iPhone 6S Camera and Broken Lens Replacement video

iPhone 6S Camera and Broken Lens Replacement video

Today I’m going to show you how to replace
the rear camera on the IPhone 6S. It’s a pretty simple repair. The hardest part about
this whole thing is going to be getting the screen off and back on safely. So I will show
you how to do that. First things first turn off the phone. I will link all of the tools
you’ll need and parts, like the replacement camera and camera lenses, down in the video
description below. There are two pentalobe screws down at the bottom of the phone. Remove
those. Then lift up on the screen with a suction cup. You can pry between the frame of the
screen and the frame of the phone with a pry tool. It can be medal or plastic. Just make
sure that when you are prying between both of the frames you’re not actually bending
the LCD because you can crack your LCD that way. Then it will turn into a much more expensive
repair. So be careful. When you lift up the screen make sure not to go past 90 degrees
or else you’ll tear those ribbon cables. There are 4 screws attached to the medal plate.
Make sure to keep those organized and put them back where they belong. You can lift
up each of these ribbon cables. Just unsnap them they are like Legos. Just unsnap them
from their connections, and that removes the screen. There are two screws right here next
to the camera. There is also that same little ribbon cable connector that the screen had.
Remove the metal plate for the camera. Then the camera will just pop out of its little
slot. Pretty straight forward. Here’s the camera itself. Its 12 Megapixels and can record
in 4K. Finally. Here’s the rear lens for the camera you can see that it’s a little
bit protected with that lip right there. You can replace this lens, you can pop it out
from the back of the phone. Just push it out through this little hole. Or you can take
a razor blade and heat up the phone a little bit, and pull out the lens with the razor
blade. As you can see in slow motion here. This is the IPhone 6 that I was pulling that
lens out on. The IPhone 6S is a little bit different with the lenses, but I will link
those in the video description. When you put the camera back in. Make sure where my tweezers
are to pull that little ribbon. It’s a little grounding ribbon and that’s the screw is
going to go through so make sure it’s in the right spot. Before you put those screws
back into place. Then you can just take to ribbon cables and push them down on top of
their connections as well. You’ll feel them kind of snap down into place. Just like Legos,
as I was explaining earlier. So before I put that medal plate down I’m just going to
make sure that the screen is working. If you have lines running through your screen, or
your screen is white, or doesn’t respond to touch you can just take it off and re-seat
your ribbon cables again. There’s been a lot of people who have been having problems
with that in the past. So if everything works fine like mine you can just put that medal
plate back into place. Line up the top of the screen with the edge of the phone. Then
snap the sides down into place after that. Make sure to get your two bottom pentalobe
screws in and you are good to go. If you have any questions leave them in the comments below
and don’t forget to subscribe if this video helped you out and don’t forget to check
out my Instagram. Thanks a ton for watching hope to see you around.

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  1. That's incredible!! Thank you for posting. Just out of curiosity, do you think it would be possible to put a 6S camera into a 6 phone?

  2. I was watching your Note 5 repair. when you put the new tape on the back of the frame, was there any separation between the glass back and the side of the frame or was it completely flush? Thanks for the video

  3. What happened to your JerryBreakEverything channel, was it not worth it or was it getting a bit too expensive to break things?

  4. I couldn't find a link for a replacement 6s lens.  Could you post that or let me know where to find it? Thank you! Great tutorial.

  5. Jerry , would u be kind enough to post a video on how to replace the lens on the iphone 6s. mine broke yesterday and ive ordered one on ebay but dont know how to remove and reinstall the new one

  6. Im finding it hard to pry the screen apart, i dont really want to get a metal tool into it as i see in the video you made a tiny chip in the screen, how can i pry it apart? its rather tough

  7. I just finished my 6s camera lens cover replacement. Be patient with the front glass removal as there is an adhesive strip around the entire edge. Use a razor blade to start it coming off. The lens cover does not just "pop out". It is not like the one you will get off Amazon that will need to be glued on. Get small pliars and pinch the round casing from the outside and completely crush it. Now it will pull out.I used Krazy Glue brand for my glueing needs. They have a Fine Tip Pen applicator that works perfect. Dab the tip on a peice of waste material to get it "wet" and run the tip around the hole that accepts the lens. Drop in lens and put the phone back together.

