I’m Not a Real Mechanic

I’m Not a Real Mechanic

rev your engines, do I really work on cars
people see my hands and think oh that guy can’t be a mechanic his hands aren’t
all filthy and worn-out I mean look at him, I’m 65 years old hands are still
pretty smooth still working pretty good but I do work on cars I’ve been doing it
for the last 51 years but many years ago kind of as a joke but not a joke
Christmas present my wife got me a box of gloves
they weren’t these safe grips they were a different kind decades ago I used to
work on a lot of Mercedes diesels and then in the winter when it’s colder that
diesel would actually stain your hands black she didn’t like that so she got me
the glove so my hands would be okay and she wouldn’t mind if I was touching her
with my hands cuz they weren’t dirty, now a lot of guys used to say Oh Scotty
you’re not a real man you’re not a real mechanic you’re wearing gloves when
you’re working on cars to which I responded no I am a real man and I like
real women and most real women don’t want you touching them with dirty hands
so if you have clean nice hands you can do a lot more touching, now like these
safegrips because their cufflinks they’re long it
lasts a long time they got grip on them so you can pick up stuff but if
you’re allergic to rubber products no you can’t get them you’d have to go get
nitrile ones but the nitrile ones they’re thinner they don’t last as long
they rip you’re not allergic to rubber definitely get these they’re the best now
say you don’t want to wear gloves or here in Texas in the summer sometimes it
is so hot when I put those gloves on in five minutes my hand is just sweltering
and sweat and water dripping all over the place
I can’t wear gloves then you got to clean your hands with something know
over the years I’ve tried many different kinds of soaps this grip clean has to
be the best one I ever tried out I’ve been using it for a couple years now it
uses dirt to fight dirt as they say it’s the world’s first soap that’s infused
with dirt now the reason it has dirt in it is because dirt absorbs grease and
all kinds of stuff it works with water to pull it out of your body and it
doesn’t ruin your hands the only downside I see this soap is you really
have to use it with water it kind of activates it so it happens is this end
here if you don’t use it very often it kicks up and you got to pull it off with
your fingers I figured out that pretty fast so I
gloves an awful lot so a lot of times the soap gets hard and you just got to
pull off a little edge and then it starts pumping again as you can see here
you know looks like dirt this stuff is actually an
exfoliant it goes in the pores and clean so kind of like the idea of women going
into one of those spas and having a mud mask put on you’re basically put mud all
over cleaning yourself and this stuff smells good got a little lime smell my
wife even uses it when she cleans the bathtub and it does smell good I
remember when I was young mechanic who the soaps are we used a lot of our
pretty much kerosene based and a kerosene on your skin is not a good
thing it gets absorbed into your bloodstream eventually I mean I’ve met
guys in the past at work to body shops and they would clean their hands by
sticking them in paint solving in a barrel that they used to thin the paint
with not a good thing that goes into your bloodstream this stuff is totally
good for you it isn’t gonna hurt you but at the same time when I’m not wearing
gloves it does get the grease off really well I have no problem with it getting
grease off you just need to add water to the mix to get it working now the next
product I’m talking about isn’t for cleaning you
that’s for cleaning and shine in your car it’s made by a company called lithium
it’s called seal and squeak and I gotta say it’s the best polish and shine maker
that I’ve ever seen for paint and plastic I don’t know if it has anything
to do with lithium that’s the name of the company if it has lithium and they
don’t tell you what’s in this stuff because there are trade secrets but watch
this I took the dash plate out of the matrix and
see how it’s worn it’s got spots on it it’s not all that shiny anymore George
just get some of the lithium put it on a clean a little towel start polishing now
I put it back in the car look at it shine look at the shine here’s the
polished part and we go to the other side here’s the non polished part you
can sure tell the difference in the shine it’s made for paint too, that was it’s
main thing I just found it work great on plastic also there you got a
clean towel wipe it off as you can see not only is it shiny but it’s a polish
it got rid of the scratch that was there it’s real squealing here and slippery
where we didn’t do it yet it’s rough I just wish I knew what was in it but I
they’re never gonna give out their formula I just find that this stuff is
amazing it really does a fantastic job now if you notice
this thing sitting over here you might think what the heck sent well that’s the
last thing I’m talking about are these mats made by a company called
kangaroo are great it’s padded it’s thick all the time I get guys asking me
hey Scotty you’ve been working on cars for 50 years sends your back go on I
quit wrenching because my back got so sore from bending over all the time if
you use nice padded mats like this you can keep your back in great shape
they’re padded and they’re extremely comfortable but they’re not uber
thick the other thing I use them for is even more interesting most modern cars
are pretty low to the ground you want to get under there you don’t wanna get all
dirty and rip your back up but you can’t really use a creepy-crawler with wheels
because they make you sit up too high so yeah a long thin one of these kangaroos
whether it goes and then under I go to work and the coolest thing is if you’re
working in liquids and stuff spill all over it you have to wipe them off
it comes off easy I have to admit when I was younger
mechanic I did a lot of mobile work I used to buy rug remnants a drugstore is
cheap throw them and crawl them but when you got oil and goo on them and mash
them up you have to throw away and keep buying other ones this thing you can
wash over and over and over again now since its mechanic Monday I’m gonna give
away some of this seal and squeal to have a chance to win plus a clean non
offensive comment I need you to comments below and the winner will be chosen
randomly my a computer to get some of this great polish to make their car
shine, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos
remember to ring that Bell

