JDM Wheel Restoration

JDM Wheel Restoration

On this episode of Mighty Car Mods, we’re putting mad wheels on the mad Mira [Mighty Car Mods] Welcome to another episode of Mighty Car Mods. Today’s an exciting day because we’re going to be learning about backspacing, offset, width, dish PCD all sorts of cool stuff. So what happened is I’ve got these mad wheels for the Mira which we’re now calling the niche Which is French for nugget, this is probably not someone will tell us what French for nugget. There’s one major problem with the wheels for the niche, yes. They don’t fit. Okay, they’re the right PCD which is that the diameter he like they fit and they’re the right theme and Period they’re the right period yes for the for the car and they’re the right size too because they’re super small You hook big wheels on these things and it doesn’t handle very well and they don’t fit What size are these. These are 13-inch wheels. Okay with tiny little tires on them Yeah, six and a half inches wide they don’t fit. Yes Because I don’t have the right wheel nuts for them. And even if I did they still wouldn’t quite fit So we’re gonna go see some friends of ours 13 by six six and a half 13 by six and a half. Is that what you got on the mini? Yeah, I think you have anything sighs something like that Same tire size anyway So we’re gonna go down and see our Mates at Barrel Brothers and we’re gonna go into fix ’em because they do wheels That’s all they do these kind of great. Let’s go. Let’s do it You’re on this side Mate what you can drive? Oh you’ve been in the boot, let’s just hold these on our laps, okay Can you get in? If you unlock the door I can. It’s gonna be really awkward driving with this wheel, man. Do you want to see a magic trick? Oh, no, I’ll put the wheel here. Do you wanna see an awesome magic trick? Yeah, what next time it cuts to the shot of us driving down the highway. I’ll be invisible. Oh Yes, I am crazy excited about finally getting some mad wheels for this mad little car Anyone who’s been watching since the key to the city days will remember that this Mira had and has always had since these multi-multi stud wheels now they’re very practical ’cause you can go into any auto backs or up garage and buy a set of wheels that will fit pretty much any four stud K-car But they don’t look that cool and they also came with winter tires, which are not much used in Australia a lot of people who flip between a Set of wheels for winter and a set of wheels for summer and I can only assume that whoever owned this Mira Probably live somewhere snowy and it makes sense that you know You would buy a car that not only is turbo and a hatchback and very cheap to run because it’s a key car and cheap to register It also 4-wheel drive, which is very handy if you do live somewhere snowy The PCD of this car is 4 by 1-1-0 Which is a little bit uncommon 4×100 is common. 4×114.3 is common 4×110 you don’t see quite as much and for that reason wheels are a bit harder to find I did manage To find a set of wheels that will fit those – that stud pattern is common to old Mazdas RX3s had that kind of stud pattern on them but the offset’s always wrong so Today the idea is to take these little wheels that I did find take them down the Barrel Brothers get those guys to check it out and see if we can make them fit this mad little Mira Barrel Brothers are a couple of guys with a passion for wheels and a factory full of tools that specialize in restoring classic wheels They’ve got a lot of love for old Datsuns, but we’ll put up with my Daihatsu for this project Fans of JDM wheels will spot all the heroes from the last 40-plus years in the showroom But I’ve brought my own classics along for today’s adventure. The first thing we need to do is work out exactly what I have What size it is and what needs to be done to bring them back to their former glory? Today we’re going to talk about offset. Yes. Because you see it all the time. Yes you go I’ve got zero offset wheels or +55 if you’ve got a Subaru or whatever is but there’s a lot of confusion as to what it actually is and how that relates to where the lip and the center and the barrel and all this stuff is so can you tell me everything? Yeah easy It’s pretty simple Offset is basically the measurement from the center of the wheel to the hub Right. That’s all it is. So the center of the wheels there its back down to where the face of that hub. Exactly. Right. It’s pretty easy to measure up if you’ve got Like a quick way of doing it will get you within a millimeter or so Basically, all you got to do is