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  1. Thank you for this great video: I have a question: Can you order a trailer hitch – like you can do for the model 3. Can you decide later or do we have to wait for this option?

  2. We're looking at an EV now, but if I'm going to spend $50 K in the fall of 2020, it would be on a Rivian. Specs out WAY better.

  3. A shame the Y isn’t being shipped now… else I would have ordered that instead of the X… feel sad about the de-chroming though: the chrome handles on the S, 3 and X are how I identify Teslas from a distance. I’m old-school – I like Chrome. De-chromed cars look so cheap IMHO. I’m with you on the 3 – as awesome as it is, it would not work for my family because of the non-hatch: we need the boot space because of our work. I may consider having one as a second car though (when I win the lottery lol!)

  4. Will this come with the million mile battery life pack Elon mentioned during his latest announcements?

  5. I would preffer the e-niro for a utility …..this just looks weird for me…. Just a personal preference.

  6. I went to a gas station in my Model 4 the other day to buy a monster, the guy at the counter said "we don't serve your mind here". 😜

  7. I love how sharp the chrome looks on our blue dual motor Model 3 looks. Never was a fan of the blacked out cars I see including blacked out wheels. Just a preference. The only thing I wish I had from the Model Y is the hatchback. My Model 3 could easily have been designed with that and it probably would have made the rearview mirror image, a weak spot now, much better.

  8. They should lift the Model Y a little bit, right now it looks like a big car, giving it a lift and bigger tires will make it look so much better.

  9. Let’s hope Tesla has added more sound damping material than the Model 3. The cabin noise at highway speeds is much too noisy, and hopefully it has a warning system that when parked, warns you when you are about to exit the vehicle and a vehicle is approaching in the same lane, like the Audi has had for 2 years.

  10. Although I can't afford one at the moment. My next car will definitely be a Tesla. I personally would love a Model 3 Long Range model. Leasing isn't an option unfortunately as my daily commute alone would put me at about 11k miles per year not including roadtrips.

  11. It's not attractive (god that front end is hideous — looks like a duck!) but it certainly seems like it will be the best all-around Tesla.

  12. I aim to get a Long Range AWD in blue with 5 seats and Autopilot/FSD, but likely it will have to be a Performance model because that's all we get to choose from here in the UK.

  13. "10 years for Tesla to be on Mars". Sure. How about worrying about getting the Model Y on Earth in 5 years.

  14. I live on a mountain the approach to this mountain is an 8% to 10% grade for 4 miles, then the mountain is similar, but for 7 miles. On my Bolt I lose about 80 miles going up. Going down I get 60 miles on the 7 miles of mountain road and 30 to 35 miles on the 4 mile downgrade. How will the Model Y compare? Thanks.

  15. The Y can also be a work car since it's a CUV. Lots of room and range. Great features. I see these being great for families and corporate America. All over the world in fact.

  16. After I graduate and am finished with all my debts, I plan on getting the model y. Too broke right now with the ludicrous student loans

  17. Honestly why nobody likes the 3rd row. Can Tesla really miss the mark there? Couldn't they foresee that nobody would like the 3rd row?
    What's going on? Are we consumers not getting it?

  18. Very good review. I drive Lexus hybrid. Sad they are taking for ever to come out, so will go with 7seater.

  19. Model Y for my wife and the Pickup for me but we prefer Chrome and definetively "NO autopilot" BS. As for charging, best to have solar panels and charge during day otherwise you use the Grid and you pay for it, same as pumping gas – just comes out in your electrical bill.

  20. where do you get all the money to buy tesla cars? you have 2 tesla cars from before and now you buying one more. and tesla cars arent cheap

  21. Incredibly stupid to even try to put a third row, just wasting valuable storage space is all. Tesla always gets something wrong. This looks like a swollen model 3, that's it. This will still not attract anyone that wants an SUV. This is a CUV/sedan. This is not an SUV or truck…PASS. Hoping the Rivian R1S is actually comfortable and has ventilated seats. I will have to wait for a fifth model from Tesla to see if Elon Musk has FINALLY figured it out. I am not holding my breath.

  22. I am waiting for the Pickup truck unless it turns out to be the giant size one they keep talking about. A nice Tesla normal size pickup would be awesome. We have a 3 and a Mitsubishi I-miev and actually love both of them for different reasons. The i-miev for shopping and parking lots around town. The 3 for Commuting and trips. Need a pickup too.

  23. It is not a crossover suv. It is just a crossover which is what they call hatchback cars nowadays… Just saying.

  24. Where is the electric car for the masses at an "affordable " price. I know other manufacturers aren't exactly affordable either for most people but something with decent range top safety and not necessarily the fastest car would sell better with a 20k price tag.

  25. Why do you compare a new model with old models then laugh at the older models?
    You are very smug and not doing you choices any good by “lying”.

  26. Stop bleating about it, get your wife a model X, OK Lets face it Tesla's model Y is A smaller version of the model X with no gull wing doors, Where's the Pichup Truck.

  27. What happens if it gets submerged in water? The battery is on the very bottom of the floor as to where a motor sits higher. Both will stall out sure but does a motor have a better chance to make it through a water puddle?

  28. I think I'll get the….oh wait you can't buy one here. And even if you could, the cost of electricity here would make it more expensive to run than a combustion engined car.

  29. I think Tesla have missed a trick, if you look at the best selling cars SUV are the biggest seller, then its the PICK UP TRUCK, and then its the SMALL CITY CAR, ie like a MINI. TESLA have not produced any small small city daily short journey car. say with a battery range of 150 miles. but they have made the MODEL S, MODEL X, MODEL 3 and now the MODEL Y, If your looking at a two car home one should be a Model Y or S or X, and the second car for daily trips to the shops or soccer practice with the kids should be the MODEL C, ie CITY. just my opinion.

