Jaguar XJ (X351) buying advice

Fans of classic Jaguars were shocked
when this XJ was introduced. Of course, Jaguar already showed
us all would become more modern, but it was a big step from
the previous XJ to this XJ, codename X351. Not everyone thought it was pretty. The technology is more modern
as well, such as the gauges. These are no gauges, but an LED panel.
It took some time for other brands to adopt this. This Jag was introduced in 2009.
We’re now in the year 2016. You would expect Jaguar to come with a new one,
but we haven’t heard anything yet. You can still buy it new. The engines were mainly V8s in the early years. A diesel engine and 4-cylinder turbo
engines were introduced later on. That was rather shocking. ENGINES
gasoline, diesel The cars for sale on Marktplaats…
It was not a best-seller. It is an expensive car.
Less than 30 are for sale on Marktplaats. Many have a diesel engine. Prices start at 35,000/40,000 euros
and go up high for a fairly new car. Of course there are things to watch out for. The naturally aspirated V8
has crossing cooling tubes. The seams can crack where the pipes
cross (it’s hard plastic), leaking coolant. It’s bad news if the engine isn’t cooled. If you get a warning with the naturally aspirated V8,
pull over because you may have run out of coolant. The V8 engines have a problem
with coolant; the water pump. It breaks quickly. It has probably been replaced because it
is mainly a problem with the early model years. Still, it’ll be worth checking if it has been replaced. Another thing to watch out for is not really
a problem, but something you have to try. The infotainment system.
The touchscreen works decently at best. It got faster after the facelift in 2012.
That is something to keep in mind. If you drive an older car…
You could look at a newer car. See if it doesn’t annoy you.
For some people it does, others don’t care. You may rarely use it,
but it is something to keep in mind. It has a wonderful sunroof,
but it can rattle and pop out of the body. This is called “popping” on English forums. The chassis twists a bit when
you go over speed bumps. The headliner may rattle as well. This can be fixed, but listen for strange sounds. Another thing to watch out for, even when
you already own an XJ, is the wheel alignment. It is rather sensitive. It has wide,
sporty tires, so they’re expensive. It would be a waste if they wear
unevenly because the alignment is off. It’ll be worth it to check this. A low battery warning can pop up on the screen. The XJ has this problem relatively quickly. Even relatively new XJs won’t
start after a 2-week holiday. That is annoying, but a low battery
can cause other problems as well. The right side windows may not work and other
electronic issues can be caused by a low battery, so check if the battery is still fresh. Sometimes this can be difficult to troubleshoot,
to solve all the electronic problems. We found this car at
Van Driel Automotive in Hoofddorp. It has a long wheelbase and a V6. It is a wonderful car for traveling. If you
have teens, you can choose the obligatory Golf, or you keep saving for a Jaguar,
for the price of a car. THIS CAR If you’re looking for a second-hand car and want
our help, or if your company has a nice car for sale for which we may shoot a video,
please send an e-mail to [email protected] Subtitles – Maru’s Text Support

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