Welcome to another exciting episode of Mighty Car Mods We’ve got a Toyota corolla everybody! That’s right!
It’s about time, Martin. Yep, this is awesome. Hold on, I’ll just… change lanes. What are you doing?
The indicator’s don’t work, you’ve gotta manually do it, old school. You have to have to manually click them? That is oldschool. What’s it– like, tell me everything. Martin, all I know is are there’s a lot of hair in the back, both animal and human. It doesn’t smell so doesn’t have any leaks. This is a 1992 Model Toyota Corolla Criminal Edition Criminal Edition? The CSI. Oh wow See? See what happened there? um, Martin that’s all I know about it. What else do we know? It might have been made in Dandenong, or it may have been made in Japan And now Martin will fill you in on the rest of the details Marty: This is a Toyota corolla a super reliable and bulletproof Hatchback from the early 90s it features four doors green paint, a steering wheel for steering, some seats to sit in, and a four cylinder 1.6 liter engine with efi People had these. These are the cars you got when you’re on your peep late because that was sort of, you know … when I was that age know like 10 years old, and they were starting to get cheap of economical and reliable like and getting five speed Manual, air conditioning, power steering In a car this size, it’s like Super Toyota reliable Oh like I remember them being like six, seven, eight, nine grand order This is two, and it works, and it has six months of rego. Which is amazing We have named the car of course, and he shall be known from this day forth as Derek and he’s … We have named the guy report, and he shall be known from this day forth as Derek Haneen’s are my Derek He’s going to see a lot of abuse That’s best equipped and Derek is going to help us discover some untapped portals and wormholes in the automotive universe not Absolutely in its beautiful Hatchback Front-Wheel drive holy Pedestrian nature we have to say like it includes it includes our Nesting it includes a sat nav who has one of those anymore. What else then a lot I come from water which is not out To anything oh service bring your service history history chocolate either breaking the cars or removing window wandered Among some guys those glasses the pyramid here saw them amazing and the potato best car ever There’s awesome. Man. Whoa man pbis man may be done. Let me don’t drive with my wife there you go Yeah are throwing this car man? risking your life So today we are off to work out one of the incredible mysteries of the universe The Aztecs couldn’t work it out the egyptians couldn’t work it out the greek philosophers didn’t know what to do But today man ice and Derek we’re going to work it out. I Mean hey you know what we’re doing today. No, okay? So we are here today to answer the age-old question Will you make any more power when you stick a cannon on your car? we’ve got this secondhand Brand-new unused but Secondhand off ebay and importantly it has the blue flame tip which apparently makes more power now while we’re at it Because we’re on the dyno. We’re also going to do a straight pipe. So we’re going to end up with three results We’re going to have the factory Muffler We’re going to have the church street spec Cannon mid 90s and then of course we’re going to have the straight pipe as well Let’s do it with the Standard Muffler we’ve made 49.9 kilowatts So the maximum power that we achieved with the Factory Muffler is forty nine point Nine kilowatts at the wheel which is pretty good because these things from the factory rated about 75 kilowatts That’s a flywheel so considering this thing has been around for 25 years or something. That’s pretty good so now It’s time for the paramount of National thousands of these have sold like since the nineties and when we first saw these things Thousands of people have run them. They’re on cars all the time like why? They look good like noisy and do they make power will for that’s a movie So we’ve swapped out our factory muff La La La La and now the Cannon is on the car. Which is the moment that we’ve all been waiting for our 49.9 I just want to hear the song of the corollas people yeah this song that’s just like that big you know big long strip Down Parramatta Road, we’ve got the high buildings and the cannons at 5,000 rPM and the little 1.6. Liter is going for it Yeah, absolutely so here it is if we get more than forty nine point nine Everyone Gopanna count on your car. Let’s do this everyone 51 So forty nine point nine kilowatts was the best with our standard muff Yes, and then we put on our mad at Cannon and we’ve made 51 point four is that statistically significant? When you’re only making 50 kilowatts, it’s a fair bit Into two and a half percent you can’t feel that they can hear let’s be real probably not but losing x graph it looks good The thing is we’ve made power. It’s actually official. It’s made power, and it does seem pretty good look it’s back inside at all I Guess what we want to try now, though, because you know cannons can cost hundreds of dollars We now want to use two or three dollars worth of pipe and see it’s half straight pipe can either Equal it or beat it. I’ll see what happens straight part time. Let’s do it Let’s be hook With our straight pipe on it’s time to do another run So these are the results with the factory muffler We’ve got forty nine point nine kilowatts with the Cannon we’ve got 51 point four kilowatts Which is an actual increase in power and with the straight pipe We’ve got 51 point six the highest power of the day I have to say the cannon sounds a bit But cannon does sound the bet but I thought I’m surprised as I did those words are coming out of my mouth But it actually sounds a bit. I think before we call it conclusive that the Cannon makes more power and sound better There is one more thing that we can try No doubt you’ve heard of the disco potato, but have you heard of spherical back pressure oscillation It’s something that we have been wanting to try for ages and so we’re going to be using a potato in our straight pipe and The idea is that this needs to be right in the middle of the pipe so we’ve drilled a hole in it And we lit a little bit of wire to go straight through the potato like this Out the other side then we’re going to push that so it’s right in the middle and now ah That’s hot send that down And we’re ready to go for another run all right dial potato power. Let’s do this mate well I’m top right There it is everywhere does that even mean the potato had given us the biggest power increase so far today But first let’s answer the original question – the results are in and we made more power with our cannon it also happened It’s down better, and what looks better. Well, that’s questionable. Yes We did make a couple of kilowatts But somewhat amazingly unsurprisingly the most power that we made today was with a potato jammed in a piece of pipe We would explain the science if we understood it, but we don’t is it going to work for your card? Do you like potato salad? I don’t know But tell us all about it because if you actually understand why this does what it did that? We would love to hear all about it of course you can follow our balls on the face balls That’s face balls on boards nice big balls Ah there it is if you want to support the show you can get stickers and t-shirts and everything from the mighty car mods Website it’s light enough on the thing now. That’s it man and go eat some potatoes man, really I just want to do drift – who invented chips and who turns potatoes into fried chick who invented the potato Martin That’s the real question So you guys like to hear about all the various bits of camera and gears and stuff that we use To shoot the show with Jack Martin a lot of you detect. We should all ourselves a variety of cameras the new one We’ve got the moment is this Canon 5D Mark 4 never breaks Just really good sort of like Angle the spherical lens captures lots of sort of thing you can do you want to do 360 with it you can as you can see it’s 360 degrees and you can basically just attach that to anything any elements rain hail or shine will work really well come to this awesome mount And essentially all you really have to do is just sort of bolt it on *Typing* *Almonds Crunching*

