I’m Sorry, But I’m Not Sorry About This

I’m Sorry, But I’m Not Sorry About This

rev up your engines
anbow says he doesn’t even answer all the questions okay how can I answer
all the questions here there are so many of them that’s why I’m doing this live
car talk now when I started in 2007 on YouTube long time ago I actually
answered every single question people ask me every comment they put on my
videos there’s no way I can answer all the questions that people ask it’s
impossible every time I answer when another one pops up so what I do is I
picked the best ones by reading it analyzing it and picking the ones that
are gonna give people the best answers that will help the most people that’s
how it works because there’s only one Scotty you can’t clone me off at least not with
modern day technology, people will complain about anything though, that’s life
these days you know, we live in a whinny society jerry says is a 2002 Dodge Intrepid for
6,500 a good car no they’re not good cars anyways they wear out especially
they got that horrendous v6 engine that Chrysler made and it’s an 18 year old
Dodge so it’s probably falling apart anyway plus that’s way too much money
for it run away look for a better car look for a Camry or a Honda accord or
something like that but use it’s kind of last long time
those dodges were terrible and my customers those intrepid to a man and
woman the ones that bought it after if they kept them more than seven eight
years they said I will never ever buy another Dodge product so don’t waste
your money on that, liar says 07 Highlander hundred thousand miles
should I buy it depends on the price and what condition it’s in now those can be
actual vehicles I got a customer who’s got a 2007 Highlander and he has three
hundred seventy five thousand miles on it it still runs like a clock so that
tells you they’re well-built it has a hundred thousand miles on it you’re not
getting any guarantee you don’t mind paying way too much money
people always ask a lot of money for Toyota’s but there are actual vehicles
are taken care of but as with any used vehicle you’ve got to pay a guy like me
a professional mechanic to check it out before you throw your money out because
people I cheat and steal you don’t know if it’s wrecked flooded stolen and a
good mechanic is gonna tell you if it’s in good shape or not especially
something like 2007 work we mechanics with our fancy scan tools
plug them in and we get so much data they can’t
hide anything from us anymore, kilmer 93 says I have a very interesting
question I gone to two mechanics they both told me out a blown head gasket but
no smoker milky oo and used to overheat but it hasn’t in six months what you
want to do is watch my video how to tell if your head gaskets blown there is a
test you get a little test tubes got blue liquid you pour in it if it changes
yellow or green means your head gasket starting to blow do that yourself you
can go to Amazon they have kits for 30 something bucks you can buy it’s gonna
take your 15 minutes to do this that’s very simple if the blue doesn’t change
color they’re full of crap don’t worry about it and drive the vehicle if it
does but it still runs okay put a little sealer and see how long it lasts you
never know you don’t know but that’s the definitive test do that test then you’ll
know for sure what a test for is exhaust gas in your radiator and the only way
you get exhaust gas in your radiator is if the head gaskets blowing or there’s a
crack in the engine that is a definitive test like I say you’ve got Amazon you
can buy the kit for 30 something bucks do it yourself or watch my video how to
tell if your head gaskets blown you can easily do that test yourself anybody can
do it at home is they f what are the common symptoms of a bad oil pump well
pumps pump oil they got to pump it from the bottom
of the engines to the top and gravity feeds it back down it goes back in it’s an
endless cycle kind of like the water cycle well when they go bad they don’t pump
enough pressure they don’t get to the top of the engine you hear clacking
noises especially when you’re idling if you hear clacking when it’s idle and when
you go fast the clacking goes away that means it’s still got enough pressure to pump
it to the top of the engine when the engine is going fast but not slow and if
your oil light comes on it’s another symptom if you start up a car and it
makes a horrible noise immediately turn it off cuz let’s say your oil pump is
completely gone it doesn’t work at all you might be able to save the engine if
it just started to do it but if you let it idle and clack away for a while the
bearings are made out of soft metal eat them up and you’ll have to rebuild me
yeah if you do start hearing noise just turn it off and find out what it is
right away don’t keep driving the thing around cuz then it’s
goodbye engine because an oil pump generally you drop the oil pan or inside there and
it might cost you five six hundred bucks you start hearing noises you want to fix
it soon as you hear that noise, G Kaplan says 08 Dodge Ram 1500 one
hundred seventy seven thousand miles slight vibration it seems worse when I
slow down if you’re talking about slowing down using the brakes and it
vibrates more your brake rotors are probably warped very common thing that’s
easy to test if you’re going 65 when there’s no one around
hit the brakes reasonably hard to steering well and vehicles start shaking
and you let off the brakes and the stops replace the rotors now if it happens
even when you just take your foot off the gas big oil pickup truck check the
universal joints on the drive shafts they will vibrate when you let off the
gas when I just spin in there that’s an easy way to tell if your you joints are
starting to wear you call that a tweet is there an easy way to get air pockets
out a cooling system without damaging parts I know what you’re talking about
they got vents and stuff but those vent sometimes their made out of plastic and
crack them open and let the air out and they’ll break and then your stuck here
is the best way anybody can do if you got a steep driveway park in the end of
the driveway the steepest part put the emergency brake on so your radiator is
the highest point then when it’s cold of course take the radiator cap off put a
big fan in front of the car open hood turn the a/c on full blast let it run
and watch it there Johnny little burp out of the top because it’s higher if
you don’t have one you can Jack the front of the car up in the air that way
the radiator will be so high that the air will leave out of the radiator
cap as long as you start cold and watch it and have a big fan pushing air that’s a
good way of doing it now I’m a professional mechanic I got a quick when
I got his vacuum system and they only cost about 80 bucks you have to have a
air compressor to hook it up to to make it work and that just goes take the
radiator cap off that goes on a radiator and it sucks all the air out and then
you got a vacuum and then the other end you take off the suction end and you put
on a hose that you put in a coolant container then you open the valve on that machine
then the vacuum sucks it all in and that works great I mean if you got a vacuum
pump or if you have air compressed you can buy with a little set ups for like
90 bucks they really do work well there’s no arguing that,
so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to
ring that Bell

