Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Inside Miami’s Luxury Car Hustle: Fake It ‘Til You Make It

You think of Miami you think of fast cars flashy jewelry in the clubs, you know The routine is is to show off to stunts and they just want to show their ass that’s what it is Look at me look at me. Look at me.My industry survives on strives on that lives off that Car business in general is a tough business so the car rental business even more so .Anybody that finds out that you can make money and drive a Ferrari I Mean they’re diving in to hit first There’s so many real celebrities out here. Everybody wants to be a celebrity You know I’m saying so you get a little lambo will get a little Ferrari people Look at you, you know people go crazy with celebrity I’m saying who’s down wonderful that is you know money attracts money, man. And That’s the lifestyle period you know, I mean if you don’t got it, you gonna act like you got it The game is finessed everybody in this room has lied one time in their life Well, I just fuckin I just fuckin told you but he always liked that stupid oh you waste time doing that Dougie we paid Maddie because Maddie took care of it. He’s the one that stole them from them So we’re paying it technically they’re not is any more Did we get paid technically till we get $1,000 for a wreath or four days are they go where you going? So this is it one of the only companies out here with an actual showroom, we’re not just in a warehouse Got every toy you can think of starting with the rolls-royce Wraith one of our most popular cars Take you guys down to the 488 one of our newest cars and one of the nicest cars in the fleet. Boom 2018 488 spider almost a $400,000 window and If you came to spend the real money, this is what it looks like You know If you come to the city visit Miami Beach and you see a car on the road most likely it came from here So we cater to just about anybody and everybody here athletes music artists producers And then just your guys from your neighborhood blocks that want to come stun in Miami. I Want to give a shout out to Instagram as a matter of fact, I think if it wasn’t for Instagram We probably wouldn’t be as busy as we are today But I mean when you come to Miami, you got a you got a snap you got to post a picture Sometimes sitting on the damn car, which I hate be more creative. Everybody can sit on the car. Take a picture get creative I don’t know, you know, but yeah, thanks Instagram. We do a lot of business I mean the culture it is what is that? You can’t come to Miami and say you were in Miami Unless you drove a Lambo a Rory a Rolls Royce I mean, it’s like going to the golf course everybody got to get a cough card, you know But we definitely understand our clients and that’s just where it’s at today, you know These guys rap about the Bentley truck now the belly truck is my most popular car. Is that easy? You know, we know what our competitors Do we know who our competitors are? Not everybody’s playing Everybody’s playing fair. And like I said last year and a half the business has grown so We’re kind of able to Not worry about what everybody else is doing But yeah There’s definitely some competitors out there and guys that are in the business that probably shouldn’t be in the business or just not doing the business right a Lot of these artists a lot of people man they all do something to Stay up to 8:00 in the morning and then start it all over again I’m saying All of it, though You know, we about to go out I better go have some fun Go me to meet up with a couple of my clients and shit, bro. And you know just This is the time that miami turns up When I am this is this just started long as night boy ain’t even start yet. I got one minute of sleep One minute, you know i’m saying like if you’re gonna get it, you got to work real real hard to get it, you know I’m, no sleep fine, you know a couple days. No, sleep whatever candy today. That’s fine boom You know i’m only money money over everything money is the motivation Period if I have 32 cars and thirty of them don’t go out the whole day. I don’t feel right You know I’m gonna go out there and do what I got to do if I have his hand to hand if it’s face to face yo What’s up, man? You know I Because cars out here will it will forever be that’s Miami This is what we work for man, you know, I’m saying like I’m 23 years old if they would have told me two years ago I’d be sitting in a Lambo let alone owning one. I would have laughed at you The cars came out of nowhere never was I ever thinking about Lamborghinis and Ferraris, I always saw them, but it wasn’t I Know he’s way out of my range. I know I’ll never drive a car like that. Let alone own a car like that and then It was somebody’s birthday or something like that and I called somebody and I said hey, man what does it cost to rent one of these came all the way down to Miami to pick the car up and People just went nuts. It’s like I was a real celebrity. It wasn’t readily rose a drug I’m like damn like this is awesome. This is awesome. So as much as I could I’m writing out random Mountain renting them out I started taking pictures posting them once I started taking pictures. I was getting hit up a man Yo, you know nice car. Where can I get a car like that? And then I Started making money Oh cuz I started subleasing him I would rent a car and I would bring it to somebody else because they couldn’t rent it And then I would charge him a lot more So it was a nice little side hustle at the time cuz I’m like, all right, cool. I saved up Nine hundred and eighty thousand dollars between me my brother and my other partner I got that nine hundred thousand dollars from music club promotions drugs hustled My company down here in Miami is South Beach exotics. I own 50% I partner with a private Person to help me ensure the cars Really my thing is when they come into town They come to me because I’m not dude. I look out You know I’m saying I’m not dude that oh, what’s up though? You know the insurance ain’t good. All right, man I’m gonna take that risk that nobody else would take It’s a facade man, it’s a facade people come down here spend thousands of dollars just to be seen and notice, you know people want to feel what it feels like to be a millionaire for a day, you know, and I just applied in Miami’s fall a lot of fakes, you know, I already like talking down on anybody But it’s full of a lot of a lot of people that say they they do what they don’t you know We got I just got called last minute to pull up at the video shoot so they’re shooting a little music video