Is the Toyota Prius the Worst Car Ever Made

Is the Toyota Prius the Worst Car Ever Made

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about what you should know if you’re gonna buy a Toyota Prius, now anybody
who knows me has been watching me for a while knows I’m not a big fan of hybrid
cars because they cost a lot more to buy and it cost a whole lot more to fix when
they break down, but if you’re really into hybrids the Toyota Prius is the one
to buy, they’ve been making these things now more than twenty years and this
particular one is nine years old it’s one hundred and ten thousand miles on it
and really has had very little problems at all I just finished a brake job on
this one, it’s the first time it’s had to have the brake pads replace realized
since this is a hybrid car when you brake normally a lot of that energy
instead of being wasted and turned into heat by the normal brake rotors and
pads it uses the system inside to regenerate power to make electricity
charge the big old battery in a trunk so that when you take off it can reuse that
energy to make the car, so consequently if you don’t drive like a maniac these
brake pads are gonna last a long time these particular ones lasted 110,000
miles before they wore out too the first time, now if you do a lot of in town
stop-and-go driving these things get phenomenal gas mileage they actually get
much better guests much stop-and-go in town then you’re doing a highway because
on highway they don’t regenerate anything you’re
going 60 miles an hour you going 60 miles an hour,
now they do use what’s called an Atkinson cycle engine it’s still a
four-stroke gasoline internal combustion engine it’s a different design it’s more
efficient than ones that have regular cams in them, they do have less power but
when you’re cruising at sixty miles an hour you really don’t care about power
it just needs a certain amount of horsepower to run itself and no more, so
granted it still gets good gas mileage on a highway but it gets much better
gas mileage in stop and go traffic so guys that are uber drivers taxi drivers
they love these things, now if you’re the type of guy that buy some brand new you
don’t mind the price go right ahead they’re very dependable finding used
ones with higher mileage is a big gamble
because eventually the battery packs in the back wear out. it costs thousands of
dollars to replace them with a brand new one and yes there are rebuilt or
refurbished ones you can get since there are a bunch of little batteries all
connected together when they do go bad some of the little cells go bad there’s
machines that can test them very expensive time consuming and if you find
the ones that are bad you replace them but but you either go bad one they’re 7
to 12 years old if you’re replacing some of the bad ones the old cells are all 7
to 12 years old. guess what they’re not gonna last forever put in these
recondition batteries maybe they’ll last a year or two but
that kind of stinks when you think about it. cuz if the original battery went 7 to
12 years 1 to 2 years isn’t that good if you really want to keep one and it needs
a battery. my advice is buy a new battery don’t buy one of these recondition ones
they just don’t seem to hold up over time. but my main warning about buying a
used one is this there’s a generator inside here these cars don’t have
alternators, let’s say the alternator went bad my old Celica takes me 15
minutes to change the alternator cost me maybe a hundred and fifty bucks for a
good alternator, and on the Prius in order to replace it you got
to pull the engine and transmission out of the unit take it apart buy a really
expensive generator assembly, put it back together again,
last time I priced it out it was about a six thousand dollar job and I had a
customer with one the generator went bad so I told her so while your generator is
bad you know it’s not worth fixing, I explained how the system work and that
it was about a six thousand dollar job but I said you didn’t buy a new you
bought it used then she said, yeah I bought it used and they took her for a
ride it had like a hundred and fifty thousand miles on it and she’d paid like
ninety five hundred bucks and about a month previous to this I had a customer
sell his ten-year-old Prius that only had a hundred thousand miles on it and
he sold it for eighteen hundred dollars so she way overpaid for the stupid car
used, didn’t believe me so I said well like I said didn’t charge for anything, I said
talk to a Toyota dealer they’re gonna tell you the same thing, so she did and
he told her the same thing it does cost $6,000 to fix it, but we’ll
take it off your hands and it will recycle it which is better for the
environment, they didn’t offer any money for the car I couldn’t believe that one
I called up about 10 Toyota dealers nationwide and said I got this
ten-year-old Prius do you buy use priuses and they said sure, but then I
said well you know it needs a generator every single one who said no we don’t
want it me hung up they knew that the repair was much more than the vehicle
was worth, so if you’re feeling in a gambling mood and you want to buy used
Prius go right ahead if it runs good take it to a mechanic like me to check
it out just don’t pay much money for it because in the real world when they’re
10 years or older they’re worth practically nothing, like I said if you
can’t afford to buy one new if you want to get a hybrid car the Prius is
definitely the one to buy, if your into electronics they got every gizmo on
earth is you’d ever want to, got all kinds of electronic gizmos you can play with
look at regenerated electricity, the knobs like this have electric mode
economy mode, power mode you can play around to your heart’s content with
these things, really got lots of room even the back seats pretty big on these
things, if you’re really into science learning stuff huh your kids will get a
kick out of it that’s got the speak mode you can talk
to it all kinds of stuff on it, and yeah it’s a Toyota so this thing may be nine
years old have a hundred and ten thousand miles on it
but really everything still works on it doesn’t look like a GM where the
electronics go haywire when it gets old so if you’re thinking about buying a
Toyota Prius, now you know a little bit more about them, so you can make a wise
informed decision, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell

