I’m Sick of People Talking Crap About This Car

I’m Sick of People Talking Crap About This Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk
about how the Toyota Corolla is boring and why I like it to stay that way
now the Toyota Corolla is the top-selling car in a world over 43
million of these things have been sold but people say they’re boring
they’re not like a Jaguar Mercedes or BMW that break down all the time are you
gonna pay for these expensive repairs yes they’re boring in that respect and
people say they’re boring looking cars hey today it’s hard to tell one card for
another most of them look pretty much the same and yes I have to admit these
are pretty boring interiors boring cloth seats nothing out of the ordinary
excitement this one’s got a CD player mmm and yeah the interior front and back
and it’s nothing to write home about the hood four-cylinder engine it does that
variable valve timing but it’s certainly no race car this 2010 Corolla as a 1.8
what’s on 130 horsepower no great shakes hands like many modern car lots of
plastic parts did you tend to last you can see lotsa 90s for all was still
rolling down how many 90s of other cars you see still rolling down the road and
running smooth not burning a ton of oil with air conditions it’s still below
freezing cold and there’s certainly evolved over time this one’s a lot more
legroom than the Corolla I had when my kids were growing up my sons well over
six feet tall he rolled around in it for years they got a decent sized trunk and
this one even has an auto trunk opener whoo buy space going in
nice deep trunk broken technology that works
it’s got discs in the front but it’s only got drums in the back drums in the
back are perfectly fine for a small car like this it’s not a race car no this
one’s only got 99 thousand miles on it so it’s barely broken in it’s got a very
dependable 4-speed automatic transmission including overdrive you
want Vanderbilt transportation simple and
boring is often the way to go overtime Toyota has perfected the boring Corolla
so they get better gas might have a little bit more power have a lot of room
for pulling people around what and since they’ve been making for so long there is
a plethora of aftermarket parts that work fine cost very little that you
could put on when they do finally wear out something lots of working room you
can easily do a lot of the servicing yourself and save money being a
relatively low cost low powered vehicle insurance on these things it’s also
cheaper than other vehicles so you’re not throwing a bunch of money away on
insurance and buying too much gas just don’t go too far because they were
bought one of these things and he brought it to me it’s leaking a little
bit uh he had ninety thousand miles on and I said hey how often do you change
the oil in this thing then he said I’m a Salesman Oliver taxes New Mexico
Arkansas Oklahoma he said I put on so many mileage I’d have to change it every
week so I’ve never actually changed the oil in the car and he had 90 thousand
miles on it then I said well doesn’t burn oil no he
said well you know the first sixty thousand miles he said it didn’t burn a
drop no I got to put a quarter in every four or five thousand miles now don’t
ever mistreat a car like this if you value your money but it just shows how tough
these things are I had a customer with a Chrysler once and he also never
changed as well and that they went fifteen thousand miles on the engine
pool really the Corollas offer advanced boring technology things to start every
time you turn the key get good gas much and are comfortable enough they’ve
evolved over time the one that I had hey it was a 70s Corolla it was also a
florid orbit this one has much more room the seats even though they’re kind of
cheap looking the fabric they’re much more comfortable in the old seats were
and you can’t even compare the suspension and ride the old one had a
solid axle rear wheel drive this is front wheel drive independent suspension
they really ride quite well sure then their not as luxurious as say a toyota camry but then again it cost a lot less they
can also handle quite a bit of abuse one time I was taking the kids to get some
hamburgers and two drunk lawyers wives ran a red light hit us spun the car
around the hill on the other side we’re all shook up police came gave the women
tickets and said we’ll get you tow truck I looked at it and said hey so Toyota
Corolla we drove the rest of the way to the Hamburger restaurant drop it back home then the next week I took it to my body shop and it fixed enough but they can
take quite a bit of abuse you would be surprised at what these tiny things can
take I see Toyota Corollas just like and maybe the person next door hey maybe
they weren’t the greatest looking person but they were very nice and they were
dependable might not be a bad idea to marry them instead of going after the
Porsche not being that dependable over time because I have the luxury of
hindsight now I see the old Porsche people know that I’m 66
they don’t look that good now either you know you know why the Toyota Corolla is
so boring and why I hope it stays that way, so if you never want to miss another
one of my new car repair videos remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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  2. I had a 2012 Ford Focus. Traded it in on a Super Duty, sold an old International pickup truck I had and bought a 2012 Toyota Corolla with the funds from the International. I really like the car. Not quite as fancy as the Focus, but seems to get up and go better and has a more reliable transmission that you can actually maintain yourself. It has a tranny dipstick! It is boring, but very reliable. Not problems yet except the Takata air bag recall. It gets 26 to 30 mpg too! I bought it because of Scotty's top 5 cars to buy videos.

  3. I don't give a crap about my car being "exciting", I care about getting to where I need to go for as little money as possible.

  4. Scotty is there any maintain that you can do to these car that would prevent the head gasket from blowing out. And at what Mileage can't you expect this to happen. Thanks

  5. My dad is still plugging around in hi '05. I asked him if he will buy a new car. He said he'll wait until it breaks down and its not worth fixing anymore. I told him that he will enjoy a long wait!

