S. Please make more full videos. Enjoy the Q&A, But I like getting advice from you in your backyard more.

  27. Hello Scotty. I have replaced the rear main seal on my 95 lexus 3.0 . I t still leaks form the R.M.S. I find a greasy spot on the floor after I park it. I don't see it leaking when it's running. It seems to run good, but since I've never ridden in a Lexus, I have no point of reference to make a good judgement. I bought this car from a neighbor, had to get it running

  28. You're a me mechanic, not a body man. Leave it to the pros or else the rust will bubble right through your fresh paint a few months later.

  29. Between your wobbly head, your hands all over the place like an Italian and your images, way too may, your videos are becoming very hard to watch.

  30. depending on the amount of rust and the way you repair it…also if you live in a dry area verses up north where theres a lot of salt… some repairs hold up very well and last years imo…

  31. Have to disagree with "once rust start it never stops". I have 25 year old car which is originally from Chicago. It had small spots of rust when I bought in California 16 years ago. The rust spots (which was never repaired) stayed exactly same. Rust doesn't grow if there is no salt and humidity. This Chicago car will run forever unlike it's brothers which stayed in Chicago and become just pile of rust by now

  32. Hey Scotty looking to buy a 1999 Jeep Chatokee XJ, found a few deal but most of them have over 120k miles on them. I’ve been told those amc 4.0 inline 6 engines live forever, what should look out for?

  33. Scotty, I drive for a limousine company. They own an 18 passenger H2 Hummer. I'm told the power steering on it isn't powerful enough to turn thewheels at a standstill and it needs to be driven like the old standard steering built before power steering was common. You steer only when the
    car is moving. I've driven it and it's true. Yes, it's a stretch and it's very heavy, the tires are really (manly looking) BIG. I know this is a custom built
    vehicle so, I was wondering if you know how it can be upgraded to steer as a power steering vehicle? I do realize this may be a "stretch" to answer.

  34. I had bought a new turbo Trans Am in 1980. There was a sticker on the radiator cover that said if you were at freeway speeds that a one minute cool down was required prior to turning off the engine. It also had a heat shield on the underside of the hood to prevent the turbo from baking off your paint.

  35. Automatic transmissions seem to be one of the weakest points on cars.

    The manufacturers want to engineer them as cheaply as possible, and the end result is a transmission built to last only for a few years.

  36. If we take all generations of Honda CR-V and all generations of Toyota RAV4, was Honda at any time better then the RAV4?

  37. scotty find me a truck manuel shift ofcourse , well have you check it out, then take you and wife out to dinner? find good one ill fly out and drive it  back

  38. Hahaha! That’s what you get for asking a gas mechanics a diesel mechanic question. Don’t do that! You get bad information every single time! Keep your questions for diesels directed to a diesel mechanic. There IS a difference.

  39. I've seen a lot of newer cars rusting out already. Some less than four or five years old so I think rustproofing like Ziebart is a good investment if you're planning on keeping it for years or hoping for higher resale price.

  40. Question. I have a 1997 F-150, I got it in 1999 @21,000 miles. I’ve always kept him maintained oil etc. he drives like a new truck n excellent gas mileage. But the cruise control went out. How much would that cost or should I just grin n bare it? Thanks debs from Texas

  41. Hello my from, I have a 2010 Toyota Camry LE and I have a Issue, Every time I turn the AC on it rattles every time I turn the heat on and rattles what could be the problem?

  42. I can't claim to know if they really work yet, but you may want to review Evapo-Rust, Rust Mort, and similar products.

  43. living in rust belt there is no "superior" car up here.
    if anything Japanese cars tend to rust out at a faster rate than American vehicles. and many rust related issues lead to mechanic breakdown.
    yes Toyotas are superior longer lasting more reliable vehicles on the average, but NOT UP HERE IN RUST BELT. it's so bad up here, I'm actually thinking of buying a car from Florida. tired of the rust.

  44. you should do an undercoating rant! more people need to know about these terrible plasticized asphalt undercoatings. this stuff just seals the moisture in! fluid film, krown, etc is the way to go.

  45. Nissans driver floor pan rots out all the time I had 3 altimas and was same problem with all 3 cut out rot and weld in new before it gets to the subframe

  46. Hi Scotty, I have a Mazda 2018 cx5, Touring, it is ok chante the oil at 6.000 milles?, the said to chante at 3.000 M illes. Thanks

  47. Scotty is right about the 90 Ford F-150. I have a 89 5 speed 4×4 with a 5.0 302. It runs and drives great. I do maintain the truck on a regular basis( including weekly checks of fluids etc). There are rust in the usual spots. I have done stuff to slow it down. It’s a touch truck. I haul wood and haul trailers. I live in northern Alberta. So, I’m not always driving in town. At times I’m driving off-road in most terrains. Cause I do own a acreage. I love your videos Scotty.

  48. Hey Scotty, have you considered doing a video about how to analyze frame rust when buying a used truck? I think it could be very useful to help people determine what is fixable normal surface rust versus at what point it starts not being worth buying. I myself just bought a used truck with some rust and think it'd be helpful to know which parts can be replaced easily and which require an actual cost-prohibitive amount of work

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