Shit like this happen all the time sometimes, you know, I get to call my boy called me yo wassup man You don’t pull up. Sometimes it’s sketchy and in the middle of nowhere, but it is what it is money talks bullshit walks and Sometimes you pull up on people that I actually got a decent amount of followers a decent amount of clout I mean the cars and the music go hand-in-hand so, you know And then he becomes a potential client and boom added to my clientele. I Always wanted to do music. I started as a rapper and that kind of picked up down here I was kind of like a childhood star for a while. I got signed to Interscope I got signed to them. I was signing in for about three years. I got shelved I’m signing what we do best, which is a DJ calles label Producer production I recorded a couple real big Grammy award-winning songs and I’m signed a non-disclosure. So I guess I can talk about mean I’m allowed to talk about what I produce right? Yeah, yeah, yeah well, uh, I Got I got paid really good in the beginning. I got paid really good as the label grew and Got a lot more exposure. They just hired new people. I guess not that they were better than me. Just that I’m used when they need me The money that I have now now is all up cars everything that I have now, every dollar I make now is all off cars since 2015 I’ve made about four point five five million dollars just off exotic cars Running to celebrities running to regular people pulling up two music videos We’ve done videos with every pretty much every rapper you can think of I want you to meet the second man our In-house photographer I call him the shooter Matt’s kind of a dick in the office. So he kind of gets along with the rap artists So for that reason, I think they understand each other I kind of do have that reputation as being the one that has the most attitude here And then we just doing a late-night pickup and then the car doesn’t make it back to the store All you have to do is track it and you’ll find it at the local strip club That’s where he spends most of his kids after-hours. But in his defense, he does meet a lot of people out there he Socializes the networks while he’s out there So, you know, he does bring us in some good clients from there to spend money and make money. Yeah, Maddie is the night crawler Yeah, it’s going out for one day and then the Maserati is um, yeah, it’s just coming back to the office I don’t know if he’s taking at home or what the funds to doing. I don’t know. I’ll figure it off All right, so we just got to win would we left his shop? This is where everyone meets up pretty much meeting up That’s how I first got into the car scene was hanging out with all these guys if it wasn’t for The regular cards the tuner cars, I would probably never be in this exotic car scene Yeah, you guys ready? vamanos Honestly, I’m not gonna lie erase them I go race cars all the time I mean I Guess you can say I like speeding I’ve got in my few shares of tickets in these cars, which is kind of awkward conversation having my boss Like hey, I got a ticket in the Ferrari Mm-hmm. Well, yeah, you know how that goes My boss might hate it But I take the cars with me to either the strip club or I go to the clubs with some clients But if I’m not in the car, then they probably won’t take me serious It’s it’s kind of a lifestyle whether it’s little pump to the your local d-boy in the neighborhood They see in the car. They want to ask you a question, man. How you driving that car and I don’t lie to them I told him hey, look, it’s a rental if you want to rent one. Here’s my number And they just from there there. I got a new client Yeah, I own this car outright I got in my name in my company’s name I got about 16 cars in total between everybody all of my partners. We got 32 cars About to go to listen Jones, they go kick it with a Busta Rhymes along boy kill the links It’s important for me to come out because our network, you know I mean a lot of people that I don’t know throw the people I know so Especially the celebrities and different things the nightlife out here. It’s about how you pull up, you know mean to these clubs so, you know I say man, if you ever need cars ever need something I Can do it if I’m out on the street and I run into whoever future little Wayne Busta Rhymes Kent Jones, whoever I know all of those guys, you know I know a lot of the people my relation I’m still building a lot and that’s why I go out. I Go out to network, you know to meet these people You know where Dangerous no strangers wanna be famous Of course people do crazy thing it’s all social media now that’s it social media is the biggest Bullshit that’s out there. These celebrities are nothing like What you think they are? If somebody really wanted to get to know the real me I Uh I’m not a good person, bro. I’m not Part of it. Yeah, I Mean this game is a Lot of it’s fake With royalty exotics owns this with I Work with them real close I Think a lot I make a lot of money for for being 23 years old. Is it all clean money? No Have I have I robbed a lot of people yeah Not gunpoint not violently. My mind is something that never stops working I’ve burned so many good bridges Being selfish Do I Drive exotic cars every day? Yes. Do I rent exotic cars out illegally? Yes, do I get to go and chill with celebrities every day? Yes. Am I a celebrity myself? No Maybe that’s just what it is. I don’t know. I just wanna be liked still to this day I’m a nobody and wants to be a somebody I guess But I’m gonna be a somebody With or without you guys with or without the world I’m gonna be successful period and whatever it is I want to do and I’m sorry, I’m sorry for For making this harder than it had to be I guess It’s a very competitive business and sometimes the people that we’re competing against They shouldn’t even be on the court with us and I know a little bit about that because I didn’t start the business the way I’m running it today, I Opened up a dealership first put it ten tag on the car or a dealer tag and sent it on its way No trackers, but yeah back then I didn’t know what I was doing sending it out not verifying insurance, you know, I’m not gonna throw Shane or stop anybody from doing it, but there’s definitely guys out there that we see on their Instagram You know saw the car rental company and they’re sitting there with four or five cars that they got from Whoever and they’re trying to build the fleet off, you know, I’d started just like that So, you know here we are today with was something real. Sometimes you see people get into business for the wrong reasons, but Can’t blame

