Is The New Honda Civic Worth Buying

Is The New Honda Civic Worth Buying

it’s time for show off Sunday where
everyone has a chance to show off their own car and here’s this week’s winner,
thanks for the intro here we have my tenth generation 1.5 turbo Civic Sport
the 5 doors of exports manufactured in the UK and for the European market at
least it has four engine choices you can get a 1 liter turbo that puts her around
about 130 brake a 1.5 turbo which this is which puts so Rowan about 180 brake
there’s also a 2-liter turbo variant but that’s only for the Type R and there’s
also a 1.6 diesel available as well and even though the 10th generation is a
global platform engine availability varies from region to region and as far
as I’m aware the 1 liter is not available in the North American market
whereas some Asian markets don’t have turbo engines at all they’re running on
think 1.6 and 1.8 naturally aspirated engines so there are variants even
though as a global model the Civic sport which is this one comes with black alloy
is well liked and silver alloys they’re just quite dirty black trim along the
side here styling is basically one of the reasons I bought this car now a lot
of people hate on the styling of this car but I think it’s a love-hate
situation and and I’m leaning towards love on this one and of course because I
bought it the reason I went for another Honda after owning two previous ones and
one being an accord the other one being a generation Civic was purely the
reliability of them the driving feel and the equipment that comes a standard in
comparison to other manufacturers for example and the 1.5 variant in the UK
the sport is the base model even though it’s not the base model Civic but it
does come with adaptive cruise control LED headlights ,android
or apple carplay which I’ll show in a second yeah dual climate control as
well most other manufacturers high-end manufacturers would probably 50 % of
those as optional one feature actually quite like about
the car as well is the thought to small things and attention to detail
essentially now it doesn’t have a traditional partial parcel shelf it has
this mechanism that you can fold back and completely remove just leaving the
small piece of plastic with the fabric inside now if you’re open about and
you’ve got something large to load generally with a traditional parcel
shelf you’re gonna have to find somewhere to put that whereas this can
just slide under a chair in the front or well I don’t think you can fit it in
your pocket you can either opt for an automatic CVT or 6-speed manual gearbox
I went for the six-speed manual and like the other models of Honda’s that I’ve
owned the gear changes are fairly smooth and precise when stopping a red light
and putting the current in neutral the stop start will kick in to see if
you’ll then pressing the clutch will restart the engine so by the time you
put into first again it’s ready to go it takes literally about half a second to a
second to restart that engine with this being the one point 580 break
model it’s absolutely effortless there’s not
dispute on slut roads and to join fast-moving traffic when merging with traffic changing lanes
the visibility in this car is pretty good and there’s very few blind spots so
generally changing lanes in marriage and can be done with confidence once on the
motorway simple three button presses will activate the adaptive cruise
control and winky persist then keep a preset distance that the driver can
select from the car in front then adjust the speed is needed if the traffic slows
down there’s also a collision avoidance system built help with braking if the
card front suddenly breaks harder somebody pulls it and quite close to you
and from sport model comes with a three button flip key for opening start in the
car keyless entry and keyless start is available in new civics however I would
if needed to go for the Sport Plus trim level rather than the sports trim two
new features for me though are the reversing camera seen here and the
ability to have the handbrake automatic who automatically release using the
brake hold button that’ll show closely shortly
as with the other Honda’s I’ve owned as well ended up going for the fabric seats
rather than the leather seats and although they aren’t heated they’re
fully adjustable and very comfortable just like my older Honda Accord and my
if 8th generation Civic as well car also features electric folding heated mirrors
which can be turned on by putting the rear here and as a combination button
from domestic and the climate control is controlled through the infotainment
system by pressing that button the infotainment system in the car as well
is pretty good it features apple carplay Android oil
has FM AM and DAB radio it doesn’t feature a CD player
however with the popularity of music streaming services and I don’t think
it’s really necessary to have that in a car these days I can’t remember the last
time I personally used a CD in a car each time the system’s put on you have
to accept the terms of conditions so you’re not going to be distracted while
driving and all that sort of stuff apart from that quick tap in and this is
apple carplay the main instrument cluster and as a TFT
screen so it actually gives a good bit of flexibility and go into the system
and basically change what you want it display so for example there we have in
turbo boost power for when you’re driving a compass and traffic sign
recognition and which is actually always on the top left but that just makes it
more prominent if you want it one thing I’m still trying to get used
to is not having a traditional handbrake but rather having the ebrake the button
brake I’m not personally a fan of it I’m sure I’ll get used to eventually however
it seems to be the way that most cars are going these days so it’s not really
something I can complain about I suppose the Eco mode on the car as well it’s
supposed to give you better fuel economy while driving around the town however
when all it seems to really do is sort of limit the acceleration of the car
when you’re pressing the accelerator cruising on the motorway it’s a 70 mile
an hour it doesn’t well personally I’ve now found it to provide any sort of
gains maybe some lemonade ones there’s also auto start-stop in this car and
which can be disabled but as always enabled when you start the car but you
can disable it each time by pressing the button here and there’s also the very
cold button the brake hold is essentially he’ll assist every time you
stop it will apply or keep the foot brake applied until you move off again
quite handy another small attention to detail will
be the armrest which can be pushed back for access to storage area also pulled
up somehow there we go and the cupholders stack so you can have more
room inside there so rather than have a look at the one cup holder stacked on
top of the other that can come out possibly there we go and you can have
two cupholders in there I’ve noted I missed a few features of the car but I
think I’ve gone on long enough thanks for taking the thing to watch and
thanks to Scotty for let me present, well that was this week’s video and remember
to have your car video highlighted here on
my channel, check this out so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. I hate this styling and now all the makers now have it, you can't tell one from another. I like a smooth integrated look, not these computer robo designs. Whatever happened to 7 mph bumpers, this thing looks expensive even for a slight tap with another vehicle.

