Integrated Tailgate Step | Ford How-To | Ford

Integrated Tailgate Step | Ford How-To | Ford

[MUSIC] For your convenience, your vehicle may
have an integrated tailgate step and grab bar that can be helpful when
climbing into the bed of your truck. Let me tell you about it. To use the step, first lower the tailgate, then press the black release button in
the center of the step molding, here. The step will pop out a little, so just pull it all the way until it
gently falls into a lower position. Next, grab the yellow bar
top to the left of the step. Pull until the black bar
is fully extended and lift it up until it’s locked into place. Then, pull the chrome interior
bar all of the way up. You’ll know the bar is fully
extended when you hear a click. The bar can be used as a grab handle to
help pull yourself up into the truck bed. When you’re ready to fold up the step, press the yellow number 1
button on the extender bar and guide it down with your hand to allow
it to lower into the black bar. Now, press the yellow number 2
button at the base of the bar, here. Fold the bar toward you and
push it back into the tailgate. Finally, lift the step up
until it’s horizontal and push it back into
the tailgate until it clicks. One more thing. Unlike previous models, the tailgate
handle is stored within the tailgate itself, so it’s flush to the surface and
nothing is sticking out. Any questions? Go to [MUSIC]

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