  8. The apple store genius bar folks have explained to me that the lens on the 6s is not replaceable like the one on the 6 and that my only option is to pay for a replacement phone. Has anyone successfully replaced the lens on the 6s without taking the phone apart, namely using the method identified in the 1:27 mark of this video?

  9. Hi, Thanks a lot for your tutorial .
    This is the only one I ve found on How remove lens ( not only camera ). But I've 2 questions :
    -Can I remove the lens with the cutter blade without opening Iphone 6s plus ?
    -How can I put the new one ? ( just put the new one and it's ok , or need glue or other ? )
    Thanks a lot !

  10. Bro the camera glass lins it original sapphire glass like the 6s to have already because my glass it's broke and I can't find to replace it please answer me for that if its original thanks

  11. Hey Jerry I was wondering how much would it cost for professionals to do this? I don't want to mess my phone up

  12. Wow. Some of your videos are helpful but Inhsve to admit they're over simplified and it's cost me a broken htc one m8 due to your charging port video. However on this one it's very very ignorant not to instruct or at least mention to your audience to unplug the battery prior to the repair. You're extremely lucky you didn't blow the backlight on your 6s. To anyone watching this you MUST unplug the battery before removing the screen on a 6s. Don't be lazy.

  13. Also this screen is held down by a good amount of adhesive. In no way will it come up like that unless it's been repaired or opened in the past. Heat is your friend.

  14. In regards to the razor-blade-and-heat method, what do I have to do to get the new lens to stay in? Is it just snug enough that it stays, or do I need some kind of adhesive? And if I use that method, I don't have to open the phone, do I? Thank you! Love your videos!

  15. I just replaced the cracked rear lense on my iphone 6s. 2 points that I want to emphasize:
    1) Remove battery cable before you remove any other cables, don't risk to burn the components!!!
    2) It is almost impossible to remove the lense using a cutting blade from outside, better to gently knock out the lense from inside because the lense is partially SOLDERED(not glued!) to the bracket holding the camera. The bracket will come out with the lense(deformed definitely), you can re-use it if you work gently.

    Overall, the video works, I am happy with my result.

  16. my little lens cover thing keeps falling off, i was going to replace the camera anyway because its broken but was wondering if i needed to get a replacement lens cover thing as well?

  17. are you sure that your heat method won't mess with anything else ( especially the LCD screen ) ? Thanks for the vid !

  18. sorry boss but i don't see the part of the video when you put inside the new camera lens….something cuts the video? anyway you are the boss

  19. You should remove this video. The title says iPhone 6S and you are doing it on an iPhone 6. Just caused me to do damage to the phone I am replacing. Not cool.

  20. Is this comparable with iPhone 6S plus and if so if the camera is only showing a black screen will this fix it?

  21. fuck this guide and every other one on youtube. I have just successfully replaced my iPhone 6S rear camera and lens, through no help to you. You are a fucking lazy con artist. I tried your guide, followed it to a tee, and bent my phone slightly. Following this I did some reading, and you are just reselling your iPhone 6 technique, which will never work on and iPhone 6s! The reality is, this is a very difficult repair, you almost always destroy the bracket which separates your camera and its lens. Thus, there are no actual tutorials on youtube that correctly describe the process. Fuck you jerry, if that is your name. You have a nice voice, but make awfully missleading content and help thousands of people blow backlights by not even mentioning to disconnect the battery? Twat.

  22. Looking for rear camera and camera housing replacement for iphone 6s plus. Seems impossible to find.

  23. Is it possible to clean/touch the inner camera due to dust penetrating from the cracked camera lens/glass?

  24. @jerryrigeverything are you popping the lens out with the razor blade without opening the phone up at all?

  25. I think this hack no longer works for 2017 models and on. My Apple dealer said the lens is now welded to the case, is that true? My lens definitely won't "pop out", razor out or pry out.

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