find a nice flat surface a couple of rulers Put your glasses on So that’s 182 let’s call it. The overall width of the wheel. Overall width of the wheel. So 182. Get your handy calculator Yep. 182 divide that by 2 Okay. 91 is your center of the wheel. Okay, cool. Alright, so from there We took the wheel er the tire off this earlier, by the way Then you just go through from the center through to here 85 ah 91-85 Equals 6. +6. +6. So is there a way we can do to prove that you’re not fibbing, huh? Yes so 13×6.5 +6. So let’s, do you have another wheel. Yep, grab another one. I’m excited I want more What’s it off? What car is it off? My god, that’s enormous That’s a, that’s a a a a… Is it mmm a long champ? This is a long champ if you’re in if you’re… Okay, I’m gonna. See if, you see if your math’s work Alright ready. Dude your ruler is not big enough? Turn it over. So whoever owns this wheel, I’ll be really gentle with it. I promise now this is one we’re gonna have for sales That’s one of yours. Ok, so I’ll do the calculation over here for you. All right, it’s a nine and a half Okay, so it’s nine and a half inch wheel and I ran like that and then we go put your little ruler on yeah, and we’re at two hundred and sixty seven. 267. Yep. Divide that by two so halfway point is 133 so around there somewhere. 133.5. So now we go through here. Through there. Then we put your ruler. Straight across the face So you try and get your rule as flat as possible, get it right in the middle there. Oh I see and then put this ruler across. Yep. I’ve got… Go and clamp it with your fingers. 167 Minus 167 -33 That’s really that sticks out and the other thing is I’ve said also like If you’ve got a +55 wheel is actually further in toward the car actually so negative offset This is what they call they negative offset. Is that right? Yep So basic way to think of it, if you’ve got a positive egg a positive offset, there’s the guard of your car You know positive pushes it further we get more negative pushes it further out right And I guess one of the one of the considerations with that as well is that so Subaru’s for example at plus 55 So that’s in a long way but that’s partly because they’re 4 wheel drive and partly because otherwise they can’t turn right like that’s correct if you got too much offset on the front you’re gonna hit. Collect the guard on the way through. Which is a consideration for our Mira wheel Yes, but we widen that too much. Yeah, we might hit stuff. Absolutely I’m just gonna I’m just gonna take I’m gonna just borrow this wheel. Thanks mark appreciate it. No worries See you mate. Thank you. Bye. Oi! Now I bought them as a set but obviously maybe someone put two pairs together, but they’re a different size There are different size. They’ve got different lip so they are made at different ages So these are quite a bit older than those. These are probably late 80s, and these are early 80s These are really old. Oh right? Yeah, and they’ve got different valves in them. Ah, the valves the valves are valves are valves . Yeah. Okay, and so what so we need to check. Oo, these look like they were silver originally So we need to check the offset difference. Can I use your trick your offset trick? so. Same thing. Overall height of 192 or not even. 190 190? And then , or 192 it looks like And then we have that. Divided that by 2 ya? 95 minus Shot that down like that push it down hard and then sort of clamp it together with your thumb. Oh okay, 87 Eight. Okay, so they’re. Yeah. They’re +8 +6 Looks like they’re 2 mil different. Well, I don’t have that really makes a difference. They’ve got a different. This is the older style barrel and lip’s pretty much the same. It’s a little bit extra there, which is why its a little bit wider. Yeah So The fact that they center the same makes this a bit easier, right? Because we just end up putting four new lips. We can do for new lips, yep And the barrels. We got up to eight inch wide, you know on lips I don’t need ’em that wide. That’s ridiculous. The last thing to talk about before I leave you because I understand this, this is a quite lengthy process You can’t just do it in a day as much as that would be nice No. Because you guys have to get the barrels made up Yes, we custom-make all the stuff from scratch. All starts off as a flat sheet of metal and then it gets spun and Hardened and machined and you know a whole lot and then polish to within an inch of its life And yeah So that process has to take place and then those come to you and you guys pull this apart Basically, we’ve got to cut through