Inventor Builds Steampunk Inspired Automatron Car

Inventor Builds Steampunk Inspired Automatron Car

COMM: Paul Bacon first featured on Barcroft Cars with the futuristic Cosmotron which he
sold to Martin Smith. 00:21
PAUL: If I could keep them all obviously I would, but these cars cost a lot of money
to build, and if you don’t sell the older one, you can’t build a new one. So, they
have to go. 00:30
COMM: He’s invited us to see his latest project, the Automatron. Though not yet finished
he’s been working on the car for around a year. 00:39
PAUL: This car has been the most expensive car I’ve ever built. And it’s also been
the most labor intensive up to now. I think that’s mainly down to the bespoke nature
of nearly every part is custom on this car. I wanted to go actually retro but not just
back to the 30’s or you know to the 50’s. I wanted to go right back to the days of the
horse drawn carriage. You know, to leaf springs and things like that. And then somehow incorporate
that into the car, which admittedly doesn’t look a lot like that at the moment but once
it has the body that’s when, you know, that sort of inspiration should really come through. 01:13
PAUL: It started life as a 1924 Singer Sport, there’s been a few modifications made but
what we are trying to do is bring it back to looking and feeling more like it would’ve
done originally. On the front here, these are one off wheels in the style of an old
style race wheel with the skinny rubber from an Austin 7. We’ve also got the drilled
suspension ramp, racing moon tank, and then we’ve got holden heads fitted to the V8
which is the supercharger. And also we’ve got custom pedals, and this is the automatic
shifter; we’ve got drive, neutral, reverse and park, and this is all controlled with
a mechanism from a very old manual drill that was found at a lot man’s sale strangely
enough. So then – the seats on Automatron, these are custom laser cut sides to give the
feel of an aircraft seat and then just for now, this is from my fencing Once the car’s
done, these will be finished in slatted French-polished oak, so probably not a lot more comfortable
but a little bit more stylish. 02:23
PAUL: This is the rear end of Automatron. We’ve got the biggest street legal tires
that you can have. Also, we’ve got the quick change rear axle, lever arm shock absorbers. 02:37
Also we’ve got the radiators, and the cooling fans, and the fuel tank. 02:43
PAUL: This is the switch gear of Automatron. It’s a switch gear from a Lancaster Bomber.
This would have turned on all the essential systems within the aeroplane, and in Automatron
as well, this is the main thing that starts the car. 03:00
COMM: Today Paul is taking his half finished creation out for its very first drive on the
road. 03:07
PAUL: It did have a few technical issues; we had some debris in the fuel filter, couple
of starting issues, nothing I can see as a real problem but, you know, when the car was
driving, it was fantastic, and if anything – too much power, but that’s never a bad
thing. 03:28
COMM: With his first test complete, he can work towards finishing Automatron. 03:33
PAUL: There’s a few small pokes to iron out, after that the bodywork will be built
onto the car, that will be smoothed out, and then the body will be removed from the car,
and then the whole car will be stripped down into its component form, and each piece of
the car will be plated or painted, and then the car will be reassembled. But that’s
a long time in the future, and that’s a lot of work. 03:56
COMM: Thankfully, the amount of time Paul spends in his garage hasn’t had an adverse
effect on his relationship. 04:03
PAUL: Building a car like this could really have an impact on your life, but you have
to strike a balance between family and going out and leading a normal life; very easy to
become obsessed with this sort of thing. I think I keep the balance pretty good. 04:18
KIRSTY: Paul’s hobby hasn’t impacted on our lives in a negative way, if anything – it’s
made it better ‘cause we get to go out, meet lot’s of nice people, get to go to
lovely places, and so yeah, it’s really good, I fully support it. 04:36
PAUL: That’s how to lose control, and nearly die. 04:40
COMM: Barcroft Cars will be back to see the finished results later in the year.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. how much horsepower does it make? and by the way just so you know ,I think that you did an awesome job!!!!you have done a superb job on the whole car!!!!! your COMPLETELY excellent craftsman and excellent on this is just superb it's just completely superb and it looks great and I can't wait to see the finished product but I just wanted to say it's also men for what you have already done and looks and you have great workmanship skills to have done all this!!! sounds great, And you know the car! its ins and outs, like I said you know and you said you know there's nothing really wrong that you can't fix, like when you stopped on the side of the road its just minor things, and other than that it all pretty much ready to go!!!!!!!!! congratulations and I hope that it's finish SOON!!!!!!…………….And my best to you Sir And I believe that you will be smoothly moving along with it in NO TIME At ALL!!!!

  2. The uglyist most stupid concept car yet! Dumb punk should've used real steam, he talks of authentic parts, it's all a contrived pile of junk….how and or why was this even featured?

  3. cool car, i would have put slightly thicker tyres on the front, as i think there a bit to skinny for that v8 power, it must be scary

  4. Looks fucking awesome. I'd like a bit of padding on the seats though, regardless of how much fun something is to drive or ride, if the seats are shithouse it's a horror to travel with!!!

  5. Did you have to silastic everything up? Every time i see a vid from the UK, about anything, it is fucking raining!!!

  6. "…That's not steampunk, that's Dieselpunk!… this guy's an eediot! ..durrr"
    do you guy's not know what the term "inspired" means? Also, can't you just look at something and be impressed with the craftsmanship without dissing on the most inane things about it?
    This is an awesome build man and I can't wait to see an update with the body installed (though when you do, I hope you decide to add some custom leather seats over the top of the wood slat ones… because at the moment, OUCH!)

  7. as far as i am concerned its mainly finished don't put a body on it all the mechanical's being able to be seen and working is brilliant

  8. for fucks sake its a fucking rat rod its nothing new he didn't invent anything it's been going on since the 30s you fucking noobs

  9. An interesting use of a pre 60 chassis to build something mot exempt that would otherwise NEVER be allowed on the road.

  10. Love it!! as good as those guys from Sin City Motors make!, the only thing I don't understand is that it's in the UK, I thought you wouldn't be allowed anything like that due to our OTT safety precautions, ie, having wheel fenders/ mudguards over each wheel, a proper pedestrian friendly bumper on the front, a roll cage etc etc…

  11. By the way, that shifter made from a hand drill are actually still made today. Very popular with finish carpenter's that like using hand tools

  12. Dude, you're rich so there's no stress whiner. Also, stop grinding your front end just to show sparks for the camera. Rich people, so boring…

  13. At first I was like what the hell a road tractor but after I watch this video and saw all the work and unique craftsmanship that went into it, it's pretty amazing, a beautiful piece of art;)

  14. Is it powered by steam?   Yes?   It's steampunk.    Is it powered by something else other than steam?   Yes?   Not steampunk.  Simple.

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