Jake: What, why are you freaking out? What?
Tessa: What happened Martinez: There was something right there.
Tessa: Wait what? Jake: I don’t know I think there’s something at the bottom of the pool
Tessa: What happened? Good morning Jake Pauler’s. You know that we’re Ballers, straight shot Paulers. We be killing it, every day, just sold Ellen’s House. It’s every day bro, Jake Paul bruh clutches. Watch Out! There’s a Cop. I don’t care. Yeah, I got white hair, like Ellen turning left driving fast. We the best, in L.A. that’s right ’cause I sell it every day Bro! Woooo Let’s go! Let’s go Jake Paul: Yo, lightweight, just killed that yo. Good morning guys. What’s up? I don’t even know if I was recording. Yep, I was recording, let’s do today and let’s kill it. Jake: Yo! This is a dope view! What we got to do? Lewis: About to do a podcast on The School of Greatness. You’re about to be interviewed. Lewis: I think you’re gonna be the youngest person ever on the show. Jake: No way!
Lewis: Youngest person. Jake: Seriously?
Lewis: I think so. Jake: I’m out here cuz. Jake: This is the studio. Girl: Hi! Jake Paul: What’s poppin. Jake: Are these all the people that have been on it? Lewis: Some of them. It’s just a small list.
Jake: Just a small list?
Lewis: You know, we just.. Girl: You’re Going to be on it.
Jake: No way. Jake: Oh Look, look at who else was here. Lewis: Oh Yeah
Jake: Hey!
Girl: Laughs Jake: Alright, Yo! that was so much fun, Lewis. Thank you for having me. I’ma keep on killing it today like what’s next? Lewis: What is next?
Jake: I don’t know. I don’t know! Jake: Yo! Uh, what’s up guys? Just have a car update for you, I know I’ve been saying I’m gonna go pick up my car every single day, but, uh, they’re just doing so much work to it. But I have this little video for you guys that shows the exhaust, uh, check it! Wow! Jake: Oh my God it sounds so good! Back at the Team 10 House. What’s poppin’ Yo? Jake: What is poppin’ everybody? I’m home, I’m home, what’s up? How are? Chad: Jake! Got a question for you man, what time did you tell me to come over today? Jake: Eleven o’clock.
Chad: What time is it right now? Jake: One o’clock. Jake: Yo, uh, what what are you doing? Chad: So this is called, uh, water bowl and basically what it is, is sit with your legs spread out and Chad: Slide the water into him, and I’m gonna try and reach his area bottom area. Jake: Okay.
Chad: So that’s the game. Martinez: Ow! Jake: Yo, why would you play this? Chad: Whoo! Oh! Jake: Why would you do this?
Chad: Savage. Group: Ohh!! Jake: Yo, you chickened out! Jake: Yo what? Chad: [Painful Ohh] Jake: Sweet Baby Jesus! Chad: Savage! [It was at this moment that he knew, he F****d up] Martinez: Ooh! Ow.
Jake: Oh my God! Kick him while he’s down. Jake: What’s Up Tessa?
Tessa: Why do I get scared so easily? Jake: Cuz uh..
Tessa: Hi. Jake: Hi. How are you?
Tessa: Good.
Jake: How’s yours.. Jake: Sleep..? Chad: [Screams] Jake: Bro. You think I could jump you?
Chad: I know you can bruh, I trust you, go! Chad: Friend trust, go! Jake: Let me do your ankles first.
Chad: Why is it always ankles first? Chad: Let me break both of my ankles. Chad: [Painful scream]
[Laughing in the background] Chad: Ok go again. Jake: I think I’m out.
Chad: No one more.
Jake: No. Chad: [Laughs]
Jake: No Yo, I feel so bad. Chad: Oh well, if you feel that bad, maybe you guys should follow my YouTube page. Jake: No! No! [Screams] Chad: You didn’t even jump! This is my leg and you just went [Pow]. Jake: I told you I couldn’t do it, yo i told you. Jake: You’re gonna jump off of the counter?