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Not that anyone will read this, but as a physics student, it could be that the potato is generating ring shaped vortices due to the tendency for high pressure regions to fall into low pressure regions like the back of the potato while exposed to moving air. This motion would generate a ring vortex going out the rear of the exhaust, which may actually help disrupt far more harmful turbulence caused by the exhaust gas meeting with the atmosphere. This is the same principle behind why golf balls have dimples. You are creating one form of turbulence to help negate another more destructive form of turbulence.

  2. you should have gone back and tested the original muffler again just to make sure you weren't just blowing the cobwebs out on each run

  3. Car makes more powaaah because the ecu is adjusting to the new exhaust flow not because the potato, coupple of more runs will yield 1 or 2 kw cheers mates

  4. The pipe diameter is probably already too big for the engine displacement and RPM band which is causing a decrease in power. If you were to install a smaller diameter pipe and repeat all tests, you would see that the proper sized pipe without a muffler will make the greatest peak and average HP curve.

  5. You turds are wankers, we here in the United States of America measure engine power by horsepower and torque. The metric system is all right, but don't make us do the conversions. Besides, if you are so bloody talented, you can do the conversions yourself.

  6. yeah it would have been made in Japan – the Australian ones were the older ones with a carburettor – i have one the same model just 1990 with a carby – made in Australia

  7. I have a 2006 WRX TR, the previous owner put a 3" cannon with a 4" tip. I'm interested in changing the exhaust, what is the least "ricey"?

  8. it made more power because the poor potato is doubted and wrongfully used to describe crappy things. it knew its time to shine had come and the little spud gave its all.

  9. I am pretty confident that Toyota could tune this exhaust and get more power than either the cannon or the potato. BUT They have things like performance, fuel cost, noise, production cost and emissions to consider. The parts on a mass produced car are all compromises of sorts.

