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  1. There shouldn't be free bus service for school buses.
    Parents should pay .. and students who misbehave . They can be banned from the bus.

  2. If the parent is there and their child has not committed a crime, the bus driver or DPS has no authority to keep said child in their custody.

  3. The sights and sounds of black on white violence and gaslighting by junk news who lie about black violence in Denver.
    Black violence on a school bus, on old, on white are all a thing as sis the denial deceit and delusion that go with it… check out author Colin Flaherty who covers it daily.

  4. You couldn't pay me enough to drive a bus these days. Sounds like those kids were burning alive in that bus with all that screaming.

  5. Why is the emergency exit being used? It's been a looong while since I've ridden a bus, but the back door was only used for an emergency drill and then for emergencies only.

  6. And if kids are unruly…which I wouldn’t doubt they were…perhaps not sitting in their seats or back-talking an adult on the bus…there is absolutely zero discipline these days…the bus probably stopped for safety reasons….if you aren’t in your seat…it makes sense to me!
    #brats who should know better! Probably call the “race card” now 😒😒😒😒🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  7. He didn’t understand why the bus had to stop? Yep cause the behavior is normal to him. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Sometimes I think these welfare moms should be put into jobs like bus monitor, cafeteria monitor, recess monitor……then they will shut the hell up!!!

  8. When I heard about this I told my wife I bet it involved mostly black people. She said I was being racist, but oh to my surprise I was right.

  9. Driver’s only mistake was his failure to drive all the students back to the schoolhouse, drop them off at the principal’s office, and let the geeky retro-glasses deputy superintendent give them a good talking-to until their parents arrive to pick them up.

  10. That parent had a right to get her child. That fucking bus driver touched her first. Nooo. They arrest her and put that asshat on adm. Leave.

  11. Good they should throw the kids in juvenile hall to there’s no way I would be driving a school bus full of project kids f that these kids are out of control these days

  12. Fuck that!!! the lady should never been arrested for trying to get her kid off the fucking school bus if it were me as a parent fuck you I will go and swinging to be touching my kid but also starting shit with a parent that's their kid you do anything to protect your FUCKING child that bus driver need to be fired ASAP

  13. my friend works at a local bus company and they CANNOT find people to take those jobs…another person, who was an aid i a VA school said a minoity ELEMENTARY kid told him POINT BLANK 'I CAN HAVE YOU FIRED' THANK YOU BARAK AND ERIC HOLDER FOR THE CLASS YOU CREATED!!!

  14. I noticed how violent black inner city kids are. They handled this the wrong way. But as a teacher and school bus driver I have experienced this behavior. Kids are confrontational and rude.

  15. Why weren’t the parents asking what happened on the bus to make the driver pull over? But of course their little darlings never do anything wrong and it’s always someone else’s fault! I hope they throw that mom in jail for a year and kick those off the bus and make them walk to school!

  16. Parents are not allowed to step on a school bus, unless they have permission granted by the schools, and/ or bus companies and of course drivers would be notified at that time, many states it’s against the law for that to happen otherwise. Only school bus drivers, school employees, and law enforcement are allows to get on school buses with children on board. It’s a safety issues for schools and/or bus companies. So that’s probably one of the main reasons for the arrest. If the students are being unruly the school districts tell drivers to pull over for drivers to get the kids back under control and don’t move the bus till they start following instructions since it’ll be hard to drive safely with 50-85 kids being unruly, jumping from seat to seat, standing while moving, throwing things back and fourth, etc.

  17. The Denver news says the Denver bus drivers no work on 10-2-19 and that day is attendance for state making money off kids. The parent in video hitting driver no chargers aginst them

  18. Hhe was 100% in the right. The Bellos students are naughty af and one dumb kid opened the back of the bus to let a historical parent inside to get stupid with the pera bus driver. He had to stop the bus because of rough play with the kids and waiting for safety & security is protocol. She does not deserve a Gofundme page, bullies don't deserve help, they deserve guidance and cuffs. Setting a shitty example for the kids dumbass.

  19. wtf is this. when a parent ask for their child that they have custody of u better give them their child. this is bs.

  20. stand with the parents the bus driver can stop getting paid and let him bc he should never hit a girl. They are just showing men its ok to hit girls beacuse u will still get treated ok and gett paid. That is fuck up bus driver needs to be fired and in jail

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