I’m Finally Retiring

I’m Finally Retiring

Jamie Lucas says hey Scotty do you have any plans retirement yeah I imagine if I retired I’d be dead in ten seconds
that’s what happened to my grandfather he retired in his 80s when my father shut the garage
down he was dead the next year I got a do stuff I think yeah I get
easily bored so if all I did was talk and make videos I’d be bored doing that
if all I did was fix cars I’d be bored with that that’s why I wrote a book on
buying used cars and went on TV and now on the internet cuz I like doing a bunch
of different things now like helping people out so my plans are retirement
are I have no plans to retire all hidey says opnions on Nissan Titan
well I’m not a Nissan fan especially since they merged with Renault but the
Titans as far as I’ve seen from my own customers a few of them have tightness
they were happy with them they were a big truck with a v8 engine and they
could pull a reasonable amount of stuff they had pretty good luck with the
trucks you don’t see as many people buying them that buy f-150s or my Toyota
trucks I definitely would buy a Nissan Titan before I’d buy a Chrysler Ram
truck that’s for sure I work on Ram trucks all the time cuz they’re always
breaking so decent trucks for the money i person he would get a toyota myself
but they’re not horrible Lucas says Scotty what’s your opinion on
a 95 Mazda Miata and think of a get loud exhaust those are fun little sports cars
it’s a 95 so it’s what 25 years old it all car don’t pay much for one yeah it’s
all they made a lot of them they made millions of them what the heck they’re
not worth a ton of money but they can be fun to drive if you’re thinking about
buying one and putting a loud exhaust system on it I mean unless you know a
really good mechanic and you once spent a lot of money just leave what’s on it
they run perfectly fine changes the flow pattern then you have to find a very
good mechanic in order to make it run correctly with the changes that you’ve
made to it so hey they makes a little bit of noise the way they were stick to the
stock exhaust it’s not like when I was a young mechanic where all you had to do
was he took the exhaust off and put a loud one you just had to re jet the carburetors which you could do rather
easily with a $10 kit but their fuel injector cars they it’s not that simple
to make them work me says Scotty can you tell us about the worst
experience that you’re working on a car yeah years ago I was working on this guys
Porsche 911 intake manifold well it took me about 10
hours cursing and swearing plastic cheap piece of junk taking or not putting a
new gasket and putting it on and I told the guy said I’ll never do another one
of these I met this guy who was a German who worked on Porsches
yeah-ha Ford pickup truck hilariously a f150 that’s what he drove but he worked on
Porsches for a living and I told him what I did he said why did you do
that that’s an almost impossible job we just pulled the whole engine I’ll do it
on the floor and put it on I said what was the equipment the pulling engine so
well we know what the Porsche dealer we did just charge of thousands of dollars
to do it we don’t care people with money but that was the absolute worst
experience I read and I never did it again I learned my lesson not to work on
those stupid things when they have horrible designs like see Armstrong says
what do you think of a 2016 Chevy spark with 18,000 miles how long will it last
okay they’re cheap little cars there’s no if ands or buts but it’s four years
old they have no resale value if you get that thing cheap enough it could buy a
decent Knockaround car they generally don’t fall apart till they get eighty or a
hundred thousand miles or more so you can get it really cheap and you don’t
mind a cheap little car driving first cuz you might be strike it’s the art
rides and it might rattle your teeth so much that you decide you don’t want that
little thing but if you don’t mind it’s horrible ride they do get good gas
mileage with 18,000 miles on today it could still last a while just don’t pay
much money they aren’t worth anything used you were bad enough no when they
use but with that low mileage yeah you want a cheap Knockaround car
with that you’re not gonna get a Toyota with 18,000 miles for that kind of
money smore says how does Ford keep getting more
horsepower from the same f-150 3.5 liter EcoBoost engine they can put bigger fuel
injectors in they can beef up cam timing make the valves a little bit bigger they
can do a lot of internal things but believe me be happy with your 2016 it
puts out enough horsepower and putting all those mods on cost a small fortune
not only pay for the mods you have to pay for the computer programming you
would have to get a new sensors hooked up and new wiring I mean it would be
insane when you got works good enough be happy that it worked good because let me
tell you the new ones with more horsepower and all that added EcoBoost
turbochargers and GDI injections stuffs gonna wear out faster it just does mohammad says what are your thoughts on a Nissan
Juke 2011 there were looking cars as far as I’m concerned
Nissan since they merge their quality starting to go down and down and down
the Jukes are relatively cheap cars I rented one once and I swore I’m never
running one of these again it was so cheap you felt every bump didn’t shift
all that good it was a rental car so it was an automatic I’m not a fan you know
I’m not a fan but it’s a 2011 if you’re talking about buying a used one if you
can get a dirt cheap it could be a good knock around car don’t you don’t pay
much for a car like that not all that well-made but if you can get one really
cheap and it’s got less than six fifty sixty thousand miles they generally
don’t fall apart till they get a hundred something thousand miles on them Julian
