Introducing Nissan’s Brain-to-Vehicle Technology at CES 2018

Introducing Nissan’s Brain-to-Vehicle Technology at CES 2018

A moment of decision…of split second thinking. Impossible? Not at all, for this driver possesses the finest
of all thinking organisms… The human brain. In recent years, we learned more and more
how our brain works. From these advancements in neuroscience itself, we can give a new dimension to the interaction between vehicles
and human beings. We’re trying to deliver technology
that enhances the driver. Nissan is the very first manufacturer that is bringing real-time brain activity in vehicles as a means of enhancing driving pleasure and the experience
in autonomous driving vehicles. We are building specific measuring devices,
and also specific algorithms to understand the signals that we
record from our brain. We are decoding motor cortex activity in real-time, we can predict the drivers’ movement timing. Our systems will be able to tell
an autonomous vehicle, the driver will be steering
in the next 300 milliseconds. Then we can use this window in time
to enhance the execution. Synchronizing the support of the AD
with your own actions. You will always feel that you are in control
driving perfectly on this winding road. The more info that we put in the vehicle, more and more we need to know
how the driver reacts. By looking at a certain area in our brain, we can see these special firings
that happen whenever an event that is different with the expectation
of the driver appears. We are now decoding these signatures
in real time and putting them back into
the autonomous system in order to enhance the way
this control is performed. So any small deviations from the way you would
expect the vehicle to act can be corrected. So you will have a much more enjoyable
autonomous driving experience. Vehicles are becoming smarter,
instruments in the vehicles are becoming smarter. We are imagining a future when
such brain measuring devices may be a part of our daily life. What we are preparing is a vehicle
that is ready for brain connectivity. In the near future, you will see
more autonomy, more electrification and more connectivity in Nissan’s vehicles. All these experience enhancement systems
can turn on, the moment you sit in the vehicle.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Pienso que la tecnología en este campo se ha concentrado mucho en los GPS y comodidades; este tipo de investigaciones es muy acertada para el desarrollo automotriz, sobre todo, hoy día que se anhela tanto llegar al auto autónomo

  2. Seems pointless if vehicles are going to be fully autonomous in a decade or so, and the car in autonomous mode (level 5) will be much more efficient than a human controlled car.
    This seems like a really cool way of taking a step backwards.

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  5. My new Nissan has a primitive navigation/map system. My smartphone navigation map works faster and better. Also, @Nissan customer service sucks. If you want to make your car payments; it has to be 100% on their website. Over the phone; if a human being receives your call, that person will transfer you back to the automated system. They refuse to take your payment over the phone. You have to go through a long menu of options. Example: If you want to make a payment press #1 If you want this and that press #2 Finally, after you put your credit/debit card information; you will get a message saying I'm sorry your payment didn't go through. Please, try again. Out of 5 stars rating; I would give [email protected] 1 star for customer service.


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