this weld here. This is a sandwich type So the centers in the middle barrels welded to the back and the lips welded to the front So we’ve got to cut through that. We’ll take the lip off and then we’ll Take them right back to back to their undies again All the paint off it. Sandblast it make them look really beautiful. Then we weld them together paint them up paint them up you say. Paint them up. So One one of my pairs is black and one of my pairs is orange Black’s not a good idea you were saying but now it can disappear Well the thing is you’ve got a really great design wheel here. You paint it black you put those two together It’s all that lovely detail just disappears Yes true. You know, so yeah these and these ones especially because you’ve got a nice big lip on it It’s going to be really shiny. They’ve got these little tiny centers. Yep. You can paint it really pop colors. Yeah So look at the difference here with the orange in the black. I know you guys are into fluro I don’t think I can do fluro on this particular car. I mean I get it I totally get it, but I reckon a nice sort of silvery-goldy some kind of Some kind of that. Which is kind of. Is that? That’s a gold right? Yes. This is an original SSR gold that they used to paint it back in the day. Oh, so it’ll be factory color factory color. That’s cool Yeah, and so you pull it all apart Respray it will clean it up sandblast respray it put it back together. I don’t think welding That would be much fun. Personally. I don’t, I couldn’t do it. That’s a hectic job That’s our Mate Elliott with the bead over there is going to do that. Nice And so the new valves we’ll do all new hardware. Yep all new hardware. So we lose the Bunnings bolts Yeah, you’re gonna lose the Bunnings bolts. Awesome, man. And so when I come back we will test fit them. Test fit them. Cool They’re gonna poke worse. no, they’re Gonna poke better. Nah, man, we got it. We got it. Not for this car I mean if I had your car absolutely because it’s made for like crazy JDM wheels, but mine’s a little all wheel drive k-car thing So, it’s got to be like mildly sensible Thanks, man. No worries at all. Awesome. I can’t wait to see ’em. Right? Can’t wait to do ’em. Nice to meet you. No worries, nice to meet you. Maybe I’ll be back for some pokey Mini wheels one day. I hope so. Action Normally when we bring wheels in the first thing we do is spin them all up to make sure they straight and we’ve done that With these and we’ve got these three wheels and then we’ve got this one, which is not real flat. Couple of reasons for that. We’ve got a nice big ding in through there And a nice big ding in through there. So I’d say this has probably come off the car at some stage So I’ll spin it up and you can have a look at it Okay, so you can see the lump there and the lump there But here’s the bit It’s not round Chopped Normally, if you are looking at these wheels you’d go for the black ones because they look a bit better But the orange ones are a far better will and I’ll show you why Here’s the black ones here. If you have a close look at the pitting in here, that’s really bad which the orange ones don’t have Also the fact that one of them’s buckled but there’s pitting all the way around in these lips These are in actually really bad condition but that doesn’t worry us because we’re just gonna chop ’em off anyway. Next part of the process is we’re going to chop the lips off Chop lips off all four of them. That’s why we weren’t weren’t too worried about the Corrosion and these guys here because we just get we’re gonna put new lips up lips on ’em anyway Go a little bit wider. So yeah, they should stick out of his car a little bit further [Music by – The Moog] Okay, we’re up to the machining bit. We do all our machining on a couple of vintage lathes that we have here this one’s actually an old Simmons lathe from 1966. This is a relatively new one 1975. The reason we like these old ones because they don’t make stuff like this anymore We found a few more problems with the black ones. As you see here, there’s quite a bit of corrosion underneath the edge Where the lip was so that’s not real flashy but the bad thing is If you look here this is corrosion, this is corrosion this is corrosion, but That is corrosion, so Why you bring me junk, Martin? We’re going to change the wheel nut style on Marty’s wheels because shank nuts are frankly a bit of a pain They’re pretty hard to deal with So what we’re going to do is we’ll drill them out to sudo an acorn style nut with a Tapered seat. That means drilling it out using this