Is This CR250 Worth $400?

Is This CR250 Worth $400?

what’s up everyone back at it again for
round two of the two Stoke build things might look a little different round here
did some work on the shop and our nice little white studio set up here really
happy about it so the plan for today is I’ll be tearing apart the rest of the
cr250 here going all the way down to the frame and towards the end of the video
I’ll be announcing the winner for the last giveaway so stick around for that
one alright let’s get started so I’m gonna go after the front end first and
that includes pulling off the wheel forks and triple clamps that’s why your maintain your bike
smokes I actually haven’t seen if this thing
turns over yet let’s check it out the heck it is time to pick a winner for the
giveaway on this front number plate so the question was how much did I pay for
the CR and I ended up getting it for 400 bucks
pretty good deal let’s see how many of you got it right
all right guys I’m over here on the video and I’ve got all the comments and
loaded up all 1200 of them so I’m gonna go down here and search 400 it looks
like we’ve got 46 matches that’s pretty good
46 of you got it right how I’m gonna pick the winner is I’m gonna go up and
down the page with this arrow here and this just finds comments that say 400
hopefully my computer doesn’t freeze up they’re just gonna go up and down a few
times and whatever one it drops on you will be the winner all right a few more
clicks and I’ll drop it there we go orgasmic adventures interesting name but
you are the winner shoot me a message here on YouTube and I’ll get this number
played out to you thanks cioud really hope you guys enjoyed the video with all
these different angles and movie shots it was a ton of fun to shoot so in the
next video I’ll be cleaning some of these parts up and figuring out what I
need to order for this bike and I will see you guys there take care you

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. Good stuff man keep it up. I bought an older rmx250 (1995) but was able to get 2 extra frames (rm and rmx) and 2 extra bottom ends and top ends minus the carbs for 400.

  2. Yeah, 400 dollars could put $1800 in the bank if you part it out. If you restore it you might break even or make a few hundred. In my experience that's a win.

  3. Great video! After seeing the title I thought the frame was snapped or something really bad like that. $400 is a steal!👌

  4. I'm so tired of seeing people not taking care of the bikes and not greasing the bearings your bearings need love bro

  5. Ok so I have a 2001 Honda xr100r and just replace brake shoes the lever and the cable now everything is in but the cable has a lot of slack and everything I adjust it doesn’t work

  6. Hey I need your help I don’t know if I have a fowl apart plug but and I hit the rev limit on my cr80 and dies idk what to do please let me know

  7. I actually prefer the way you normally shoot opposed to this way. You normally shoot very close up which I like a lot.

  8. At 3:51 you can see my comment, I put 400$, yay, im smart, also you should start doing jet ski builds whenever it gets to be that time of the year, find some cheap piece if junk jet ski and rebuild it

  9. You got to maintain your bike folks. So true. Spent a couple of days trying to remove a swing arm bolt on a second hand bike. Wasn't much fun to say the least.

  10. Love your videos Cameron !!! I'm new to bikes and have bought a 2001 yz250f and a 2003 yz250f. Both and so many bikes I've seen have crank and rod failure. Question, why does this happen so often and what can I do to prevent this when rebuilding and using one of these engines ??? And what crank/rod combo do you recommend I purchase ??? Thanks for your time and your amazingly informative videos !!!

  11. What I think is weird is that you can get a dirtbike that is not working for 400 dollars, here in the Netherlands you would still pay 1500 for a branded dirtbike. Really stupid

  12. Hello ! =) Could you please tell us what is the model of your wireless screwdriver ? =) I am looking for a good one Thanks !

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  14. Anyone know why my cr 125 idles way to high and won’t stop nothing to do with the idle sounds like the bike is gonna blow I need help anyone

  15. Yes I would pay $400 for that l. By the way I am looking for a jug for a 2000 cr 250. I am looking for a deal. I don't have much money I work 40 hours and have two kids take care of. So any jug in decent shape I wold look at.

  16. I just bought a 2000 for 375$ everything needs to be rebuilt. Crank and top end are fried, suspension needs revalve and forks need new seals. Spokes are loose on both wheels too 🙁

  17. У меня когда-то была CR250R, мощная штука. А знаешь на чем гоняю сечас? Это cz 250 / 513…. Когда перестанешь плакать от смеха, вышли мне пожалуйста эту Honda😉

  18. where i live, that bike in nonrunning condition would go for $7-900. a running cr250 starts at $16-2000. so yea, i'd have give $400 for it. all day long.

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