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  1. The last place on earth I would like to live in. No matter how much money I can have. I truly feel sorry for the people that live on that “rapper life” fake environment

  2. usually ignorance is accompanied by materialism if not always

    Einstein used to have all the same clothes so he’d never have to worry about Trivial things so he could focus on the important things like furthering humanity’s development in science

    We have fallen as a species into disgrace and ignorance

    6:42 he charges double
    and if it were me he couldn’t sell his way out of a wet paper bag

  3. Damn. "I'm a nobody that wants to be a somebody, I guess."

    All jokes aside. I feel for this dude. I knew dudes like this growing up and seeing them on social media fronting like they got, it's sad. They gotta constantly lie to live like that. I let that shit go real young. At least he admitted to it.

  4. How is this kid not getting robbed every fucking night? Flex in certain Boston neighborhoods and that kid would be naked running down the street with no car or nifty hat.

  5. Man!!!…. that kid took a major blow from REALITY!!!!…. He had a great talk, and turned out to be just a POSER!!!!:-(

  6. How you gonna embarrass yourself like that in a interview? this guy is actually done for life. I feel sorry for him. He just needed a friend or therapist to talk to not vulture journalists.

  7. If u wanna be successful, go to college, get a degree and dive into a lucrative career. You'll be in Miami truly flexing on people.

