Introducing the Baby Kawasaki Z125

Introducing the Baby Kawasaki Z125

everyone I’m bill I’m with cali moto TV
in the fog now and we’re here in little Stockton 999 half mile go-cart track and
we’re running the little 300 and the little 125 today we’re just getting out
here having some fun we can’t get enough track we were at the track last weekend
we’re gonna be at the track next weekend geez we’re just gonna be at the track
non-stop track rats so anyways let’s get on the bikes let’s have some fun about
this little half-mile go kart track and just have a blast
all right everybody so we are here at the little go-kart Rockets Stockton 99
and this is a half mile truck so I felt it was appropriate today to bring the
best bike for this job and today we’re gonna be running our Z 125 now you guys
haven’t seen the Z 125 you may have seen it in some other videos but you haven’t
seen me riding this thing so this is our truck bike today it’s nothing crazy I’m
not gonna be out there rippin laps but we’re just here to have a good time
bogging is out there she’s running with her a little r3 so that’s pretty cool so
let’s get this thing fired up and actually you know I think I have to
get the taillight disconnected so I’m gonna get this disconnected real quick
and we’ll be right back alright so that was just a quick disconnect of the rear
taillight obviously on track we don’t want to have the taillight this is
primarily our pit bike I got it last year and this bike is pretty much done
one Stockton 99 day and 30 miles of pit travel so it’s kind of fun so we’ve got
a couple bikes out today we’re with our couple of our friends and so we’ve got
one of bargainers friends who’s never been on the track he just went by on the
little white bike so that’s Chris kind of ways loaner bike and then we’ve got
bog mouth they’re haunting her are three so let’s see what we’ve got we’ve got another Grom out there up
there’s Kristensen so we’re home no I think that’s third
gear oh oh they changed the truck configuration that’s what he was talking
about all right so that’s a little different so we’ll get a little heat in
the tires you know this this I’m I’m not a big tight track person I
like my big flows but this will be this is just fun you know
bargaining like this you know a lot of people do this and they basically just
do it for fun and they they just have a good time but this is really helps with
body position as well this really that kind of sucks I don’t like this
configuration this might be the first and last day I
ride or the first and last session because they’ve changed this
configuration to work for the carts today and I really work for me but uh
sorry so there’s like ten different configurations and every time I’ve
ridden in this truck I’ve written the I guess what we call standard
configuration so it’s a little bit different to be on this thing today you know usually you can haul balls
around this corner because you’re going straight through see but we’re I don’t know but this bike is it’s not
really set up for the track I mean it’s fully stock so it’s the suspension isn’t that great so you can feel me bouncing around but
then you know it’s all about having fun that’s what this is all about so
you know the getting on two wheels and making sure that everyone is having fun
that’s what it’s all about that’s why we do Kali trackdays because we want to
make sure that people are having fun we want to make sure that people are having
a good time I want to make sure that people are
doing it safe so that’s the big the big to do so this is Christmas in he used to ride
with us on the big bikes I don’t know I for some reason I feel like he said he
got rid of his big bike but maybe he maybe I’m tripping that’s probably what I should just do
just go straight through because I don’t like that turn so usually we go straight up into that
hairpin and then we come back through this little bus stop area it’s kind of
fun just found out the rev limiter so
Stockton 99 is pretty cool up so they’ve got it’s like 30 bucks to come out here
for the day so so it’s not it’s not bad to be able to
get out here and it’s a really good place for you to work on your body
position I have a horrible body position I mean I
try to get good that bigger guy so I’ve got a few excuses but you can see
bargain over there you know a lot of these people they get out here on these
little 125s and they work on their body position and it really helps them on the
big bike when they get out on the big track and so a lot of the racers are starting to
get these little 125 bites not like this those little dirtbike sitter
set up with street tires so they get on those and then they they run out here and they work on their
body position and then when they get on the big bike
a bit more flexible and whatnot so so this is um vogner’s friend Alex so he just bought a ninja 300 just
a couple days ago and he’s been riding it like crazy and so Chris can oi this is actually Chris’s
bike he loans this out to like first-time track riders and he’s got a
track program and I think we’re gonna start working with him
on with Kelly trackdays on getting first-time riders out on track so see frightening
I squeeze around him so Chris kannaway lets people ride his
little ninja 300 out here for free and he’ll provide you with the track day and
everything so once Chris gets everything sorted out I think we’re gonna try to
work with him on the getting a website built and stuff like that and if you’re a first-time truck rider he’ll
allow you to come out and ride his bike you just have to
provide the gear and he’ll provide you the bike and he’ll
provide you the training so he’s he was talking to me this morning about plans
that he has for building a go-kart track up in the Sacramento area a larger track
than this which looks sweet so be super cool if he’s able to get that if he’s able to get that going that
would be really really cool so this is Ann and her daughter this the
young lady in front of us is actually 14 so this is when it all starts Saul
starts right now so she’s 14 and this is an in front of us now so that’s an so it’s good you know we’ve got kids
that come out here and they do a lot of training so we’re gonna book through here see this is the regular configuration so
you can see why kind of like that better it’s a little bit faster then typically
we would go straight I didn’t know Alan had moved out of the
way down the way yet down this second so I’m gonna hit this through here so I
think Alan is setting this up so we can have the best of both worlds because he
just changed it on Christiansen and for the go-kart dies cuz we got a half dozen
go-kart guys here so so we’re gonna put some miles on the z1
25 today yeah so women standard shifts so now that I’m
writing this I’ve kind of get the feel but every once in a while you’ll hear me hurry down her so you’ll hear me every once in a while