  3. My gf has the 2.0L I wanted to still be reliable so I went with NA over turbo and the CVT isn’t bad but I do have to replace the fluid because the acceleration has dropped and I already did a carbon cleaning

  4. we do not have the 6 speed manual variant, All we have are CVTs. Honda dealers in PH sucks! we'll of course except the type R.

  5. Woooow, a Honda Civic, such a unique car to do a video of the standardest of standard features on… Not like you see one ever other minute on the road…

  6. I just got a Honda Civic coupe and I love love love it! I'm just so excited to be driving a car that the door doesn't fling open when I'm driving down the road! I had a 2002 Pontiac Sunfire and I thought about sending Scottie a video on it about how I was scared to wash it cause I didn't think it would still have paint on it. Lol

  7. The Civic Sport hatchback in America is basically the base model with the sporty flourishes. No Apple CarPlay, no 7 inch gauge cluster, and no heated side mirrors

  8. I love my 17 Honda Hatchback. It beats my 95 Tahoe by a mile! I just enjoy the free Sirius and sunroof haha.

  9. Nice car I just don’t trust new vehicles. There’s SOOO much to go wrong. Fixing anything requires special tools, scanners, computers, etc etc. I still drive a 1982 Mercedes diesel and that’s pretty much the only vehicle I trust.

  10. I just realized this car including the type r has no handbrake…… I'm living under a rock. The turbo was bad enough but now the hand brake gone, stop the madness. Just an opinion.

  11. My sister wants a Civic but I’m kinda skeptical. In my opinion they look kinda ugly and turbo engine reliabilty is questionable. Honda is also no longer in top reliability lists like Consumer Reports. Not to mention Civics are the top stolen vehicles. I’m a Toyota fan and it’s all I’ve always bought. I’m trying to convince her to buy a Toyota Corolla.

  12. Questions, can you change the apps on the infotainment sys?
    Like pick & choose what you subscribe to?
    Is this the same w/all infotainment sys?

  13. It has way too plastic inside and out for me and the 1.5 liter engine has problems and a lot of people have been complaining about the factory subwoofer speaker rattling from being cheaply designed and also the plastic HVAC vents break even when brand new! The black plastic on the front and rear bumpers is ugly! I'm getting a Mazda 3 instead!!!

  14. Hey Scotty, do you think you can make a video of why Acura never made a 10th Gen Civic based ILX like the hatchback and coupe and sedan but pretty much every other model is a duplicate of a current honda model?

  15. I have a 2016 Civic EX-T and I too decided to get it because of the styling. I'm very fond of this generation civics though some people hate it. I didn't like the previous gen, but I've always had a soft spot for honda in general considering my first daily driver was a 93 accord. I got mine used with under 25000 miles on it. I've only had one issue so far where my AC went out but it was under warranty so I got it fixed at no cost. Luckily it wasn't the compressor, but it took the mechanic a while to figure it out. Dealership guy didn't tell me what exactly it was though (I really don't like dealerships, but ya know warranty).

