Insulating Our Entire House!

Insulating Our Entire House!

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  1. Yeah they’re building this at least 3000+ square foot house and they say they care about how much the lot behind them costs 😂

  2. The carbon footprint of this family! Is the same as my entire neighborhood!
    Think about that…..
    Go smart building Europe 💪❤️

  3. I think you should let the lot go and talk with the owner of that lot when possible to make it nice for both the owner and you. Idk the chances of that tho lol

  4. buy it and sell the lot if you ever move… should gp up in will also make your home more valueable if you ever sell.

  5. I started watching this 3 years ago and stopped randomly. Coming back now 3 years later, I find y’all are making a house and Clayton is going through puberty

  6. Buying the lot behind the house will cost a lot of money – said the guy who owns like 4 Teslas and high-end speaker sound systems inside every wall of his house. :surprisedpikachuface: Well, I guess everyone has their limits. Also, yeah, as someone else said – my first thought was – how will this house just not burn like paper. 😐 But NVM me, great house and you should definitely get the backyard lot if possible, dunno if it would look great with sports fields though.

  7. The issues that your talking about with spray foam are a result from poorly trained installer or installers what worn’t trained at all.

    Rockwool probably would have been better to use just because its rockwool

  8. It is amusing to me how you build entire house from wood. Here in my country we build houses from concrete and bricks and mortar. Only barns are built from wood entirely here. Interesting.

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