big drill On the old Bridgeport that you see right behind me here. [Music by – The Moog] You might remember earlier I pointed out that Martin’s wheel had a little bit of corrosion. Well it does. I just put it through the blaster and Hello there As you can see it’s come right through the other side With the expert prep done it’s time for me to come back and be work experience kid. I’m here with Elliot at Barrel Brothers we have Well, that’s not the whole wheel. No. No, it’s just just the lip, just the lip. most Important part. so last time we were here. We drop the wheels off. We had a look at ’em and we measured all the offset and everything Yeah, and you guys are gonna get these made is that right? Yeah. So what’s happened is since that day? They’ve been spun heat-treated twice And then we’ve got them and they’re ready to go for the next step. And so this is the original like we all right Yep, and so these are two-piece wheels. They’re kind of it’s a bit of a gray area. Ah, because they’re welded. Yeah, they’re welded, they’re a three-piece but they’re welded together which kind of technically makes them a one-piece, but. Okay. Today they’re almost like two-piece wheels, aren’t they? Yeah, we’ve got that bit in this bit Yeah, and what else do we have to do this to end up with a finished wheel? Well with this particular wheel we have to do a bit of repair on the back there. There’s a bit of corrosion hole Oh, yeah, well and then we’re gonna sand polish this lip Yeah up to a standard that you know, everyone’s happy with. That already looks really polished. It’s not too bad but. Not polished enough Yeah, not enough could be a lot better. And then we piece them together. Yeah, then we are mock it out double check It’s straight true and welding together. Oh, weld that to this. Yeah, then it’s ready for paint and bolt them on Yeah, but the bolts don’t actually do much if they’re welded on, do they? Decorative at best. And then paint the center’s? Yep Yep, then seal it put a valve in it put a tire on it and enjoy. That’s exciting. So, all right. Well, let’s go I’m work experience kid. Just give me pleb jobs and I’ll do ’em Yeah, too easy. Let’s go over to the lathe. A lathe is kind of like a giant drill mounted sideways That’s really useful for things that are round We need to mount our newly pressed wheel lip into the lathe so we can start the polishing process Glove PPE so stylish fashionable and isolating. We’re going to be sanding. So some hand protection is also necessary So Elliot, the idea is here like standing anything right start course get fine. Yep, and we use some of this. Yep Yeah, just be the soapy water. Cool. Just bit of soap help keep it lubricated. Yep. So the paper doesn’t burn out real quick. Yep Yeah, we’ll get started. and then polishing it with? A bunch of mops. Variety compounds like a hard compound. Yep We’ll do that on a different machine. Cool With some machinery fanboying out of the way. It’s time to get to work on our lip. This set of four lips It’s probably about six hours labor Sanding and polishing. Yeah alone. Plus drilling, plus welding. Yeah, all the repairs and painting ’em, right? Yeah, and painting. You can feel it biting into the metal It’s kind of hypnotizing actually watching it. Yeah Sometimes you will walk away a bit of a head spin. Yeah, dizzy. That’s about five minutes worth of polishing. Yep on 180 Yeah, and sort of once you’re seeing like a once you seeing like an even. Yes. sort of dulled out finish. Yeah Consistent even finish across the whole thing any kind of any discrepancies on the surface that kind of tells you you haven’t sanded enough Yeah, there’s get more sanding Yep and then we move on to the next paper and just do the same thing and it gets Finer and finally a little bit smoother a little bit smoother each time until. And the purpose of this is to get it like mirror? Finish, right? Yeah. Because you could do a brushed aluminium look and it would look something like that Yeah brushed aluminium a maybe. Yeah, you probably got a couple more grades higher and then just leave it at that. Done But we’re goin’ mirror. Yeah. Alright, let’s get our mirror happening. Mirror on the Mira. Next grade [Music by – The Moog] Sanding finished. It looks good. Like it’s um, it’s shiny. I like obviously shinier than started It’s already got a little bit of a luster going Yeah. Basically next step’s polishing. And polishing is basically flattening out even that gray. Yeah. What grit were you at, at the end there? Twelve hundred. Yeah, okay. And now we probably got to polish