It’s Ellen’s Gorillathon Sale!

It’s Ellen’s Gorillathon Sale!

We are right smack in
the middle of spring, and you can tell already. And here’s how you
know it’s spring. I saw this for a
flooring company. This is an ad. Black Friday flooring sale. Ever heard of that? Neither have I. I
have some concerns. If you don’t know
about Black Friday, it happens the day
after Thanksgiving. And if you don’t know
about Thanksgiving, it happens in November. And if you don’t
know about November, it happened five months ago. And if you’re still lost,
you might be a baby. There is no spring Black Friday. They just wanted to have a sale. And they just made up a whole
holiday on a Black Friday sale. Like a lot of companies do this. Car companies do it. They make up holidays. Toyota has Toyotathon. Honda has Honda Days. Subaru has gay pride week. [LAUGHTER] You know, everybody has– the gay people get it. [APPLAUSE] THe gay people get the joke and
the straight people are like, what does that mean? I have some other ideas for
companies, if they’re watching. Nissan could have Nissanica. Nissanica. Ford could have
the Ford of July. And Chevy could
have Cheverolent, where you don’t buy a
Chevy for the whole month. That’s a bad idea,
they shouldn’t do that. I understand it can
be hard to sell stuff. I have things to sell, so I
figured if I can’t beat ’em, I’m going to join them. So I’m going to announce
my first ever Ellen Shop gorilla-thon sale. And this is all wonderful,
wonderful things to raise money for the gorillas. This is this t-shirt right
here, for the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. And then these adorable
little stuffed gorillas, whether you’re an adult
or a baby you’re going to want this little thing. You know, when I call it a
sale– they’re not on sale, they’re for sale, so. I mean, so it’s a sale, it’s
just not they’re on sale, but I am selling them. So they’re at the Ellen
Shop here, at the stand. Online, as well. And all the proceeds,
like I said, go to the Ellen
DeGeneres Wildlife Fund to help save the
mountain gorillas. And they need your help. So you get wonderful things, and
you get to help the gorillas.

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  1. Hi ellen..i 'm from balochistan.. and i always like and love to see you. You are soo pretty..i like your personality to☺

  2. Please get Demi Lovato and Christina Aguilera to sing Fall in Line together on here❤️🇫🇴❤️

  3. Do you know why it's called Black Friday because the color black in math means negative so it means prices are lowered down 😋


  5. hi ellen can you feature momoland on your show to show their talent in the whole world please tnx lots of love

  6. All these holidays though! 😂 GORILLATHON 😂

    Ellen has a point though with all of these holidays hahahaha

  7. Eu tive um gorila pendurava no vidro traseiro do carro, quando eu freiava ele ficava balançando muito fofo 😚😚😚

  8. Ellen i love u you are awesome i always watch your videos you are the best i love i hope I can be on the show 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  9. Hey guys! This may be late to say but when Ellen The Generous's sister went on T.V buying a painting and making some. That was my Dad's job! He's the manager. He talked to her but sadly he didn't tell me what she said. But it's okay! Mabey I might get Ellen's Autograph,who knows. That will be a dream!

  10. Hi Ms Ellen.

    How are you Ms, my name is Yeanoh Karim Kanu it a pleasure watching your show every single days, you're sorts an incredible person in people's life's, dreams, family and other. I would like to show you something very important that will over shadows the entire world please it not a bad thing, it's a story I personally wrote by myself. …………please, please, please, please ,please, please, please, please, please call me 919 8887788.

    love yeanoh.

  11. hey ellen, everytime I watch u I get so inspired I jus keep wondering how can i make sm1 laugh lyk u do.. great job. love from India

  12. Hey Ellen, meet the most progressive Mayor in the USA, Mayor Ted Terry of Clarkston Georgia, He was just featured this new season with the Queer Eye Season 2, Episode 8, You will love this guy! I would love to see him on your show, Ted needs to be the President of USA,

  13. Hi eeelllleennnnnnnn! Oh my gosh.. me an my family we love ur videos!! All the way from barbados.. it would be a blessing to be on ur show.. so much more to say but… we love u ellen!

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