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>>Anne McCartt: Parents are in tough spot when their
teen begins to drive. They want to provide a safe vehicle, but they need to stay
within their budget. So we’ve compiled a list of the safest used vehicles, with
many models that won’t break the bank. There are about a 150 vehicles on our list this year. More than 80 cost $10,000 or less and 19 are
$5,000 or less. Some of the safest vehicles for your teen may already be in
your driveway. Our list includes many popular models, and you might want to
consider a hand-me-down when the time comes. Our criteria emphasize safety. All the
vehicles on our recommended list perform well in crash tests conducted by our
Institute and the federal government, and all have standard electronic stability
control. When buying a used vehicle for a teen, there are few things you shouldn’t
compromise on. Stay away from high- horsepower vehicles that can encourage
risky driving. Avoid small cars because they’re not as protective in a crash. No teen should be driving a vehicle
without electronic stability control. ESC is crucial, because it helps to prevent
loss-of-control crashes that inexperienced teen drivers are more
prone to get into. When thinking about safety, parents may focus on features like
the number of airbags, but a key part of crash protection is a vehicle’s size and
weight. Bigger, heavier vehicles are more protective in a crash than small, lighter
ones. Last year’s recommendations did not
include any pickups because those that meet our safety criteria were too
expensive to meet our price cap. This year, there several pickups on the list. Many of the used vehicles we recommend for novice teen drivers still cost more than many people are used to paying. We
recommend that parents consider paying a little bit more for safety if they can.

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