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  2. My only beef is when you keep repeating the same questions over n over that are just worded slightly different. For example every month it seems this question gets answered twice "what's better Chevy or Chrysler?" Then you basically break it down saying neither with certain exceptions for both yet ultimately you end up answering Ford. I'm not hating I love your channel/content/honesty/vast knowledge/zero bias towards any brand, you always list each company's benefits/faults.

    I'm just saying I've noticed this (GM/Chrysler? neither buy Ford) get posted time after time month after month. Keep up all the great work Thank you for helping folks save cash n prevent future headaches

  3. Scotty, I have always been a Toyota man, I bought my wife a rav4,It dosen't have a dipstick to check the trans fluid, I researched it and there is a process just to check the level.

  4. Lol there are some whiny people in this world now days. Their Expectations outweigh their income and investment. Are usually call them cheap bastards.

  5. Old jags are good for one thing and one thing only. You can tell dumb chicks it’s only a year old and they think you’re rich and then….well u know the rest of the story. Wash,rinse,REPEAT.

  6. Scotty, thanks for all the great videos. I have a 2009 Corlla with 140,000 miles. I would like to change the automatic transmission fluid and filter. I have read special equipment is required to ensure proper fluid level at refill. Is this true? What do you recommend? Should I have a pro do it? Thanks!

  7. These questions are obvious troll questions to get him to ranting. Nobody is going to ask 6k for an Intrepid. My aunt had a really good 01 Intrepid that hit 200k miles with the 2.7 v6, but it would be worth 500 buck now either ways.

  8. Stop brainwashing these people into getting these sorry japanese cars that cant do more than 200 hp and cant fit a 6'1 dude without being cramped up scotty. Gosh.

  9. "I’m Sorry, But I’m Not Sorry About This" was the words to my ex wife as I drove away. I bought her a Dodge Shadow back then and I got a Camry and guess who is still driving today HAA HAA. Ring that bell on that mountain bike witch!

  10. I always just take radiator cap off, run heat on full blast for 20-30 minutes and top off as needed. Havent had any issues with air pockets yet. I like that incline method Scotty mentions though 😁👍🏻

  11. I like the tip on checking for air bubbles in the radiator and will do that on one vehicle I have. Thanks for the tips.

  12. My Prius recently lost its inverter water pump on the way home from a 3.5 hour road trip. I said to myself, SEND IT! And drove home and let that puppy overheat kill itself at 230F all the way home. Lost 12v(dim dash/no headlights), power steering, brake assist, electric windows stopped, AC died, car shutdown at highway speeds 4 times… That's when I knew I really SENT IT to the grave…. I did make it home….. But lucky a buddy was scraping his Prius and I snagged a free inverter and pump to replace mine. I'm gonna be back on the road again soon! I'll just drive my gas hog Lincoln Navigator in the meantime.

  13. Said it before and I'll say it again. Id like to know the people that have these dodges because 215,000 miles on my dakota 4.7 and no problems. Best vehicle ive owned. I drive just under 1000 miles a week.

  14. Scotty… I have a 1989 2.8 v6 5 speed Chevrolet Camaro.
    I rebuilt the entire motor, put it all back together, it runs fine… but now when get on it on the highway, it red Lines in 4th gear at 85 mph instead of a 100 mph like it did before I rebuild the engine.
    Any ideas? I'm stumped.

  15. Scotty I have a 1999 Subaru Forester I was driving it one day and it died on me I jumped it off and it died on me again that happen a couple times I finally got it home had the battery tested the battery was bad so I got a new battery and had the alternator tested the alternator was bad so I had the alternator rebuilt but it still died so we took it back to the person we had it rebuilt from he tested it and said it was putting out 15 V. Well the problem did not go away I took it to a buddy of mine and had it tested with the alternator in the car he said the alternator wasn’t doing anything so I don’t know what the problem is.

  16. Had 1996 Intrepid, horrible car. Good thing I bought the extended warranty or it would have hit me up for more. Got it a year old and started falling apart within 6 months of having it. Had it for 9 years and never bought another Dodge/Chrysler product.