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  2. From the 70's, my Granddaddy used a certain bar of soap to get car grease off. Can't remember the name right now, but they still sell it. Thank you Scotty for your honest help. Subscribe if you haven't. 🔔👍

  3. If u are not a mechanic, then, there are none! They need to get your secret! And, stop their excuses and denial!

  4. I used to own a Mercedes diesel. I once had to put a screw driver through the oil filter to get it off because a mechanic put it on too tight. – what a mess. It took weeks to get the garage floor and my hands clean. Gloves are definitely the way to go. I really like your channel – thanks so much.

  5. Great video mechanic Scotty… I have a question for you, why will my vehicle not start after I installed a new battery , I have to jump start vehicle the next day , i have checked the terminals and they are in good condition ..???

  6. That Lithium polish would be super useful for cleaning my Dodge, The truck really could use polish now that it is about 22 years old.

  7. Yup, like solvents disolve each other. Basically – water based (polar) disolves polar prducts, oils (nonpolar i.e. usually floats on water) mixes with nonpolar. Alcohols is slightly polar and will mix/suspend both. Nitrile Gloves aren't rubber/latex AND offer broad chemical protection!

  8. I shall try these. The only reason I didn't use gloves is the nitrile gloves, even large size would split when I just put them on. I really need Xtra large.

  9. I really cant stand the rubber or latex so I have a few harbor freight work gloves that are fine for larger work like tires or (cool) exhaust but for the most part the pumice hand soaps of today are surprisingly effective so is a quick wash up with dawn your greasy hands will be squeaky clean in no time & it does a great job I was an under car (subway cars) mechanic for years & nothing's as filthy as under a New York subway car…ha ha keep up the great tips man….

  10. Hi Scotty, gloves are awesome for keeping the hands smooth for the ladies! . Thanks for your vids, they are great, and I love the grinning animal photos you use ! Keep making vids!

  11. Somewhere during the last forty years as we moved from Keynesianism to Freidmanism blue we’ve become more class distinctive and blue collar people have become convinced that they’re not entitled to a life of dignity. Oh how I pine for a return to a return to New Deal ideals.

  12. I used to work as a fabricator and wore gloves all the time. Some coworkers used to give me the biz about it, until I told them exactly what you said. No woman wants your dirty paws and grimy fingernails on her!

  13. Thanks Scotty you only get one set of hands. And not to mention excessive use of transmission fluid, can get into your bloodstream and cause cancer. All the hundreds of people that dislike this video maybe they should read this 😂…

  14. Nice mat. I used to live across the alley from a bike shop. Bike boxes from the recycling pile were great to use under vehicles and could be wiped clean and thrown out afterwards. Thick cardboard double layered. Now I have a fiberglass stretcher that was once used to hoist fallen hikers up from cliffs. It’s padded and has handles all around.

  15. Scotty I am in the healthcare industry and I love working on my cars. I wear surgical gloves all the time when I'm wrenching on my machines. Your body will absorb fluids through your skin soooo be careful ppl and don't forget to "START YOUR ENGINES"!

  16. I first thought Scotty's advice so wise. Don't ever touch a miss you care when you are dirty. However, I just realized that I don't even have a girlfriend who can blame me for that lol

  17. Commercial. I went to ITT and now I work "As" a mechanic. Lol. I'm not a mechanic, I just work AS a mechanic. True tv commercial except tha part after lol.

  18. I would love to get a container of the car cleaner. I would really like to try it to see if it's worth the price tag. U r a very impressive mechanic n enjoy watching your shows

  19. Thanks Scotty. I will definitely try that lithium seal & squeal. Also, I really enjoyed your previous video, where you changed a rear shock.

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