Immigrants Guide To Buying a New Car In Canada | Ford Canada

Immigrants Guide To Buying a New Car In Canada  | Ford Canada

I love being Canadian I call Canada my
home because of all the opportunities that the country has given me. I migrated
from India or 9 years back. It’s been a crazy ride since then but enjoying every
bit of it. I moved to Canada because I want a different lifestyle for my kids.
My priority was first to secure a job, get a house, and then make sure I had
some mode of transport so getting a vehicle was the next on my list of
priorities. My advice to all newcomers to Canada would be get all the licenses
that are required until you reach your full license. All my friends know that
I’m always willing to help them. New immigrants to Canada need to realize is
that your insurance rates are going to be much higher then a person who was
born and raised in Canada. Check the kind of insurance rate you’re getting for the
kind of car you want before you make a choice. As far as financing is concerned, there are again different options. I was way lucky that I shopped it on and off and I
initially got 0% on my financing. There are so many different processes that as
a new immigrant you’re not aware of like registering your car or getting a
license plate. The dealership takes care of arranging all of finance and all
paperwork themselves. The dealership is very particular about the final documents you
bring in. Your driver’s license obviously a wallet, credit card, proof of residence.

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