it out twelve hundred lines. Yeah Yeah, so obviously the idea of the sanding is started with something really aggressive to knock all the imperfections down yeah, and then each pa- greater paper just knocks those imperfections finer and finer and finer until you can in polish those to a Reflective surface. Mirror wheels. So you’ve got different buffing pads. Are they all the same? They’re all for the most part They’re all the same kind of construction with different diameters for different wheels different widths depending on the application Yep, you know some wheels you’re only polishing a small area. So it’s Big wide mops are a waste of time Sure So and we work various grades compound. That’s a kind Of course one finer one for later on. And you add that into the buffing wheel. Yeah, yeah, yeah Tools and especially power tools have the ability to seriously hurt you PPE or personal protective equipment Can often be overlooked because it can take time to put on and slow down your flow But it can also save you from a trip to the hospital From something like your face being smashed by a stray flying piece of aluminium As it is, as it’s spinning like that, for example. It’ll grab it? It”ll grab that edge and just pull it away. Owwallll It’s certainly a lot harder then polishing with your power ball at home Certainly is man, but look at the result. Like that’s amazing. Yeah looking so good. Significant difference Imma, let you do it so it doesn’t bite me Many hours of experience on this tool means Elliott can complete the task without too many flyaways that doesn’t mean he hasn’t experienced them and the protection equipment has saved his bacon more than once. With that our lip polishing is complete. It’s amazing. Just how shiny you can make what used to be just a run-of-the-mill piece of aluminium That looks incredible. Yeah. Yeah. It’s got a really good luster goin. This bits done now, right? Yeah Yeah, that stage is done for now. And so that’s the same metal. Like that’s how it came raw out of a machine Yeah, and that’s what we’ve turned it into. Exactly. That’s amazing. Yeah, it’s literally like a mirror Yeah. Cool so we can leave that aside for now. And yeah now we just get started on this one. Yeah focus on repairing that Corrosion, get rid of all the crud. Yep, and then just fill it with weld Yep, grind it back. Weld it up grind it back machine it flat. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah make it as seamless as possible [Music by – The Moog] So we’ve ground the weld, the repair back using a really sort of fine flap disk And, yeah, you can you can hardly tell except for the change in color It looks pretty good Prepared man, yeah, that’s good that look at amazing. I couldn’t tell you we’re on there it was Yeah, that’s the point. That’s awesome. Yep, make it as seamless as possible. Yep And what’s next? Next we’ll be putting that lip on, that we just polished. Yeah Weld ‘er on. Weld ‘er on. Let’s go. As with all welding preparation of the surface can have a huge effect on the finish quality Aluminium in particular needs to be clean of any substances like oil that will contaminate the weld pool But before we can weld we need to preheat the wheel If this was just welding a lip and a barrel together without the center in the middle. We wouldn’t need to do this. Ah, because that acts as a heat sink, does it? Yeah, just suck all the heat, takes a long time to heat it up. Next Elliot AC tig welds the whole way around the wheel. Joining the lip and the barrel together It’s looking good Elliot, so that’s welded. Yeah, and it’s cool down it’s no longer gonna burn our hands off Yeah still slightly toasty but that’s kind of nice because it just got cold here. Yeah We masking it? Yeah. In theory it might make sense to paint the center’s first, but being at they’re welded into the rest of the wheel There’s a good chance. The paint would be affected by the heat of the welding process Because of that we need to go old-school and start masking up the wheel so we can paint the center’s This process isn’t any different to our video a few years back on wheel painting and just like welding Preparation is key Nice! Look at that. That’s the crisp clean edge. Love it Benny! Look who it is! Hey mates. He’s everywhere! One minute 240 zed. Benny there. Next minute Mira wheels. What do you think? You like my finished wheels? I like it Nice and plain? I like the, yellow dish. Just kidding we’re gonna paint him he talked me into it He knows wheels. Like he owns this joint. Why’d you do this to a Datsun Owner? Don’t