Chad: Yeah. Jake: Okay. Yeah, let me just move this stuff here. There you go. Chad didn’t you just have like head surgery? Chad: Yeah, but look I’m like all better now. Jake: You’re jumping off of the counter, and you’re worried about this little green thingy. Jake: Yeah, you got it Chad. For a height reference, this is like four feet. So that’s really sketchy Jake: I don’t think you’ve got it to be honest.
Chad: Savage! Jake: You kind of nailed it! My boys’ a savage. Jake: I thought its going to go a lot worse than that um, so, we’re gonna get a wheel… Jake: A savage wheelspin game. Jake: So we write stuff on a wheel of life stuff that we don’t want to do like get tazed. Jake: Get kissed, jump in the pool, get slapped, get kicked, in the face. Chad: It’s gonna be bad, but I wanna tell you right now that this is how much jake Paul loves you. He loves you Dirk Paulers’. Jake: Dirk Paulers’? Jake: Nick, can you say ‘savage wheel Spin game.’ ?
Nick: You know I’ve noticed that my accent has been lacking over the past few days Nick: So I’m gonna try and like.
Jake: You gotta you gotta step the game up for the Jake Paulers. Moment of troops into the camera offers a campaign stop ease will sing game. Oh. This is not the right store for the wheel thingy. Oh, oh here. We are yo savage in the wheel. You know you understand enough like a spin spin a wheel. No, I’m sorry [man], okay, you’ll just play the game yeah. Yeah, just down anyway. We are said yeah. Yeah, okay, okay? We have we are live attention in James haulers. We are taking over the soil We’re going to be doing an advantage since the wheel game on my channel you use that Compact flash signal can always close with merchants is a different any time so I started oh you need up Those phone systems are so easy to hack you know how to do it ah well. They don’t have it this store Do you guys want to make one or what do you want to do? Yeah? We’re going to have to probably do that Just because I’ve been like typing it up for a while [now], okay? Well, we can make we can go to know so let’s go just go to another store, right? Is this the retirement home are you gonna make yes? Hello reason, we’re at the wrong spot man. Okay. Come on man All right one more Yo is this what we’re using. This is it man. We’re going to make it. We [couldn’t] find one So we’re going to screw through and they did good. It’s Gonna stand Let’s do this thing He posited a keeper Now we have to do this wheel thingy I’ve got taser after because I’m getting scared going into Verzosa The circle circle dot plus. They should have different probabilities. Oh yeah, I guess the small and big ones. That’s so smart, Jake Okay, so we should teaser be a hazer jumping cool What else were we thinking ah? Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, those is Gonna run it in the street naked Alright, yo So we have the board done light yourself on fire hat you pick hit someone run Around in your underwear plug something so you get to like promote whatever you want jump in the pool get tazed slap in the face and [tessa] know if this isn’t a Savage Spin the wheel game. I don’t know. What is yell? We just play where you trying to go two times right reach going twice. I want to go three times though We can do toys. Don’t you twice look at this stand? We did it? Yo? They said that [I] would never make it and then I never made it come on Don’t you have like a big YouTube channel no It’s all fake follow rock day versus a tournament ready loserface losers until there’s one loser, and that’s who goes first rock paper scissors Shoot oh Rock paper scissors, shoot. Oh rock paper scissors, shoot so now we say rock paper scissors, shoot you go first um Yeah, he’s chillin Okay, I’m at my dad that makes sense right yeah, all right. Go. Oh my God come on underwear Like you want on to Light yourself on fire Or do you want to reap in so ready to slap in face or what do you think is it more on problem? Faced Katrina slap in the face you can just slap in the face Oh, all you have to do it hard tessa. Just to do it hard not like that hard, but pretty hard How is way to arms that was the way to all I didn’t mean it had head surgery you demon plus You’re done for done we want what you guys want to do now get 15 s ah Ok bro, by