About the Author: Michael Flood


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    1. Bluetooth Scan Tool:

    2. Cheap Scan Tool:

    3. Basic Mechanic Tool Set:

    4. Professional Socket Set:

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  2. Scotty, a properly rebuilt traction battery, balanced, is $500-$550. $3250 at Toyota. In Arizona the heat is the bandit. And even more costly repair is the brake actuator. $1,600 vs $2400 at Toyota. The Prius popularity has virtually eliminated finding one used under $5500. Keep up the great work young man. DJ In AZ.😎👍

  3. Love my Prius 2011. 170k miles very few issues and great mpg. Sure the drive is a bit boring but the savings in gas and repairs are hard to beat.

  4. Scott has no clue when it comes to hybrid, i own a 2016 Prius v, my sister own a Prius and i gotta tell you, its the best car ever, cheap to maintain, only spend on gas, brakes in 300000km still drives like new, its awesome!!! Saves me soo much money on gas!!!! Its a win win car all around.

  5. I vote the 1980 Chevy Citation as the worst car…At least for breakdowns. It was also the first car that I remember that was designed to deswade a regular Joe(okay, I go by Rick), from working on his own car. Gone were the days of the radio going and me leasurly tooling away.

  6. Don't know, I've got two 2008 Prius. One with 230k miles, and one with over 350k miles. Both are on their original batteries and have been nearly trouble free. I've put things like brakes on them. I love mine. Fill up for $20 and drive for a week.

  7. Scotty, changing out thePrius traction battery – the big one under the rear seat – is about as complicated as changing a cell phone battery, it just weighs a hell of a lot more – about seventy pounds! And I don't mean one of those glued-to-the-inside-of-the-unopenable-case smartphone batteries! you know a regular old flip phone battery. I've performed this operation several times. I took over my dad's old 2005 2nd Gen Prius a few years back, he hadn't driven the car in two years – the battery had bricked – he actually drove an Audi A8 with the W12 engine. Why would you drive the Prius if you are a single guy with a W12?? Just to keep the battery charged? Apparently Dad had other priorities. He gave me the car if I could get it running. So I did. It wasn't difficult, it was just heavy. And, at the end of the day not that expensive if you don't buy Toyota and you can change a cell phone battery – and a bunch of interior body work. A couple of hours.

    So if you are wondering, the first replacement battery was a cheap $600 refurbished battery that lasted – as I expected – a year-long-enough to save for a proper battery, which I did and have been going gang busters ever since. Just this summer I got 54mpg going from Northampton Ma to Bath ME with Dad in the passenger seat. I cannot complain at all, I just cranked over 50,000 miles; at the rate I'm going in another five or ten years something might wear out or break. At the moment all I'm not paying much for is gas and oil. It's pretty great. Prius, or at least these early Prius were petty high quality.

  8. i work with a girl that drives a prius. she hates cursing, shits on people for eating meat, and barley does any work and takes breaks whenever she wants because 'shes a girl'.

  9. Own prius with 190k mileage on it, replaced all the fluids and brakes. All good, just few metal parts near muffler are loose thanks to awesome mechanics at the dealer.,

  10. There are 200 cars know which had an inverter failure – thats nothing compared to the fact there are nearly 1 Million Prius running. Also if you look after the battery vent and clean it every two year they are going to last forever.