Estrada said how long will the 1967 Chevy c10 live for okay back in 67 those
things were well made if you change the oil if you take care with it if you last
indefinitely everything in it is fixable it’s a 67 Chevy it’s got a carburetor
carburetor goes bad hey buy a new Edelbrock stick it on cost you maybe 250
bucks everything on those old trucks is fixable you can do the engines over the
transmissions were simple the rear ends are simple everything I know they’re
simple they can last forever if you take care of it the only downside is if you
live in a place with put salt on the road in the winter and you find it’s all
rotting away well then you get rid of it because once it all rots basically the
frame then it’s shot and it’s goodbye but if the frame isn’t rotting they can
last forever that you live in Arizona or New Mexico or someplace
Garcia says Scotty I got a 2011 Sierra 1500 when I make charge around I left I heard
Rumble grind on the front tire on the side I’m turning towards I lose a little
power during the turn to if you are grumble coming from the tires when you
turn the first thing you want to do is Jack it up in the air grab those tires
pull on could be a ball joint as bad it will wobble like that a drag lin anything
worn in the suspension so Jack it up and check for wear in the suspension first
now sometimes it can be the steering rack or something that goes out to very
expensive part but more often it’s an obvious part that wobbles when you pull
and then you replace especially like the lower ball joints when they were in your
turn they’re gonna make noises from the side you’re turning to because if
they’re worn they’re gonna jiggle a little and groan and sometimes pieces
will hit things because there’s too much play, I’m
changing a right one on a Toyota today and that’s what was happening a low ball joint was broken on it, mr. nickel Tino says sorry I didn’t listen here I got a 2016 Volkswagen GTI
it’s leaking water inside the sunroof it might be the rubber lining
yeah ways you to listen to me but let me tell you even Volkswagens as poorly as
they can be made I thought the rubber linings gone
already here’s how sunroofs work inside the sunroof on the front when you open
it and on the backside our tiny little drain holes water always gets by those
stupid seals anyways they’re not perfect seals it’s not like a submarine with a
closed hatch those drain holes often get dust dirt debris stuck on the stupid
things what you do yes you get some kind of compressed air and you blow those
holes out a lot of times that’ll fix that they drain out and then come out
the bottom of the car those drains get clogged up so very common Huggins says
my 2016 Toyota Corollas forty two thousand six hundred miles one should I
have the transmission fluid changed every 50,000 miles or so you don’t watch
it you just drain and fill and that particular one last time I didn’t want
to think was less than three quarts of fluid so it’s not that much fluid and if
you change it every 50,000 miles you won’t have any problems they tell you a
lot of times oh its lifetime fluid or changing every hundred and fifty
thousand miles I change in every 50 cost very little you can even learn how to do
it yourself I have a video on that to chose how you can drain it and then pump
the same amount of fluid back in I would because I like tanks to last forever I
don’t like things that break down too early willa says how come I never see you fixing Fiats well because my
customers are too intelligent to own them I’d had people who did on them and
I told them get rid of them they were falling apart anyways and they
and then if people asked should I buy one I say don’t buy that pile of junk
they’re garbage Fiat is probably gonna pull out of the
United States with a Fiat brand they sold so few cars last year in the United
States now that said a lot of these Chrysler’s have Fiat engines and
transmission cuz Fiat owns Chrysler so you know they sneak the Italian stuff in
on you when you don’t know it but the actual cars they’re junky and most
people they won’t buy them Fiat pull out of the United States in the 1980s now
they came back and they’re still doing horrible people
aren’t buying them cuz they had some people that have bad taste and some
people tried them out and they fell apart, there aren’t any mechanics that really know how to work on them here in the United States anyways so
when they do break which they do a lot they don’t fix them very well
that’s why you don’t see you working on it maybe somebody brings me one I’ll
work out um I got the equipment to work out of but my customers are too smart to
buy that kind of car Alexander Kramer says Scotty where can i buy those
glasses oh you can’t cuz they don’t make em
anymore to kind of Pease me off I got him at one of these commercial chains
it’s called techno light flex but they don’t make them anymore
luckily I bought four frames cuz I know hey I’m gonna sit on they’re gonna get
crushed stops gonna happen while I’m working on cars you drive motorcycles
around and this is my last set of friends cuz I broke the other ones now
I’m really afraid what’s gonna hit if I need new ones cuz then I’ll start all
over again I thought gee you know I’ll bite from this big company they’ll have
them all the time it was I masters they promised me that oh yeah you know we
always have these and we’ll get you some and then I went to order some more they
said oh yeah we got it there’s two in stock then I call him up oh we can’t find
them anywhere and they said they could but they couldn’t so they all idea at
least I got these left I still have pieces of the other woman so maybe I’ll
be a Frankenstein Sunglass where after a while what from here what from there is
different pieces break off, so if you never want to miss another one of my new
car repair videos remember to ring that bell