  6. I had to replace the alternator in my 2012. It was super easy. I did it by watching YouTube and with a basic took kit. That is the only time I have had to do anything to it besides regular maintenance. Id buy another one if I was still single. Oh I did put a touch screen in it. Made the interior look much better.

  7. Toyota despite what most people think are very Conservative company, and their approach to business. Even their mid to high end Corollas have plastic hubcaps still. That's because they know their customers are not worried about being flash but getting around. I wouldn't call them boring as much as I would practical. The quality of the car is from within rather then on the outside. The only thing that bothers me about Toyota are the front ends. The bug eyed lights, and huge plastic grills drive me nuts. But like my minivans, in order to have practicality there must be a few trade offs. It's fairly impractical to think your going to find a sports car that seats 7 at a reasonable price. I think Benzs makes some lovely "sport wagons" but for most people that's just not practical and you could go worse. You can buy a GM product. Get boring, and unreliable all in one package!

  8. TOYOTA engine long life is due to CHROMED CYLINDERS, just like airplane engines. Chrome and cast rings last forever.

  9. What that'll run 200,000 maybe 250,000 max the good Pontiacs engines are known to be strong and reliable, especially the Bonnie. And if you take care of a Pontiac with a few hundred dollars here and there (the normal maintenance) they'll run for a lifetime. Pontiac made some of the most reliable America vehicals along with oldsmobile.

  10. I owned a 2012 (tenth gen). A couple things to keep in mind, even though they're fantastic values for used cars.

    1.) Yes, it's true they're reliable. But that doesn't mean things won't break, even if you're good with maintenance. There was a big lower door panel that got loose and couldn't fit it back on. (I didn't fix it, cause my ex bought the car right after.) The window rubber "hosing" came loose and fell off, as well. It'll run, but you'll have parts come off. Transmission occasionally had weird shuddering, too. The battery had weird issues with corrosion despite being only a few months old. Only 60k miles.
    2.) That second gear is /tall/. 0-60 is quicker than 20-50. You try merging on the highway, you better hope there's room at the end of the merge. Found myself avoiding "short" onramps. I'll never buy a car that slow ever again if I can help it.
    3.) NOISY. At highway speeds, you'll have to turn up your music so loud, that you'd probably have brain damage, in order to hear it.
    4.) Oil changes are more frequent than every 5000 miles. Oil change light went off every 2000 or so.
    5.) This car gets really nervous around 80+ MPH. Long lonely road and trying to pass a semi? 90MPH feels like Warp 9 in this thing, with the car shaking.
    6.) The brake pedal feel is… Bad. You're never quite sure if your foot is on the brake or not, it feels awkward.
    7.) The plastic steering wheel is awkward to hold for extended periods. Get a wheel wrap.
    8.) Very skittish in crosswinds. There were a few times when a winter wind in Reno would knock me over into the next lane.

    On the bright side, seats 5 with great legroom (at least with the tenth gen and newer models), has air conditioning, a heater, good trunk space, great highway mileage (36mpg), bluetooth and aux, and fairly safe. Speaker system for a base car wasn't bad, either, as long as you could hear it, anyway.

  11. My family traded our 1988 Chevy Nova that had a gazillion miles for my first Miata. 1992. They weren’t happy but they traded the best car my family ever had FOR THE BEST CAR EVER! Still have it.
    British Roadster + Japanese Reliability = BEST CAR EVER. Mazda Miata

  12. Hey Scotty my 2011 Chevy Cruze is still running clean with 287,000 km on it! Hoping it treks in till atleast 350k. I love this car I wish you’d review it


  14. i waste 40 minutes each day of my life on a local freeway . going to work and back home each day.
    must say…..most cars broke down on the side of the road are NEWish … MERCS, BMWs, VWs and AUDIs

  15. I am sooo Obessed with Scotty's video
    I just don't know why, apart from the fact that I am a DIY person, I am now a Toyota, honda person too

  16. I drive 98. And 93 chevy truck jeep 3 really old vettes and a 76 trans am. Sure scottys right about that old toyata better than a new one. But thats some serious style cramping. 4 cylindet cars are not for me.

  17. Scotty please help i have a 2002 corolla with spongy breaks i drive five minutes to work and the brakes are consistantly spongy and if i drive it longer than that the brakes work less. i changed a leaking wheel cylinder and blead the brakes it fixed it for a couple of weeks going to work until i drove it for about 30 to 50 minutes at once and the spongy breaks are back so then i changed the master cylinder and it was the same story worked for couple weeks until i drove 30 mins at once its also non abs model

  18. Lmao I love you Scotty! My dad and I have have owned 5 Corollas between the both of us, and we love them!!! Great gas mileage, minimal maintenance outside normal maintenance (oil changes, ignition coils, etc. which are easy to do yourself), and they’ve all gotten 300,000+ thousand miles!

  19. My Toyota only had a radio and a tape player when I bought it so I bought a Toyota CD player off ebay and fitted that no problem, all the wiring and plugs were behind the dash for it, now it has all three. The only fault is that the illumination on the LCD screen has gone (blown bulbs) and the LCD unit is factory sealed, in fact it nigh on impossible to remove it from the radio. Other than that, for a car that will be 20 years old next year I have no complaints and I was always a Ford owner in the past. What have I had to fix? Well I replaced the waterpump because the pulley bearings wore out and I replaced both drive belts.

