Investigation finds that some dealers alter odometers

new at seven altered odometers on the rise right here in fourth and it is costing you big money Carfax is sharing the latest data with new six confirming there are at least 63 thousand vehicles with rolled back odometers on the road and new six investigator Mike Oldfield learned those odometers can be switched in seconds a scheme you got ripped off didn’t yes Shareen Powell is just one of thousands of Florida consumers who paid for a vehicle with an altered digital odometer I’m familiar with that but I never thought about it for this car a few days after driving away with her 2005 Toyota she had the oil change well look the odometer showed a little over one hundred and one thousand miles but when she took her car into a local toyota dealership for service the VIN number revealed a car history 158 898 with a trail of mileage manipulation 131 629 um two years before I bought the car she paid $8,000 for the car that car was worth probably about half of what she paid for it Chris Basso was with CARFAX there are a lot of vehicles out there that’s people maybe driving or even buying right now and they’re losing a lot of money now is this happening at mom-and-pop places Chris or could this happen at a dealership in your back yard most of these cars are gonna be done by individuals or organized rings how bad is it according to CARFAX in the last 12 months more than 63 thousand cars reported odometer manipulation in Florida alone in the Orlando Daytona Beach Melbourne area more than 13,000 odometers were hacked got Josh from Atlanta speedometer here that can show us just how quickly it can be done Carfax purchased this 2006 Chevy Silverado to demonstrate the scheme this is the actual mileage on the truck in less than 60 seconds the mechanic pulls high-tech sleight of hand now it’s 130,000 miles at 130,000 is worth about seventy seven hundred dollars but in actuality it’s worth about $3,100 with two hundred thirty thousand miles on it Carfax is providing a free link so you can check to make sure the mileage on the odometer is accurate go to slash odo plug in your VIN or vehicle identification number and you can find out if that odometer has been targeted for fraud know what you’re buying and who you’re buying from and if you’re paying the right price and that’s important because consumers on average will lose $4,000 between the deception and additional repair cost so before you buy a used car truck check the odometer make sure it’s right getting results mike whole failed new six isn’t he terrible shameful it is and you will find the link to that Carfax checking tool inside mike’s story on the homepage of click Orlando comm we see it all the time you have to do your homework if it’s too good to be true yeah probably shedding a light on that

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