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  2. People retire from jobs. What you do seems nothing at all like a job to you; it seems like you're making money doing what makes you happy. Lucky bastard!

  3. The day Scotty retires the U.S. Government will be honest

    Edit: Even if and when he does or doesn't they will never be honest unless say they don't care.

  4. Thinking of buying a 2007 Toyota Camry hyrbid sedan has 70000 miles its selling for 6,000 has no engine lights thoughts? (V4 engine)

  5. what should i buy a used lexus es 350 2016
    or a brand new mazda 6?
    if am buying a new mazda it will cost me more tho but i don't think the parts are expensive like lexus. but i really don't know if the lexus parts now are cheaper or not

  6. The one with the GTI, before using compressed air, get a long hard wire and pass it through the drain ducts of the sunroof, if the blockage is on the bottom the compressed air might not be enough.

  7. Hello MISTER KILMER!!! I retired in middle of 2017 from lifetime as a baker in a grocery store.I saw a neglected boat in neighbours yard and long story short he gave it to me as he hadn't time for it.Give me a few more weeks of warmer weather in the spring and it will be ready to float again.Lots of how to vids on YouTube.Seems like there is always something to do. Cheers again from westcoast Canada.

  8. Dealer: the trans fluid will last the life of the car.
    Me: the car has 45000 mi and the trans just blew up.
    Dealer: well, that was the life of the car.

  9. Fiats are actually pretty old school. BCM controlled lights with all the inputs being MUX voltage. Most mechanics should be familiar with that since that was the norm before the manufacturers started using LIN for all the switches. The 500x/Jeep Renegade actually had a chrysler Tigershark, based on the world engine. Never was a FIAT engine, the trans was ZF. The 2020 has the new 1.3 which is a FCA designed engine. Again folks fact check everyone. I don’t think Scotty is intentionally giving bad information, he is just uninformed and assumes a lot of things about the industry.

