Is this the answer to Richard Hammond’s mid-life crisis?

Is this the answer to Richard Hammond’s mid-life crisis?

I’m Richard Hammond
and I’m having a midlife crisis It’s my right, I’ve earned it
and I’m going to celebrate it. The question is how, There have been supercars,
superbikes, I’ve done helicopters. There is only one answer. A pick-up truck. Specifically, this one… The Ford Ranger Raptor. Look at it. This is like the contents of
my head, turned into a truck. Under there is a reinforced chassis carrying reinforced suspension. This thing is the real deal. And once upon a time that would have been all I wanted. A car that looks like
a remote-controlled toy but is tough enough to do
a huge jump over a sand dune. But I’m 50 this year, I’m a grown up. Sort of. And I don’t want to
subject my friends and family to something as bare
as a brick outhouse, no matter how fancy
the shock absorbers are Well the good news is,
with this, I don’t have to. Look, it’s got four doors, it’s got five seats, they’re covered in suede and leather, the front ones are
power adjusted and heated. The other thing is, I’m old but I’m not yet ‘plan
my first visit to the internet’ old. So I want cool tech, fortunately this truck’s got it. I’ve got Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, all the stuff you want if you don’t have your text
message font set to extra massive. And what all this means is, I can scratch my midlife
itch without letting myself down. I can satisfy my inner child and still
do grown up things, go about my business. Speaking of which, I’ve got
to collect some colleagues. We’re off to a conference. Ladies, gentleman,
good to see you. Climb in! There’s loads of
storage for your briefcases, and if anybody needs to access
business emails while we’re on the move, feel free to use
my in-car wifi hotspot. Right we all buckled up?Yes!Good, let’s get to that conference. Is everyone comfortable? I can adjust the climate control? We’re all good? Super. Just going to take a little short cut… My forecast, we’re gonna be there on time. Oh that is a steep downturn. Oh yep, yep, look at that control. This is like being
on one of your graphs. Ooo. Cor, I love management Right, let’s do some conferencing. Nancy, have you done
something different with your hair?

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  1. Can we have Jeremy Clarkson reacting to this video? And my dads 2004 Ford Mondeo would do better than this, or even an a Aro or Lada Niva or Dacia Duster!

  2. With age Hammod turns more and more into a complete idiot…just remember the grand tour special in italy where he was driving the dodge hellcat…what a shame

  3. Wow an off-road vehicle that, erm goes off-road….. Wasn't expecting that at all! May could have probably driven that trail in his Panda 4×4 😂👍

  4. Lightweight and light on his feet, singularly unfunny….a great face for radio…I would turn that over too….give it up hampster….really boring now

  5. The Grand Tour for the Speicals and DriveTube for the shorter car reviews will be a genius model for these gents!

  6. You would should feel like a dead set fucking wanker driving that, no matter what age you are lol, good god what a tosser.

  7. Ford I’m gonna go hunt you all down personally and beat you all with a shovel if you don’t sell this truck in the US

  8. Richard, lose the goatee. You look like a weird taxi driver who only plays the " classic hits of the 80's" radio in his cab

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