  30. Tesla's history is "late to the market" The Y does interest this person but why should I pony up the deposit when it is likely one will wait 20+ months for production to begin. A deposit doesn't mean someone late to make a deposit will not jump your place in the waiting line for this vehicle.

  31. Nice video! I enjoyed it. After driving my son-in-law’s model 3 all wheel drive long range recently, I agree with your comments. So I have a model Y reserved. I also chose the performance all wheel drive with the up scale black& white interior. Exterior color, red! Plus the prepaid self driving feature!

  32. I know the Y has other better qualities and its only a 10-mile difference but from a pure marketing and spec sheet perspective Im surprised they are releasing a car with less range than the model 3

  33. Thank you for a great video.
    Being a single guy, no wife or kids, the Model 3 were my preferred model. But as the LR RWD was taken off the market and not offered anymore, I'm holding back on ordering one. Now I would have to get the LR AWD which will give me 25 miles less range, half a second faster to 60 – but will set be back an additional $4500, I think that's too much…

    Yes the Y is tempting, absolutely, like the ride heigh like many other, and I too would get it as a 5-seater, enjoying the larger boot – though I'm forgetting I'm still only me! No wife or kids, remember Kasper!! 😛
    Though the Y it will be even more expensive and give even less range than the M3 LR AWD, so is this a game I can't win? 😀

    I hope the M3 LR RWD comes back as an option, then I'll put down an order

  34. Not big enuff to justify $75k!..$1500-2500 just for a color option is insulting. I will be buying a Kia Tellerider $36k , drive it for 12 years when EV will be 1/2 the cost!

  35. At this point in Time, Tesla is still overpriced, Looking at a SUV, where doing road trip I have looked at is a bad idea where when you want a whole day to do a trip and just to divert yourself to charge the car for 60 mins or so can be a waste of time. Even at home to charge your car you are still using the grid or some kind charge to fill the car up to move etc.. Coal, Nuclear. This is stil going to not help the enviroment . Until battery technology improves or charging speeds improves to some degree I don't think its worth it.

  36. So if I purchase my Tesla with long range battery (310 miles) can I charge it to 100% once a week with limited/normal battery degradation? I'm retired and travel probably much less than 300 miles per week. I live in a condo so no in door charger.

  37. Wrapping a car is probably best because you will be protecting the paintwork, and if done properly should look like new when the wrapping comes off

  38. I think the Y would be best for our family. Love your videos. I really appreciated the one where you guys compared all 3. I too prefer the pertinent information to be directly in the line of sight of the driver. Great videos. Only slightly annoyed with your annunciation of "Tezzzla".

  39. Very nice but add $5000 for replacing the wheels. 20” with rubber band tyres cannot handle road potholes or even small debris on freeway.

  40. Yeah no more gasoline fees but more electrical fees. So it really depends on how much extra electricity is charged on your bill as different country has vary fees on electricity. Don't get me wrong, one of my next car will be EV or at least hybrid, but just don't think electricity is free or cheap in somewhat..

  41. model S, model 3, model X…and the model Y. Hmmm…model S3XY and the '3' is actually just written as three horizontal lines.
    S3XY…that's got to be a coincidence, right? *

    *No, it's not. Elon Musk was very annoyed that he couldn't have a Model E because another company (BMW?) had the rights to the name.

  42. Ordered a model Y performance with everything. I’m on the fence with 7 seats that’s the only thing I might pull out. As for the 20 inch tires and wheels I’m going to get winter tires and 18 inch rims CA has way to many potholes. This car will be a game changer for Tesla. Installation of 4 powerwalls will give me a quick charge. I noticed that model 3 is limited to 48 amp charge rate hopefully they will up that for the performance model.

  43. They need to get a model 3 around $30000.00 dollars.Even the Nissan Leaf is expensive for most people, Elon lives in a world that he believes people make $150000.00 a year. That's not realistic, most working class cannot afford one. My house is just over 110000.00 dollars. I do not want to finance a 100000.00 dollar car.I have a Nissan Leaf which I purchased under 30000.00 thousand dollars and it only had 59 miles on it.

  44. 6:45 regarding chrome plating.

    There are far better reasons to omit chrome than whether of not anyone wants or doesn't want chrome bits on the car. Chrome plating is done in a hot acid bath. It is very easy to be injured by the acid mist. (Hiya!) And aside from the fact employees are less expendable than ever before because the laws keep getting better, there is also the unsubtle problem of what that acid mist does to the entire neighborhood, so you don't want that horrible toxic mess ANYWHERE NEAR your factory because of what that acid mist does to everything it encounters. (Like the ventilation system in the chrome shop, to cite a handy example, which fails remarkably fast) Plus, it costs a lot of money to create the chrome plating department. Unlike, for example, using stainless steel trim. Which is non-toxic.

  45. Really wish you could get a performance model with 18” wheels…I have seen others on youtube who cracked rims on the model 3 just hitting a pothole going down the interstate… guy ended up swapping out wheels and tires…I realize I could do the same, but it would sure be nice to sacrifice a few tenths of a seconds on speed and not have to deal with swapping out tires/wheels

  46. Trying to compare it to a C8 is hilarious. 0-60 is not the only performance metric for a sports car. Put it against the Vette in the track if you are going to make inane comparisons like that. The Model Y will have terrible cornering and braking, like every previoys Tesla, and a much lower top speed. Trying to market it as both an SUV and a sports car, when it is neither. It cannot race like a performance car and it cannot off road like an SUV.

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