  10. Cool. Lets party like we used to and get all beligerant throughout town, being rude to the elderly and force them to say naughty words and write the naughty words on paper that we use against them and show the vile writings to the police who were keen on handing down the stiffest sentences to those who would dare be so depraved and heartless to write such naughty words as, "Damn","Hell","crap" and several others that I dare not mention.

  11. had a 89 Toyota Camrey had the same engine as that car it had 245k miles on it win i sold it 6years later it had 405k miles and still going good car miss that car

  12. Mabe, you were making more power every time because the engine was cold on the first run and starts getting up to temp on the other runs so it made more power every time. Id like to see the stock muff put back on after the mods and see if it drops back down again. Just seems a bit wired that you got a better result every time.

  13. My first question would be what condition was the original muffler in? Simply putting a new stock muffler on it might have worked just as well as the fart can muffler. Or a decent normal performance muffler like a magna flow or something. Heck even a 20 dollar thrush turbo muffler for that small of an engine.

  14. What IS the current "science" behind the humble topato jammed into the exhaust pipe of a severely under-powered veHicle??? You tell us how that is done by dropping a smartass comment down below!

  15. Did he say, Wristys all day lol? Is that ya'lls verison of a handy? Next time i get one while driving ill be sure to thank her for the risky wristy 😂

  16. POS car. HP goes up after every dyno run. I think we are just seeing some sludge being loosened up and no longer restricting flow. Did the car bottle neck on power because of restrictive exhaust? Probably just about 1-2% worth of power. I think its more likely that some carbon deposit in the block loosened and gave back a small amount of displacement than the potato being a benefit.

  17. Here it is:

    Backpressure always negatively affects performance. Always!

    A good exhaust system and muffler creates zero back pressure and directs pressure waves with each piston explosion away from the exhaust port which can adversely affect performance.

    The potato likely absorbed these pressure waves.

    Bottom line, a performance exhaust system that is designed for this engine and tune would be superior to the potato.

  18. I know everyone dont live in usa but when i hear killowatt im automatically thinking electrical power or generator output. Please include horsepower #'s when you guys say it for the rest of us thats " Not from around here" in your eyes.

  19. on ur first dyno test i was like :its a stock car its not gonna make more than 50 kilowatts. The result was 49.9 kilowatts. What a day. Greetings from Lithuania!

  20. I really would have liked to see you guys turn Derrick into a eBay built street cred dream car. And by eBay built I mean eBay coilovers, wheels, hot air intake, eBay header, exhaust, quick release steering wheel, etc.

  21. A potato is spherical so in theory it would help exhaust gasses accelerate just slightly faster out of the exhaust, Perhaps if you had a device that looked like a sharp cone it could accelerate the gasses even quicker and would be worth a shot!

  22. Could you guys so something with a 99 corolla? Mainly because it's the year model I have. As far as something, I mean lift it, like 1.5"-3"? I already have snow tires which did a lil bit but I was lookin fer more. Wanna see what you guys can do with it If you want or maybe a suggestion for making mine taller. I've seen vids for other cars, just not mine. By the way, love y'alls clips, they help in ideas for me. Hope to hear from ya.
    JB from North Carolina, USA.

  23. u got me idea out my head
    it like taking pointing nose off jet motor n put facing in muddler it make more air force out n doesnt suck it back in because back end pointing nose is trap air for not sucking back in muffler hopefully you understand it same like sticking one inch potato in muffler both side is pointing OWO

  24. Just curious but since the stock muffler is the original with the car it is likely filled with crap from use over the years, wouldn't it be better to test with a new stock muffler? I bet its result would probably equal the "cannon" and the straight pipe.

  25. I mostly agree with DjKinetec above: Potato is mostly water which as a liquid is incompressible, and sound is a mechanical wave. So, I theorise, sound will be shaped around the potato which will translate some mechanical energy lost as sound back into kinetic charge thus speeding the dynamic flow of exhaust volume exiting the low pressure side of the potato at the tail vent end. There should be a measurable drop in dB if this is valid.

  26. What's actually crazy is that by just removing the muffler and adding a straight pipe with a potato you gained 10% more power. 10%.

  27. I had an 85 4door and I wish I never would have sold it. It was my favorite car I've owned top this point. It was super gutless though

  28. it was just because the carbon got cleaned out when you were revving the guts out of it… that car hasn't seen over 5k rpm in 10 years or more so by giving it the ol' Italian tune up it's naturally going to make more power … doubt the 'tata' had anything to do with it

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