Inflate A Bike Tyre With A Schrader Valve Or Auto Valve

Inflate A Bike Tyre With A Schrader Valve Or Auto Valve

Find the Schrader valve and remove any dust-cap. If the valve hasn’t been opened for a while
release a short hiss of air to check it’s not stuck. The same process, holding the valve
open longer, deflates the tyre. Release air by pressing down on the valve
stem. A match stick or some other small blunt tool may be helpful. The hose or pump connection may screw on or
press on. Some push fit connections lock with a cam lever. A push fit connection to a Schrader valve
usually needs a locking lever. A small amount of air is released when the connector goes
on or off. Pull the connector off briskly, parallel to the valve, to minimise the air
loss after pumping. Fully open and fully close the pump with each
stroke. Place both feet on the rests to stabilise
the pump. Open the pump fully at the start of each stroke. It helps if you can brace the connection between
the Schrader valve and the pump by hooking a finger or two around the tyre or spokes.
Plant your feet and try to position yourself so you can get your shoulder behind the piston
of the pump.

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  1. how can you tell if it is pumped enough? i don't have the pump which indicates the amount of pressure in the tire. I dont want to over tires, though when i side on my bike the tire is very slightly flatter on the bottom, but when I touch it it feels hard enough and is completely round when i am not on it. i weight 125 pounds.

  2. the same mili second i take the pumper off, ALL the air comes out in less than a second, whats wrong?

  3. Whoever invented scrader valves is a moron, just recedes back into the tire whenever I try to push my nozzle on.

  4. What if the Schrader valve is half the length of a regular one… my tire valves are barely coming out of the rim. I can attach my pump, but the valve is too short to take the air. Wtf is going on here lol. Can't fill it up, because the valve is only like 1cm out of the rim

  5. My bike is resisting air. I pressed the button to see if the valve was stuck and it wasn't. When I pull my pump up it won't let me puck the air into the tire no one knows what's going on my inner tube I think it's fine because my tired was still inflated until last night after I pushed the inner button in the valve when I woke up today my tire was complete deflated

  6. I have a Huffy mini pump that is a complete piece of shit.. first time I ever went to use it, I was trying to tip my bike tire off. Instead of filling it all it did was cause ALL of the air out of the tire… now I can’t fill it at all.


  7. Thanks but it's not working for me it just won't lock. I had a flat front tyre I tested the pump on the back tyre to make sure pump still works now I have two flat tyres I feel really stupid I can't work a bicycle pump. Put bike back on garage given up.

  8. I recently got a hand pump with 2 nozzles at the end wirh a 90 degree grip lever (the common, plastic ones). However, it only seems to push air through the wider nozzle while I need to utilize the narrower one. How do I go about 'switching' it?

  9. So i tried to fill up my tire and when i took the cap off all the air rushed out and now it wont fill up. Also the nozzle wiggles around. Do you have any advice? I really dont know much about bikes and i would appreciate any information you may have

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