Invention Of Ferris Wheel | The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Video for Kids | Preschool Learning

Invention Of Ferris Wheel | The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Video for Kids | Preschool Learning

Hey, guys! The view from here is amazing. Don’t you just love taking a ride on this? But I bet you don’t know who
invented the Ferris Wheel? The answer is in the name. Still don’t know? Well then, here I goooo… Zoooom in. A 100 years ago, the Eiffel tower
had recently been built in Paris. And people were going gaga about this great
wonder of engineering. In the city of Chicago, the world fair
was being organized. And the man behind this was Daniel Burnham,
a famous architect during that time. Inspired to compete, Daniel and his team
wanted to beat the Eiffel tower in popularity. You know how it feels, right? When you see your friends project
and you want yours to be better? Okay. So, Daniel called upon a meeting with
architects & engineers.. ..and asked them to create a
wonder better than the Eiffel tower. The hero of our story was there too. A 33-year-old engineer from Illinois,
called George Washington Gale Ferris Junior. Phew! Long name, huh? Quite a few people came to Daniel with ideas
but he did not really like any of them. Ferris was the only one who
thought out of the box. Sitting at a restaurant, Ferris imagined
a giant revolving bicycle wheel in the sky. What an imaginative man, right? Ferris wanted people to see a view of their
city from a height that was unimaginable. But it wasn’t that easy to convince
Daniel of this design. He thought of it as unsafe and
rejected the idea. Now Ferris wasn’t the one to
give up so easily! He was determined to find a way
to design and build this wheel. After a lot of convincing he managed to
get investors to pay for the construction. Finally Ferris collected $400,000
to build this massive ride. Different parts were manufactured in
various cities and sent to Chicago. First they built the foundation and
erected two parallel towers. Then the wheel was placed between
the pillars on a45-ton axle. With beams, spokes and iron rods
to make it safe. Then a steam engine was used to
rotate the gigantic wheel. An air brake was also added in case
the wheel needed to stop immediately. When it was complete, the Ferris Wheel
stood 264 feet tall.. ..that held 36 passenger cars which carried
more than 2,000 people at a time! Ferris and his wife were the first
passengers, along with the city’s Mayor. It was a grand affair! And a 40-piece band played while they took
their first ride on the Ferris Wheel. In just 19 weeks, over one million people
queued up for the ride! They could not wait to see the city
from such a magnificent height! News reporters were printing articles after
articles raving about the beauty! Soon after the fair was over, a lot of
imitations of the Ferris wheel.. ..started popping up worldwide as
it gained quick popularity! Sadly, Ferris got into a legal fight
with the organizers and lost all his money. In 1896, at the age of 37,
Ferris passed away in Pittsburgh. The Ferris Wheel gave hope and gave
way to many new technologies. Speaking of technologies..
I have more for you! TRIVIA TIME! Did you know that the original Ferris Wheel
was also known as the Chicago Wheel? The Ferris wheel earned $726,000 dollars. Which turned into a profit of $395,000
for the company that commissioned it. The largest wheel today, is the High Roller. Which stands 550 feet tall in Las Vegas. But wait, there is one wheel
under construction, in New York. Which will be 630 ft tall. Now go and ask your parents to take
you on a Ferris wheel ride. I will come back with another
amazing invention. Till then good byeeeee! Hey, kids. You liked my videos, didn’t you? Before you go, don’t forget to click on
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