Jaguar X-type -2001-2009- buyers review

Jaguar has been absent from the
D-segment; the larger sedans and wagons. They will return with the Jaguar XE. There was
also the X-Type, from 2001 – 2009. The car was criticized, because the underpinning /
suspension / platform came from the Ford Mondeo. Ford Mondeo, Jaguar… There was some whining,
but inside it does feel like a real Jaguar. There’s wood, leather, pretty materials.
I don’t see any Ford stuff. The wagon was introduced in 2004,
a diesel engine in 2003. At first, only V6 gasoline engines were
available in the Jaguar X-Type. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel About 120 Jaguar X-Types are for sale
on AutoScout24. 1/3 has an automatic gearbox,
only 14% has a diesel engine. Jaguar buyers and diesel
wasn’t a happy marriage. About 50% has the stronger V6 engines. 11% has a satnav system,
37% has leather upholstery. Prices start at 2,500 euros. It can be
an older car with high mileage, so the prices cover a wide range. PRICES
minimum, average, maximum The V6 engines are fantastic, but the stronger
ones are always combined with AWD. That means the fuel mileage is a let-down, so keep
that in mind and check what it does on average. Websites like or show the fuel mileage. The automatic gearbox is a thing to
watch out for, recurrent in these videos. The ZF transmission isn’t the most reliable. Changing oil and flushing may help
to fix or prevent starting problems. Flush the transmission. Speaking of oil changes:
do this regularly for all oil. Not just the automatic gearbox, but the
engine oil and AWD transfer case as well. There’s not much oil in the latter,
and it may leak. Make sure to change it regularly,
because it’ll break when running dry. That’s rather expensive. The diesel’s dual mass flywheel is
another known issue in these videos. It doesn’t have eternal life, unfortunately. The front tires of the AWD versions
(with V6 engine) have uneven wear. Keep an eye on the alignment, because it’s
a shame if the tires are shredded too early. There are stories about electrical problems,
e.g. the key. Try out all the buttons. An X-Type may have a lot of features,
so try all electrical ones; seats, satnav. Check if everything works. One more thing, about the V6:
the radiator’s lower clamps may break. You’ll lose coolant. An engine without it
will overheat. You don’t want that. Check it or have it replaced. If you see the temperature rise, you know what’s going on. We found this car at RAC in Rotterdam,
one of our favorite Jaguar dealers. It’s a young one, with a different body kit.
A diesel with manual transmission. A nice car which feels like a Jaguar. THIS CAR Thanks to
RAC B.V. Subs – Maru

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