down ship from second to first whoops should actually downshift I’m gonna
remember to downshift to second on the backside there through that so I can get
some better Drive and then so I’m gonna take this yeah that flows a little bit better sorry shift it down a second sorry I
should get a bit a little better drive up and we’ll pause so quick stop see this
is a perfect environment for somebody to learn on because little things like that
such a small little crush so if you saw it in the video so he ran off a little
bit and he does exactly what we tell you not to do don’t grab your brakes don’t
panic so we’re going to talk to him inside about that because he grabbed a
handful of front brake and and Danny win and it was so like he was
almost at a dead stop so so let’s go in I’m just gonna talk to
him about what I saw on it wasn’t it’s it’s an amateur mistake it’s it’s
basically a new rider mistake there wasn’t any you know wasn’t any fault of
anybody’s except here in a little wide he got off truck and he does what
everyone does is a new writer they panic and they grab a handful of brake so all right so we’ll be back for another
run next session all right guys session number two on the 125 the Z 125 so the
truck manager decided to help us out a little bit and we are running
our standard configuration what he did was he gave us if you see the cones he’s
pointing for the go-carts to give them
to give them a because I guess this go-kart is their track configuration for
their race next weekend so we are running our standard which when we get
some heat up in the tire you should see I moved pretty well so this is through
our standard configuration little bus stop I don’t like this corner that much
got to remember the downshift for that one
and all right
here all right and away we go so we need to make sure I’m gonna have
her follow me because we’re gonna change we change
that configuration I don’t think she understood quite as much
so get her to understand this configuration a little bit better in a way we go down the street straight
and a blazing 27 miles an hour so when I continue showing her through
the first run the lovely Bogner and Christiansen so I just want to show her this from
straight okay just do a quick lap with her a little in the tire just being on two wheels is just lovely but the weather and proven hopefully you
guys will see a little bit more of logs we’re gonna try to get out on some
Street stuff soon I know we wanted to do a street ride
today but weather was arraigned yesterday here we are almost in June and
tall got got snow yesterday like it’s just crazy so you see why this configurations a
little bit better for us yes Tahoe got some snow yesterday apparently
one of the ski resorts is saying that with the new snowfall there they may have their ski resorts in
Tahoe open till August this year it’s crazy usually right around now is when
most of the rainfall are aware most of the snowfall goes away so so this is an in front of us so back out on the street in the next
couple of weeks we’ve got another track day next weekend or the skip through
here all right let’s see if I can turn some
hot laps I don’t know about these hot laps that
we’re supposed to be turning but Z 125 is alright then we go such a fun I mean once you get going on
it it’s like okay I’ll take it once I can get going on this thing but it’s I
can feel like the back of this thing is just like squatting like crazy Christian’s got full suspension on his
bike he’s got like Oh liens on his on his little Grom all right let’s see if I can get around these two Spartan is working with this her little
friend Alex so I will sneak through this straight
with these all right look back on this hotline
fires talking about all right let’s see what we can get on the C 125 nothing spectacular but you can see with
these little bars it’s easy to maneuver at the higher speeds around these
corners but you can see me up 4th gear you can see I like bouncing around like
crazy at the higher speeds because the suspensions like walking all right so that’s it it’s like a
30-second lap round and round and round so we spend a
couple hundred laps I think back to my problems with my GP shift so we’ve got ten miles on the bike since
this morning we started at 38 work 48 half mile truck 20 laps so far there it is guys just having a blast so
uh huh then we got I can’t even keep up with those little guys but I’m gonna scoot around in here in a second acceleration not that great but get her on the bricks this guy up here on this 125 his sitter
over Grom he’s got his built out Kristen’s got his built out this little
z1 25 it looks good pocket it looks good but I got nothing you know really this thing is just my
pit bike so that’s all that’s all we’re doing
so Oh Christian shine overtake me he’s got me
though he’s got me on the HP oh he’s got me all right let’s get back with this 125
125 good it’s funny there’s not even anything I
can do with that thing except hold them up that’s all I can do with Christian he’s
got full of liens he’s like built this thing like he’s like this thing does like 75 miles
an hour don’t you did it first ah guys just fun
that’s all we’re trying to do here so I’m gonna use that first gear is a
very very good well excuse for Christian while awesome because I lost them right
there when I get in first I could he just walked away got into first gear by accident but
watch this daddy gets back up I’ll just I’ll take that turn every time
and slowly chip away at him ah you just got me that thing just got some better legs
than I do and you can see that things not bouncing
around the only way I can keep up with them
cheating I don’t care call it what you like a kid I can’t go any faster I got a pen I can’t go any faster all right I figured out the shifty No get down is there’s not much more I can do I’m getting tired hey still got me they both got me all this going on to
see what to avoid what no way man I mean granted he’s like half my
weight I thought I had an excuse clearly no
excuse clearly no excuse iris is by up all right I think that’s it for my
session guys man cuz I love Z 125 what haha that was great fun great fun so if
you guys are interested look up little Stockton 99 Cory comes out here with
summer from motorcycle shop he’s out here quite a bit but if you guys are
interested in coming out here and running a little bike hit us up shoot
this quick messenger what not and maybe wall maybe will hustle it’ll even out
here or something it’d be fun but anyways guys that’s it make sure you hit
that subscribe button smash that like button leave me a quick comment let’s
see how it goes but we’ll see you next video

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  1. Omg I’ve been cracking up over here!! When I pointed you by I thought I was holding you up lol. Sold the Grom a few days ago, just need to find a Monday I can take off to join you with the big bike 😉

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