JCB How to use LiveLink

JCB How to use LiveLink

Hi, i’m Amy and today and i’m going to show
you how to use the JCB Livelink system fitted to your Backhoe Loader. Livelink helps you
to monitor and manage your machine remotely anywhere in the world whether you are an owner
operator or own a fleet. The system collects information from your machines which can then
be displayed via the web, email or mobile phone. Most JCB Backhoes come fitted with
Livelink as standard. The system can help you to monitor the security of your machine,
keep on top of any routine maintenence and make you aware of any technical alerts or
help you to understand whether you’re getting the best out of your machine. Logging into
Livelink is simple. You will be given a username and password by your local JCB dealer. Once
you’ve logged into the Livelink website you can see an overview of all of your JCB machines.
This shows basic information such as where they are working, how many hours they have
on the clock, what their current fuel levels are even view any live issues with your machines.
Here you can see what your machine is doing. The grey dot shows when the engine is off,
it changes to blue when the engine is on and to red and yellow if there are any notifications
on your machine. Lets have a look at this 3CX. There is lots of information available
just by clicking on it. If you would like to keep track of what your machine has been
doing throughout the day the performance report in Livelink can tell you how long it has spent
excavating, loading or roading and how much fuel it used. First click on the reports menu
at the top of the screen and then select the custom option. Here you can pick from a drop-down
list depending on what you would like to see. We then need to tell Livelink which time period
and machine we are interested in. So this machine worked for 5 hours in the time period
we’re looking at and used on average 4.9 litres of fuel per hour. This section shows us the
kind of work that our Backhoe has been doing. This operator has been doing a great job of
using the eco mode when excavating. If you find this report useful you can receive it
on a regular basis by using the subscription screen. Livelink also includes a number of
features to increase the security of your machine. This has enabled JCB to recover many
stolen machines, saving our customers valuable time and money. If you would like to protect
your machine when you are not using it then Livelink can send you alerts based on when
and where your machine has been started. To do this click on the Admin tab then choose
‘set machine operating hours’ from the security section. Here you can set specific times for
just one, or all of your machines so that Livelink knows about your normal working day. Outside
of these times Livelink will send you an email or text to tell you that the machine is being
operated. To be notified by text message please enter your mobile phone number into the ‘users’
page on the admin section. So that’s it. If you are interested in machine security or
reliability or even making your business run more efficiently then Livelink is the tool
for you. Remember if you are unsure about anything you can always refer to the help
section in Livelink. For more how to videos, click on the button below. And whilst you’re
at it, why not subscribe to our channel.

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  1. It's annoying. Continually having to turn on and off the machine slowing things down when your getting in and out

  2. Another way to bleed money from you. If you misuse or run it rough it will then affect your warranty. Its a spy in your cab.

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