  11. Man I just bought a Prius that needs to replace the hybrid battery and the submission but has low mileage 🙁 it did cost me looooooooots of money and time …

  12. Normally I love your videos. I'm a subscriber. But this video is probably one of the most misinformed videos I've seen. While it is true that stealerships will try to charge a ridiculous price for repairs. The majority of Prius repairs are generally cheap if you do them yourself. Within my family we have 6 priuses. I've done inverter assembly replacements ("alternator"), water pumps, abs actuators, hv battery pack rebuilds, 12v replacements, ac fan replacements, nav screen replacements, aftermarket stereos, ac recharges, brake bleeds, I've even tinted windows. Not a single repair I've done had cost over $200. I love your videos, but you're a repair info guy, talking all this junk about what stealerships and repair shops costs isn't normally your style.

  13. 2008, 212,000 miles. 52 mpg in the summer, goes down to 35mpg in winter. I live in Maine. I need struts for the first time. The only problems I've had with my Prius are in the snow. It's not a good snow car unless I use studded tires. It has an anti skid feature that cannot be turned off. I plan on buying the new model which has all awd up to 25 mph. It's been the most reliable car I've ever had.

  14. Scotty, you're pretty good with your opinion in general, but you're wrong about hybrids as far as Honda is concerned. I've had a Honda CRZ hybrid and Honda Civic hybrid for 7 years and have had absolutely no issues. And the maintenance is no more expensive then any other vehicle.

  15. I bought my 2010 Prius brand new (0 miles), I now have 226,000+ miles on it. Battery is good as on day 1. Only repair ever needed (other than brakes) was a wheel hub replacement (twice).
    I did look into battery replacement Incase I ever needed one. It was about the same as 3 months of car payments… not to bad considering my car has been paid off for 4 years or so. Also, did the math awhile back compared to a truck at 15 mpg, what O saved in gas from the Prius at 200k miles, was the same as what I paid for the car. In other words the gas savings paid for the car. I know a truck is very different, but it was the other vehicle I was considering at the time.

  16. My family owned four Prius 2006 2007 2010 and 2014. 2006 sold when 165K only changed oil and tires. 2007 now 205 K only head light bulbs oil and tires, 2010 80K oil and tires same as 2014 65K
    oil and tires. The most reliable car. I think Prius brakes will last 250K miles.
    I used to own Pinto, Vega, Old Mobile Cutlass, Pontiac GTO, Volkswagen big, Volkswagen bus, Audi, Toyota Corolla, Datsun Maxima, Datsun B210, Lexus LS400, Camry, and Sienna All of those cars Rankings 1-Prius, 2-Camry, 3-Sienna 4-Lexus

  17. the problems hes talking bout is rare. there are plenty of 10 year plus prius' running around. if youre replacing brakes on a prius at 100k youre doing something wrong.

  18. Hey Scotty….I'm a courier with my own small company and I have several independent contract drivers who SWEAR BY PRIUS. They each have at least 200,000mi or more and these guys NEVER complain about unusual repairs, they almost never miss work and….they make more money because they have lower cost of business. PRIUS IS GREAT as far as I can tell. I'm a honda guy so take it for what worth.

  19. Ford Escape Hybrids based on the Toyota hybrid system have bigger batteries that last longer. Bought an 07 used and put 20,000 miles on it, original battery at 211,000 miles.

  20. After reading all the comments about this car. I'm going to buy one. Thank you all for the Invite reassurance.I trust yr word Scotty but not this time

  21. Antes de comprar mi 2013 Prius vi un accidente donde un Prius perdió el control y chocó contra una gran roca y una palmera que estaban en medio del camellón a la roca la aventó a la calle y la palmera la partió en dos y el auto no se hizo nada la roca mi como medio metro de alto y de de ancho yo traté de mover la roca pensando qué tal vez era de mentira pero cual fue mi sorpresa que era real y muy pesada y desde ese momento me dije mi próximo auto será un Toyota Prius y hasta ahora no he tenido ningún problema mayor solo el fan enfriador de la batería central pague $400 dólares y la segunda vez lo arregle yo mismo viendo Tutoria les de YouTube
    Por último tengo un amigo que compro un Prius primera generación y todavía está muy bien

  22. This is the new car that will go over a million miles with little maintenance. I have a 2008 with only 200,000, the only thing done to it is tires, brakes, and oil changes. I guess I have long ways to go.