  8. The dude with the orange lambo and Cavs hat is for sure a compulsive liar to the extreme and he's not even a good liar u can see it all over his face….it take some balls to go on camera and say u have produced Grammy award winning songs when that shit can be easily fact checked….so if he's willing to lie like that the every word out of his mouth is probably a lie….he probably owns like 2 percent of the business if anything at all….some businesses like that hire ppl to go out and be in the social scene to bring clients to the business they will pay someone to ride around in a lambo bc they know ppl will come up to them and ask them how to rent one…he said he owns that lambo I bet the business gives it to him to drive for that reason…'s a pretty sad life to live to just go around lying about everything lying about ur whole existence

  9. I signed a couple of realGood Grammy award winning songs but I signed a non-disclosure, so I can't say whayt they are. BS.

  10. A cars a car. Who tf cares only wanna b rich fags who tryna be rich when real rich tryna camouflage n drive regular cars so they won't get kidnapoed lol

  11. WTF vice got played trying to make a documentary about exotic car rentals, and were like "what can we turn this into?".

  12. Usually I don’t mind a lisp, but “dmoneybaby” or whatever the fuck his name is, his lisp is super fuckin annoying!

  13. Why are ppl getting so hyped over a Lamborghini

    I’m uk ppl just look at a cool car but they don’t start jumping and yelling

  14. hope the IRS is paying attention. as a small business im tired of getting fucked while watching punks like this make alot of cash.

  15. There is nothing wrong about renting a exotic car rental for a vacation. But if you rent one and pass it off as your property, then its nonsense. You will be caught in a lie and fakery, and your clients won't trust you.
    Also sitting and standing on on those cars damages the body panels. An aluminum panel with dent. Carbon fibre may not dent, and when it bounces back, it damages paint.
    Finally, the cachet of the brands is damaged.

    However if a person runs a business renting exotics and luxury, to stars, for production, special occasion, venue. There is nothing wrong with that. It is a great business. But doing lines of nose-candy, is extremely risky. The young man is not hustling. He networking. If he was selling drugs, or looking for any gig, then that is a hustle.
    His most riskiest and stupid ongoing error is not requiring insurance. If one of his uninsured clients wrecks, he is on a hook for liability. As it is law, in FL and everywhere, that rent agency has to either require that renter carry insurance or provide insurance. If police pull it over, or at DUI, and there is no proof of insurance, they can legally tow and impound the car.
    It is doubtful that he or his INC. or LLC owns the cars he rents out. He is leasing them from a dealer or wholesaler. His lease rates are at least 25-50% higher then normal end user customer lease. He can easily find himself in bankruptcy court. I don't get why he does not manage risk. If he skimping on maintenance, and those exotics are garage queens, he is just further magnifying his risk.

    All that said, this lifestyle is not for me. I drive 2016 BMW Z4 35ISdrive. It is a lease. 0-60 in 4.7 seconds and 155 top end speed, e-limited. I earned that car. I am the only driver, it is insured, and cared for.

  16. wow wanna be got honest… THats cool…
    U can still got all these cute bitches to show a night love and get the right connections without all these cars if you good looking animal happy and respectful about yourself keeping on grinding and accepting yourself as who you are… Just be cool and don`t feel thirsty and depressed cuz of clout chasers, let nothing bring you down. It`s for everyone ladies and gentelmen.

  17. Money talks , which you don’t have ..
    and bullshit walks , which you have done after the interview .. -Clown of the century . 😂

  18. I like how everyone at the legitimate, money making rental company was fairly humble and this guy in one lambo in a garage was so deep in lies he broke down lmao

  19. His lying ass aint the owner of South Beach exotics let alone that lambo…haha made that statement before finishing the video…damn they busted him out

  20. Ya'll didn't realize 1 thing. Bad advertisement is still an advert. Dude TRIES to sell himself short obviously to get more attention to the video. But it happened ages ago so it doesn't matter anymore. 8m views on a VICE video. Imagine how much that increases the income of the car rental.

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