  20. My mother in law had this exact car. Put about 65k miles on it. And it "broke down twice", once was a battery and the next time it was the key fob remote.

    She said it was unreliable and traded it in last year on new 2018 Sentra. She never asked my advice, didn't even tell her daughter whay she was doing.


  21. I'm tired of Scotty talking crap about Chrysler….wait a minute there's a female out there dumber then he is?!…..rev up your vagina!!!!

  22. When someone tells me they are looking to buy their first car , I tell them " Buy a Corolla " Ive owned 3 of them , they are great cars .

  23. Scotty, I have to disagree with you about the burning oil..I have a '99 Corolla with 190k miles, apparently the earlier 1ZZFE engines before '03 had issues with piston oil rings. Now I'm looking for an older model Camry with the 2.2 or the 2.0 3SFE. Lesson learned..

  24. Bought my kid a 02 Corolla S with a 5-speed manual… changed the oil, bought new tires, upgraded the factory radio, and this kid is in hog heaven!!!!! If you see him, tell him to call home? LMAO!!!

  25. That averages out to over 800K Corollas sold a year. I own an '03 Corolla hatchback, commonly called a Matrix.
    but I like my '01 Subaru Legacy GT Limited 5MT a lot more. More fun to drive, more comfortable, and it has disc brakes all around. Sure, Subarus aren't known for gas mileage, but I don't care because I live where it snows in the winter and I make enough that i don't have to pinch pennies to fill my cars up.

  26. I am currently renting a top of the line Corolla. I was immediately impressed. The fit and finish is superb. The materials used look and feel excellent.

  27. The '95 Ford E350 has started to Nickle and dime me. With the side-door wheelchair lift, it's worth ten grand. A used Toyota with a lowered floor will replace the Ford, but the agency that assists with modifications says no more than 30-40 miles, no older than 3-4 years. I'm thinking 100,000 miles and five years old to fit the budget. One look/ ride at a Chrysler van serves to remind nothing but a Toyota.

  28. That's too funny you put a pic of Scarlett Johansson while you were talking about next door neighbors maybe not being the best-looking people. Very nice sense of irony on a couple different levels.

  29. My Corolla S has 137k and runs like new. Average mpg 28. Oil changes at 4k with synthetic since 44k and spotless. Not fast but I'm not racing either. Some new cars dont get same mileage so no car payment either.

  30. Anything you did on your own is not that expensive to fix. I love when people tote the expensive line to mechanics and dyi'ers

  31. I wish this car (and every other car) was MORE boring.
    NO damn ABS or traction control, I even prefer crank windows.
    That is how my 93 PrizmCorolla is and I like it that way.!!!

  32. I will take this Corolla in a blink of eye over any german car bcs it will last very very long time with very minimal maintenance not like those german cars will break all the time and endless money pits, i am with u Scotty every time!

  33. 1980 corolla owner here. These cars are decent on gas simple as shite and they are freaking tough. Only $700 total to fix the car and get the thing running again. Runs strong. Best buy ive made.

  34. You have remember that the Corolla is not the same car as it was it's gone from rear wheel drive to front wheel drive so yes they may have had the same name for 43million cars but not the same car . Those eighty's rear wheel drive cars were crap, I know I had one

  35. I have a 2002 toyota corolla that I used for work, at this point I started driving the car everywhere. my lancer,370, charger are just sitting at this point and I just drive that old corolla. It doesn't break down and I save a ton on gas.

  36. My uncle swears by his 2003 Corolla CE. And must I tell you it has now reached 800000 km and it still runs like a clock. The one I'm talking about doesn't even have power locks or Windows or anything special about it it's simply just the cheapest possible one available and automatic with air conditioning. He drives from Scarborough Ontario to Timmins Ontario which is approximately an 8-hour drive at least a couple times a month for several years now. Although the car is starting to show its age he still depends on that thing. If I had to get a cheap car that was very dependable I would get this any day over the Civic

  37. What 90s vehicles do you see still on the road and in good condition, you ask? Aside from maybe a little rust, dodge (yes i said it) dakota and ram, chevy/gmc silverado/sierra, most chrysler minivans, honda civic/accord (with a potential exhaust leak), jeep cherokee, and subaru outback. I live in OR, youre welcome.

  38. This is the car that I always recommend to brand new soldiers. Just get a cheap reliable car to get you around. If you want something more exciting, make more rank and save up for it.

  39. At 6'5" they are too small for me. Just not comfortable in any Toyota. My head touches the roof in Toyotas even in their SUVs.

  40. my first car was a 92 corolla seca, best car i owned it has now well over half a million kms on it. As fair as corollas go it was not boring I mean was no AE86 but it looked alright and never broke. haters will hate

  41. I once bought a 96 corolla for 1000 bucks, drove in it for 5 years and sold it for 600 bucks to someone, who drove in it for another 6 years… now THATS cheap driving…

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