  23. We have a toyota vios here in the phillipines and one as a company car its very relaible car we take it almost everywhere its a workhorse and never fail us toyotas is a very reliable cars our company loves them as our company fleet

  24. 190k on my 2006 Prius and pads still got plenty of meat on them. I guess if you drive it like your on a racetrack or go down steep hills and mash the brakes it'll eat the pads faster. I'd say 150k and you'd want to be careful with a used prius. At 150k or after 10 years the battery warranty is up. But they really are great cars very reliable and low maintenance and of course save gas.

  25. I'm an electronic engineer. If you know how this stuff works its easy. If you dont understand electronics and motors and how batteries work of course old generation vehicles are definitely easier to work on. I know i have a 95 ford f150 inline 6 with 400k and it runs like new, but then again its because i know how to maintain em. Just like my 205k 2011 prius that runs like new…

  26. I have a 2016 Prius two. I just went 541 miles on 9.779 gallons of gas. I even sat in my car for three hours listening to the radio with the a c on.

  27. I think Scotty is just trying to get views with these false fact video. The generator on a Prius is extremely reliable as an alternator because it’s much more powerful than a traditional alternator and it also a motor.

  28. I am a testament that Prius is a great car and darn reliable.

    1st generation 2003 Prius 213k miles battery was replaced about 180k under warranty; it runs even quieter than the 2010 i have
    3rd generation 2010 Prius 100k miles all i do is oil and filter change

    Well naturally it goes from Prius to EV so Tesla Model 3 is bought this year. No more gas requires.
    Once you drive hybrid you will want EV and never want gas vehicles again.

    I had many many 1st gen Prius when i was a used car dealer a few years back. The 1st gen. model is very light and nimbel unlike those later model.

    Prius is a great reliable car and battery replacement is cheap nowadays and repair is not that expensive either if you know how. I do it all myself include the major one and certainly does not cost $6k for the generatorl. Tons of used parts from scrap yard for cheap.

    No Prius or any hybrid or gas cars can compare to EV especially the Tesla. Drive one and you will never want to own or drive a dinosaur i.c.e anymore.

  29. Really Whats Problem to fix a 10 Year Old car for about 5-6K. My VW touareg Haß 60k Miles And i have to Invest same or more :). You Save alot Fuel. So tese little repairing are nothing. Go Take a Bike instead 😉

  30. My customer have 2 prius , 1st one close to 300k. He said battery fail around 250k and cost 2500. He still plan to buy more Prius.

  31. My wife has a 2007 second gen prius that she bought brand new. It's the most reliable trouble-free car that I've ever seen. And I'm 40 years old. Although the hybrid battery just went out. Being a savvy electronics man, I fixed it myself, which is a whole story in itself. Dealership wanted 4k, I did it for about 100 bucks. Supposedly the hybrid battery usually lasts longer than hers did at 120k, but still, 12 years is an amazing feat for a battery pack. Anyway……I wish everything could be built like a prius.

  32. prius batteries are pretty ubiquitous now. the price to get a new one installed is far lower than it was even 5 years ago. you save far more money in gas up to this point with regular driving. also, the generator is NOT a common part to break under any real-world conditions, lol, just an expensive one.

  33. My v6 fusion in my yard is 11 years old with 193k miles and still going strong. Oil change every 5k and transmission oil change every 35k. Works like a charm. Hope to get another 100k out of it.

  34. I get over 66 miles per gallon mix driving.. 2017 model 3 Prius. Easily get 73 mpg in city only driving…. My 6 speed M Honda 2018 Civic does good to get 35 MPG on Highway only. Around 26 mpg mix driving.. 0 service problems on both cars.

  35. Fun fact: You actually want a Prius that has high mileage on it depending on the year. The hybrid system ages well when it's constantly being used versus sitting in your garage. Got my 13 at 75k miles and I beat the hell outta it (pun intended) and it just laughs at me. Oh and I once drove from DC to New Orleans at an average speed of 85mph and it cost me $50 for fuel😫😂😫👍

  36. Oh and I've smashed more chicks than you could imagine in the back seat of this car Thanks Toyota!! lol😂😂👌👍

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