    But yeah, I like my civic a lot. The only things I dislike is the arm rest on the door is hard so if you're a lefty driver like me your elbow might be uncomfortable on long drives. I also don't like that the radio display doesn't scroll, so if a song or whatever title is too long it is just cut off. Also wish it would display album art from bluetooth but it doesn't. It drives like a champ though. I have automatic so I hope the transmission lasts in it.

  16. Good thing he didnt get the automatic because 'those dual clutch transmissions are just endless moneypits youd be spendin ALOTTA money just tryna FIX thise things ehaheh'

  17. really nice looking civic..but in malaysia civic are available only in cvt transmission not 6 speed manual..cvt transmission have tendency to break down so fast..i really miss the manual transmission on cars..i hope honda bring back civic with manual transmission in malaysia

  18. Scotty, my mec. told me to drive my car for 100 miles after installing an O2 sensor. It needs to be smogged and the check engine light was on when I brought it to him. After he installed the sensor is when he told me to drive it. Makes no sense to me. The engine light has stayed off since he install the sensor over 30 miles ago.. It's just a silly little "99" Chevy Metro LSI. I understand that he wants to make sure the light stays off, but 100 miles?. I don't drive this car that much in a month. It's a "99" with only 88,000 miles on it….

  19. I love my Red 10th generation honda civic hatchback sport touring here in America and I will never give it up or trade it away

  20. The diesel Civic has a 9 speed auto rather than a CVT. Much preferred. Although it only has 120hp and also comes with the manual.

  21. Honda Power! Love the new Sport Civic, nice design but not sure of turbos for hi mileage. Still wheeling 93 Accord with 255.000 miles and no major issues!

  22. Y'all hate on Honda civics. Yet I know if I showed up in ur face with my type r, half u little kids would line up to get on ur knees

  23. What is this scotty u doing shoutouts now!! This video was boring and im here to hear your opinion not a review from a whole nother continent!

  24. New Civics are difficult to judge, because all cars when they are new, they worked fine, but time will tell. Honda has to do something with their cars paint. They just don't last. Also need to fix their automatic transmissions. We hope that the New  CVT Trannys get better. I have a Honda Civic 2000 Manual Transmission and still working good. That's their best models from 96-00. Also I have a Honda Civic 2014 CVT Automatic Transmission and is working great as for now. Do not like too much the CVT Transmission. Its make the car runs slower than usual.

  25. Be careful, my 2016 CIVIC EX needs a new AC compressor. Just out of 3/36000 warranty. Other have the same or similar problem. The dealer is asking for $1,600.

  26. I really like the Honda.
    How ever a couple things i didn't like. One was having know cd player and the ebreak. What was honda thinking.
    My mom and i have a honda.
    My mom's is a 2019 honda accord.
    That also doesn't have a cd player.
    Mine is a 2005 honda accord.
    She gave me her honda after getting the new one.

  27. In Nov I'll be custom ordering the Civic LX because it offers a manual option with a regular 2.0L v-tec. No turbo, no CVT. It's the last one Honda will offer.

  28. The man knows his car well. Most professional reviewers barely know half of the things about the cars they are reviewing. This guy is probably infinitely more qualified than them.

  29. Auto start/stop is ridiculous, extra strain/drain on alternator, battery ,etc. Just like many Volkswagen and Seat vehicles when lights switched on the fog light comeson on when turning, ridiculous and not needed.

  30. Hey Scotty could you comment on the 2017 Ford fiesta se sedan if there reliable or not and if the engine s are reliable the 1.6 liter thanks Ryan

  31. Here we go, good bye Ford Fiesta 2012, your transmission sucks, you gave more than one problem, good bye cars made in USA, welcome Honda Civic 2019 hatchback, Japanese all the way, thank you Scotty

  32. Hey Scotty, I'm going to buy the civic sedan 2019 with CVT gearbox. In terms of reliability and fuel economy, which one is better or should i get? Sedan sport with 1.5 turbo or executive with 1.6 without turbo?

  33. Wait, Europe gets LED headlight for the Sport trim? You have to upgrade to the touring trim for that in the states! we are getting scammed 🙁

  34. I’m glad I leased the civic instead of buying. Just don’t like the digital speedometers in these new cars. The accord has a nice rpm and mph gauge in their new models. But I’m going to get a SUV next and the new Passport has the same digital speedometer. Looks like I’m going to have to switch to Toyota or VW.


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