hate on the Datsuns. Be careful. Masking is all done on all four wheels, but you all had the same treatment as the one we did today And they’re almost- including the backs. So the mounting surface that goes on the actual hub. That’s all like masked up So it doesn’t get paint on it, and the rest of it He’s freaking out ’cause I’m damaging my own wheels And the rest of it will be painted the same color, which is gonna look awesome So we take into the paint booth and we paint ’em. We’ll preps all ’em first. Preps all? And then, yeah, we’ll take ’em out. Preps all is the generic name often given to cleaning solutions that are used to clean materials before painting. That way you don’t end up With foreign objects under your paint or any contaminants that may prevent your paint from sticking properly After a thorough clean we can get our wheels into the booth and then mix up our paint So the next step is painting these awesome wheels We’re gonna paint them in Gold. It’s actually the original color. We spoke about the last time we’re here I believe I’m not allowed to paint them in black, which is what I would normally do, but it makes it all disappear It looks crap in these guys who do wheels every single day said no so I’m gonna go with it and we Negotiated and said they might let me put cap screws in the wheels instead of the old-school bolts But only if I paint it not black This is like a cooking show, you know Except we’re cooking stuff that’s cooler than food The first step is primer, which sets us up with a nice layer that adheres well to the base material Then it’s base coat which is the color coat which will sit on top of the primer being an activated two-part paint a Chemical reaction takes place that makes it dry superfast. Our base coat is gold that’s been color matched to an original set of these wheels The wheels are prepped. The paint’s in the gun. It’s now time to paint. It’s about to get noisy as hell in here So we’re just gonna get into it. Ready? Let’s do it It is possible to do this job with spray cans But it may take a bit longer and you may not get the same coverage as you will with a gun The benefit of two-part paint is that it sprays on really smoothly for good coverage and flashes off quickly Meaning you can recoat in a short period of time The primers flashed off We’re gonna throw some of these base coat on and then some clear coat. Here we go Metallic base coats like this often spray on fairly thin so you need to do multiple coats to get good coverage and depth of color Once the clear coat is on top By changing the fan on the gun. It allows us to shoot the paint into the tight crevices We can then open the fan up to paint the face of the wheels So the wheels have their first coat of color and they’re looking freakin awesome I’m not normally a fan of gold But I think it’s just gonna work being that these guys do wheels every day for a living And mechanical Stig agrees, also I think gold is the way to go and I’m slowly coming around It’s gonna be awesome. We’ll throw a few more coats on throw some clear on and we’ll be done The base coat is looking awesome Eliot then checks the wheels out in the sunlight to make sure there’s no runs or light spots so all our base coats are on our primer and then our color and now It’s time for clear which protects it and makes it shiny right yes gives it production from the elements Protection from UV rays. Yep. Stops paint failing basically. Makes it shiny Yeah, you can buff it up – hey, once it like dry for a while? It’ll look epic. Same gun touch up gun Yep, same gun. A touch up gun is a miniaturized spray gun. That’s handy for doing smaller spray jobs like this one Clear coat can be applied a little less cautiously than the base coat as a run in the paint can be fixed afterwards. We’re still doing multiple coats So there’s a nice thick layer of paint protecting the center’s and so the plan from here is we unmask Oh, I’m just gonna leave them for a bit. You know, they’re gonna dry and there’s a few more steps to do next time So to come back in a couple days start next time And enough, that’s it, right? Yeah, they’re done for him. All right, let’s unmask ’em The wheels are looking amazing compared to when I first got them in a few days time, we’ll come back and finish the process off So some time has passed and our wheels are dry. Yeah. Yeah nice and dry ready to go. Ready for the next step So what is the next step because I’m it’s it looks like I could go put that on my car now But there’s some stuff missing, right? Yeah, so it needs bolts need to seal