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  1. You have a big heart.if that was me I am not doing it .I'm keeping the money. Let me tell you why. in 2010 I went to the currency exchange to cash in my $200 check I forgot my wallet and nobody has the heart to bring me back my money or my wallet so the next time I find money in a wallet or anything I'm keeping it. Since nobody had the audacity to bring me back my money I needed. My money was in somebody else's and they kept it anyways. They had my address they had my to my house they could have least brought back my money or my wallet but this is Earth people keep the moneythey don't even give back your wallet no more or anyting they just take that throw that in the trash and then you got to go look for a new one.

  2. Shes going to get what she deserves too. Who knows what would have had happened if she stole that 7k. God blesses those who does right. God bless her!!

  3. I think i would have noticed if i left 7k in my pocket, he was tight whoever he was, he could have her give 100 bucks .

  4. What a dum dum I would of took the money and not said anything hey to me finders keepers especially when I have a child to support

  5. This is my towns platos closet. I believe but don't believe this. They could be telling the truth or they could have lied and just said this to get brand recognition or to just be on TV.

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