the way, no come on. Give me. No. I want to pass the suspense is so real I don’t know how I’ma do this kids Don’t do this at home unless your vlogger, and I lost you have acetone, but other than [that] don’t do this at home You know unless [you] really want you This is really dumb ready. Yeah, it’s every day, bro. Oh Oh, yeah, it was really hot. I think it burning a little how did it look? Little ones object baller come on say huh? Yeah, all right Des is up What does she got something close company, no? Ha I hate you Allowing that right now. Yeah. Yeah her she needs to get taste good going. I’m Yeah, just look at no We are still No, no, no No, okay, then you both have to get tased or both get anything. Yes, okay? You want to send for the same thing? No all right? Come on. Go yeah, no No, I got to go. Yes ago it done for your country come on Ah yes, I run the underwear oh Julia oh my God. No [you] [have] [to] run now Where’s he going? Oh my God? He’s going outside. Oh, oh my God TMz exclusive Martinez wins runs around naked around what time well boy this valleys you know okay? That’s good Oh, okay, your brother’s a savage mom. You got any says wait. You’re not on the phone. Yeah. Oh, yeah good afternoon Cade O Subject. Hey, Justin meyer in the cart yeah. Yeah, it’s good. It’s fun on a game right now. Yeah, it’s the game Oh, it’s a game. Yeah, you guys [are] doing yeah. Yeah, I chat around to what’s it going to be. What’s it Gonna? Be whoever I like slows down because I think the top is rigged Yo, this is when you find out to go crazy or not. That’s up Bro, who saw that what huh? Who’s your favorite Youtuber huh? Don’t mess with my ninja skills No, no, no, what’s gnarlier? [I] don’t know about this man. Are you ready? It’s not only to grow with this will make me knock out. Give them again. Yeah, why don’t we and [I]? Already where you got the kids don’t like freaking man up doing it go? You are you away? Yes, you can grab my arm. He’s like do it and then pushing me away like this go go. Yo We’ll take this before someone else. Oh that won’t work. It’s my turn. All right? Oh my gosh Meme you okay? you know you guys are all guys ah Ok Junkie. Ok it doesn’t say where no? Yo, what is what? Oh my God? Yo the pool the lagoon is just destroyed ready. That’s around two. What’s it Gonna be? Yo It was on plug. It was unplugged. Oh my God is she gonna play so hard take out my Youtube channel It’s tested brook one and then my inner is tested for a joke I’m usually it’s out of breath, and I suppose different one thing plug one thing. I liked a customer see description Oh my God hey, and when you are done harry Jaysean paige is not a comet done. Just plugged everything not even one thing oh Alrighty some Martinez twins. Yeah, dude in this group. Yeah, no, you’re not plugging our You’re spinning oh, I? We always are a kid I’m chemicals there. That’s why we are always You got a kid okay? Oh My God yo, are you both going in yeah? Oh, so that’s your spin to its cause this is the last one the Tasers in the pool Freddie oh, I so cute. They’re like holding hands oh What why are you freaking out what? Something right there what I don’t know I think there’s something at the bottom of the pool. What happen that hurt no No, that was [a] there’s a monster in the lagoon is wrong Yeah There’s a monster in the lagoon that was so much fun. Everybody savage Spin. The wheel game. What is up? Yo like what are you doing right now? Oh ah? God, let’s go to the flippin gym yell But who saw that shot though? Whoa butter work, I’ll take parlours today’s notification. Shout-out goes to Liam Shaker Liam Thank you so much for having my post notifications on guys if you want a post notifications Shout out to turn on my post notifications and comment when you are done, and I will see you guys tomorrow Because it’s every [day] bro push Make sure your subscribe to keep up with my life on a daily basis And if you want to see more content check out yesterday’s vlog because it is super lit plus I have a second channel Jake Paul to which you guys can subscribe to right now And if you want to see more content from everyone in the house our group Channel is called team 10 check it See you guys tomorrow

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