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Jessica Cicchino>>IIHS is known for our
new-vehicle recommended lists, but we know that a new vehicle isn’t always in the budget
for parents who are shopping for their teens, so we wanted to make sure that parents looking
for a used vehicle knew that there are some safe options out there for them. There are four things that we think that parents
should look for. One is that bigger and heavier vehicles are
safer for their occupants. The second is electronic stability control. We think that’s a must for teen drivers. The third is that vehicles should have the
best crashworthiness ratings possible, both from IIHS and from the federal government. And we think that teens should stay away from
high-horsepower vehicles. With all else being equal, a bigger, heavier
vehicle is going to protect its occupants better in a crash than a smaller lighter vehicle, so if you’re in one of the smallest vehicles on the road you’re going to be at a disadvantage against nearly everything else that’s out there. To drive home this point, we conducted a pair
of crash tests where we tested two bigger, heavier vehicles that were used against two
lighter vehicles that were new from the same manufacturer. Even though the smaller vehicles were among
the best in their class, they couldn’t hold up against the larger vehicles. The forces to the dummies were much higher
in the smaller vehicles than what we saw in the larger vehicles, and the measurements
of the dummies indicated that the drivers of the smaller vehicles in a real-world crash
would be at a high risk of having head injuries. These results show that a larger used vehicle
can be a better choice than a smaller new vehicle even if they’re the same price. Parents have a lot of vehicles to choose from. Our Best Choices list has vehicles that are
under $20,000, and our Good Choices list has vehicles that are under $10,000.

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