  10. Scotty where do you live i would love for you to teach me how to repair my dodge ram 1500 slt…the ram is such a diva..its a 2006 and i only have 89,000 miles on it.

  11. So Scott has a customer with a fiat Scotty says sell it …day later scotty has another customer call to have a car look at he wants to buy .. a fiat…….

  12. I can't retire, because i don't do anything, nothing to retire from. Actually i can retire only from being alive here,now..

  13. 2:37 when a car requires you to take out some thing as vital as THE ENGINE to do what should be a simple fix that’s a design to make money not a better experience

  14. Scotty hates Nissans, yet the Altimas are the most popular car in the US right now. The only fragile part of them is the CVT transmission. I'd like to see a video on how to properly maintain a CVT transmission please.

  15. Hey Scotty what do you think about Mitsubishi Monteros? I have a 1988 dodge raider, and love the thing and was wondering if you've worked on any? Love your videos

  16. For full-size pick ups it looks like it’s down to F-150 or Tundra. I wish there were more quality competitors. I hate dropping $50K on a truck.

  17. If you want something else to do, then give private phone vehicle consultations charge for 15 minute minimum! Have a phone number to call during certain hours and days. I need advice and would agree to a waiver in case you screw up. 😆

  18. Death after retirement is a myth. If you die it is usually due to genetics. My mom had a death phobia so she refused to retire. Mind you my grandma (her mother) is 92 and still kicking. I just laugh at the death after retirement myth. it's just an attempt to keep the masses working forever…

  19. I had a 2005 Nissan Titan. Lowest options, no electric windows, doors etc. Sold it with 295K, still running strong. I changed the fluids often. I used it as a daily driver with the occasional dump run. The only problem I had was the exhaust manifolds cracked. This was a common issue with these trucks. Because the exhaust manifolds had cracked they ruined the catalytic converters. It is a pretty expensive repair about $2,000. I got pretty decent mileage. About 17-18 MPG. I did two modifications when I bought the truck. A free-flowing intake and an aftermarket exhaust. This was when my mileage really improved. Other than the exhaust manifolds I never had any major problems. I think Nissan addressed the exhaust manifold problem in newer models. I loved the power it had.

  20. Scotty that’s great that you will not retire. Can you answer my question about a car? I am thinking about buying a 2008 Mercury grand Marquis, it is at a dealership it has 51,000 miles it is RWD the dealership wants $7,000 is this a good buy?

  21. I bought a Nissan Titan brand new in 2004… Still have today and it runs great! I will keep it until the end… and buy another if they are still making them and I still have truck needs!

  22. The purpose of retirement is for when your at a very older age where you can't work anymore it's basically a permanent work comp till you die.

  23. I bought a new 1975 Fiat X1/9. Every single system on that car failed within one year. Even the timing belt broke at 12,000 miles.
    The oil pan leaked badly from day one. The only way they could stop it was to braze the pan permanently to the engine. What crap.

  24. Hey Scotty, what do you think of the 2010 Mazda 3 hatchback? I recently bought one used at 136,000km in good condition, here in Toronto, after I had to get rid of my 2008 Mitsubishi GTS Lancer following an accident. Feels different going from a CVT to a regular automatic.

  25. Thank goodness! I rely on you! I’m 71, still teaching, but I have no money. Every time I have a car problem, I get ripped by the auto mechanics. Now, I know more. Thank you so much!

  26. Scotty you are full of hot air when it comes to the cars and trucks from the 60s and 70s. The addverage one would last about 55K with bare maintenance and ones well taken care of might get 80K before needing a rebuild on the engine and trans.

  27. Hey Scotty I got a 05 honda accord v4 140k miles should I change the transmission fluid, I dont think original owner ever did

  28. Scotty. Would you be willing to quicky set -up a Bitchute account that automatically "mirrors' your channel there (it has an App)? I am really starting to hate YouTube.

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