  17. Also what people need to realize is this – it's very simple – when a channel gets too many comments at one time, youtube will cull them out and only show 1 of the newest comments in the channel's inbox, the rest are never notified to the channel owner. The only way they can see it is to go to the actual video and moderate the comments. This was done about 9 years ago because too many people whined that they were getting spam eMails of comment notifications on their videos.

  18. 0:45 how good would it be to clone Scotty and have him at every single mechanic workshop around the world 🗺️

  19. Got a 2000 mazda protege 1.6 engine has a rough idle shakes and spits and sputters alot as soon as i drive or give it gas it goes away runs fine but only spits sputters and shakes when idling scotty kilmer. Got any ideas on what it could be i put new plugs and wires on it it has 188000 miles on it check engine light codes are for coolant tempature sensor and says i need a new catalytic converter…. Any ideas. Scotty kilmer

  20. I wish you would upload the entire live stream. I understand you want to clip it out throughout the week for monetary reasons. Nothing wrong with that. But I don’t think uploading the stream will have an effect on your bottom line. Just something to consider.

  21. $6,500 for a 18 year old intrepid?!? Actually thinking that, let alone asking is insane. Troll may be?? Hope so. If it's a dealer, run away quickly and don't buy ANYTHING from them period.

  22. Serious issue here. I have a 2006 Chrysler 300 and for a while now I have dealing with my car pulling to the left at times when slowing down. It doesn't do it every time which is the confusing part and there have been times when it has pulled to the right instead of the left when slowing down. I have changed the FRONT calipers and brake hoses and bled the system including the abs pump. The car has all new brake pads as well. I have bled the brake system a few times now and when I first do it the pulling goes away for a bit, then randomly at some point when I apply the brake it will pull to the left, or right. I haven't seen any fluid being lost from the brake fluid reservoir so I am assuming it is not leaking. At this point I am starting to suspect my master cylinder may be malfunctioning at times but I am not really sure. Any thoughts??

  23. My Grand Prix got has 183k miles and still will smoke the tires off the car. 3800 all the way. Not the most fuel efficient but I like a car with balls anyways.

  24. Scotty: "Its an 18 year old dodge its probably falling apart"

    Me: looks at my 27 year old dodge that runs really good, drives good, and looks good for its age. And is not going to fall apart anytime soon.

  25. Hey Scotty, is a 03 Mitsubishi Eclipse with 117k miles with manual transmission a good buy?its $1800 they have proof of mileage and maintenance should I buy it?

  26. Had an intrepid for 16 years, never had any major issues, change the oil every 5000 miles you'll have no problem with the 2.6 liter engine…

  27. Scotie why does my gas guage go to e empty and my car makes a noice i dont know how to stop it then turns off

  28. Scotty, Im looking for a reliable used vehicle for my son. I have 2500 to spend on a vehicle. I bought myself a new Chevy truck 2 yrs ago, so my judgement sucks. Im in New England but will travel anywhere on the coast to get it. Whatcha think? Thanks!

  29. Scotty you are the best keep on doing you !! These folks dont understand how this works and yea i agree people get so easily offended now in days ugggghhhh .
    Love when you say TOYOTAS are the best, because they are LOL . I grew up with Toyotas with my parents always had them until it was time to trade up and they always gave good trade buys. Now i own a 2012 Tundra , 1995 Toyota truck, 1995 Chevy 1500 all original has traveled to Colorado 3 times and to this year no issues . The 95 TOY everything original just its wear a tear parts being changed.

  30. On two different occasions Scotty has answered my specific questions. Both sets of advice proved to be spot on!

    Thanks Scotty.

  31. How should one go about having a mechanic come check out a car you want to buy? And how much do mechanics normally charge for that?

  32. I have a Honda Pilot and I have this problem with it when I shift from D to R I hear this hard cranking sound from under it and also when I start moving the cranking sound comes i took it to a few mechanics and they say that it may be the g shacks or the transmission. What you think

  33. SCOTTY!!!!
    Getting desperate in trying to sell my 2007 Chevy Avalanche LTZ. Tried posting it on Craigslist and Facebook but no success. Any advice in trying to sell it? Really trying to avoid trade ins but like I said I’m getting desperate.

    I agree with ya, but you do tend to answer the same questions over and over again. Just saying 🤷🏼‍♂️ still love your channel.

  34. When you've got 2.7 million subscribers answering all the questions might be a tad time consuming. It's a shame 'cos I'd love to have a natter with this guy, but that's life. We love ya Scotty. Just do your stuff 👍👍

  35. I have an opel astra classic with a c16sel original engine I recently upgraded the engine to z18xe the problem I have now the engine cranks but doesn’t start, can you help?

  36. A tip is to pour your coolant in very very slowly from empty to get no chance of air getting in the system.
    Make sure you do this sat on a stool or your back will eventually cave in like it does with me lol.

  37. Hey Scotty my girlfriend has a 2013 Chevy Spark I watch one of your videos they said those were the worst years for Chevy but my question is when we turn on her car the engine kind of shakes and rattles and once it's been on for a couple of seconds the RPMs drop to about 600 and the rattling goes down but when you're in Drive there's no rattling.

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