needs a valve put in it Back of it needs to clean up, you know a bit of a brush. Yep, a little finishing touch There is no valve because when you when you put the new lip on you’ve got no spot for it, right, correct? Yeah, so what’s that involved? I just drilling a hole out to the right size wherever you want pretty much. Yeah Well, the other ones will match it off that not cool it try and keep it in the original location so so bolt valve tidy up Last little buff. Yeah, stick a tire on it. Yeah, stick that back on it. Yeah. Oh man We’re getting close the bolts on the front are mostly decorative But do need to be replaced the shiny aluminium and gold works really nicely and with a little bit more work These wheels would be ready to go You happy with the color yeah looks good. Hey, yeah, it’ll sort of sparkle when it’s out in the Sun – yeah It’s been a pretty interesting learning process Watching Elliott works because I just said to him then that’s like, “oh, look there’s some wheel weight glue things on the back I’m like no one will ever see it you guys still gonna do it But just because you mean to do it, you gotta do it right. It’s pretty cool Try it’s a process that you you try and apply in your life as much as possible, but don’t always have the time Perfect! Done! Look at it. Now it’s perfect! Gettin there Quick polish and then brush you’re getting to the point end. Cool man Elliot gives the lips one final touch up on the polisher wheel of death and then can get to work cleaning up the rest of the wheel using scotch brite pad This gives the wheel weight a clean surface to stick to Looks nice and clean and prepares the welded area for sealant So Elliot these wheels originally Had bolts that look like that, right? So is that that’s sort of what they come with from the factory? Yeah, like a just a kind of standard m8 bolt with a flange mount on the front Yep. Pretty standard. Stainless steel I’m guessing? The original ones are zinc. We use stainless steel just as a bit of a neater finish Yep. last bit longer Yeah, the other option is these. Yeah, and last time we were here I think we spoke about using cap screws instead just for a slightly different look because I kind of when I first got these wheels and I saw the the nuts on the end of ’em, it feels like it’s I don’t know. It feels like an adjustment that you shouldn’t have because it they’re sort of decorative aren’t they at this point? Yeah Yeah, they they do add to the integrity. But it without the bolts there. They’re strong enough on their own without the bolts anyway So really they are decorative And I’m thinking also like because the car will be like a black color with the black cap screws shiny wheels gold I think this is gonna be like it’s all gonna tie together nicely ties all the color. And customizes it slightly as well So yeah, I think that’s we’re gonna go for. That’s got some kind of washer on it too, right? Yeah. It’s got these aluminium Machined kind of like a washer. Again period-correct. A lot of wheels from this period have ’em. Awesome Yeah, just a little bit of detail something different. Looks great. Let’s throw them in there. Very cool [Music by – The Moog] This is a valve we’re putting in. This one’s metal, which is pretty cool. A lot of the time, you know You’ll see them with a little black plastic caps and like a little rubber sort of valve That’s gonna be a bit more durable. Is that the idea of using these ones? Yeah. Yeah. They’re a bit more durable They last longer and I just little bit better. And it’s period-correct for this wheel. We just have have metal valve stems Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. And so you got a mark there for it. Yep. Throw a hole in it Yeah, we’ll just finish marking it out and away we go You know, you got a sharp drill bit when you get schwarf it looks like that Very cool. We’re getting close. Holes drilled. Valve stems gonna go in Seal it. Silicon, right? Yep. And then that’s it. Put a tire on it. Yeah. Oh man. We’re close. Yeah, let’s do it One of the final steps is to seal the welded area with silicon sealant it’s done this way on the wheels from the factory So to stay as close to the factory spec as possible. We’ll be doing the same Tape is applied either side of the joint while sealing to keep it neat Once the silicon has been applied its tooled down as flat as possible The tape can then be removed the wheel left to dry and we’re ready to install our brand new valve stems Look at that. Done Thank you so much Elliot. No problem. That’s amazing. Like I’m so impressed with the detail And how cruddy they used to look. Yeah. And now like that could be a brand new wheel. Yeah, it’s like and day. Yeah. Yeah It’s as close to new as you can just about get. And you do this every single day. Yeah. And you love it Yeah. That’s awesome, man. Thanks heaps man. See you later. Anytime Mira owner. What a legend The Mira wheels are finished and they look freakin awesome I’m so happy with how they turned out and I’m so impressed that the the craftsmanship and Yeah, thanks Barrel Bothers for letting me come and work experience kid and be part of it And look right at the camera for a sec and just stay there. Don’t move. I’m going to do a slow-motion reenactment Dude that’s like I never knew that like polishing stuff like that would actually be dangerous. Like without that mask on you’d have two noses by now. Power tools man. They’re so full on. I’m so glad I was wearing that gear cuz I wasn’t hurt. I was like shocked Yes? Because I just had this thing coming right at my face, but it fully saved me. I would’ve been in the hospital Well the time that I drilled through my wrist with a 10 mil bit dirty scar there If I was wearing gloves that, like, went down there like leather gloves I probably would have been alright, but instead I’m getting like a hand reconstruction and pulling drill bits out of my arm Anyway, Martin anyway, good job on that that was freaking epic. Mira wheels they look unreal. Was that had a couple of months? all up? Weeks weeks and weeks probably two months actually That’s Crazy. First dropped it off to come back with each process takes a while other things have to get made from scratch. That’s a big job man. It’s pretty big. Question is, do they fit the car? Well, yes, and no no, no, sorry. Yes and no I mean, yes, and no, so yeah It actually no. So I’d kind of hoped that this episode be like look at they’re on the- They’d they fit like the right PCD and stuff, but they don’t fit. But it’s time to call in double-oh-seven, isn’t it Martin? You know what I mean by that? The James Bond effect. See the OG MCM’ers will know what that means. No we’re getting into that- don’t even show ’em man. Don’t even show ’em. The old schoolers know. They know? Yeah that we’re callin it the, yeah. We’re calling it the James Bond effect. You know what that means? If not go watch the 180sx videos So between now and the next episode is when we’re gonna do it So hopefully it works cuz if it doesn’t then there’s no episode or there will be and you’ll be coming with us Yes, either way, it’s gonna look right. It’s gonna be like a mad little JDM nugget and I think that’s everything Martin We’ve got a couple of things here, of course, lots of people servicing their own cars so we’re doing like a little service back here with Mighty Car Mods service labels A chopped key tag to pimp your car keys and our mad Mighty Car Mods gloves. Speaking of PPE. These also save you because when that thing hit my face the next thing it was my hands and it got me right here But it just sort of glanced off it. Yeah I’m so they yeah, they saved me from a bit of- You can get all that stuff from MightyCarMods.com And help support the show. And of course! Chopped hats! You’ve asked for ’em we’ve got them in again there they are Put that on your head and be a boss. Shipped to anywhere in the world where shipping can go Really good shipping prices considering how far Australia is from the rest of the world But get on it. Amazing! Alright, thank you very much everybody. See you next time where it’s gonna be Mira James Bond edition I know you’re gonna say mac and cheese. I’m gonna pump that cream into the seams of each tube of pasta Is that what you’re talking about? I was gonna get wishbone mac and cheese. Is that where we’re going? That’s what I mean, a wishbone mac and cheese. Yeah, I’m keen Hey, what’s this car? This car is the biggest nugget we’ve ever bought, mate. Sounds really- This is how you know, it’s a nugget listen to this [Door Squeek-Thud] Whoa! Alright, mac and cheese Let’s go man. Epic so when you spend your time with some guys who are really into wheels and You bring super gramps, and then they see the condition of your wheels. The wheels didn’t stay on there for very long And so they tidied up the lips of these which now look amazing They’re really a little bit messy when I got them and I’m sure I’ve done some gutter work on the ones as well But they came up really good. They’ve all been polished I give it a mad clean when I get back and put them back on the car

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