Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk v Toyota LandCruiser Prado Altitude|

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk v Toyota LandCruiser Prado Altitude|

Jeep’s recently updated Grand Cherokee range
now includes the off-road focussed Trailhawk variant as part of their full-time line up. But just how does it compare to Toyota’s
strong selling Landcruiser Prado when push comes to shove? The mid-range Grand Cherokee Trailhawk offers
plenty of off-road goodies for your coin. Powered exclusively by a 3-litre turbo diesel
V6, it features an 8-speed automatic transmission, Quadro drive 4×4 system, air suspension, rear
limited slip-diff and hill descent control. It’s also endowed with an underbody bash
plate and meaty recovery hooks, an anti-glare bonnet and 18-inch alloy wheels with all-surround
tyres. Toyota’s limited-edition Prado Altitude
follows a similar recipe, albeit without the grunt of the Grand Cherokee. Power comes from a 2.8-litre, 4-cylinder turbo
diesel engine made into a 6-speed automatic transmission and dual range transfer box. The Prado also includes hill descent control
and a simple 4 high/4 low selector, but doesn’t include adjustable air suspension at this
price point. The Grand Cherokee does feel more car-like
to drive but it’s still a very capable, if firm, riding 4×4. The engine is gutsy and the transmission is
generally very cooperative. It’s got a really easy to use 4-wheel drive
system that takes a lot of the guesswork out of serious off-roading. For off-road, the Prado is in its element. The suspension deals with anything you throw
at it and the grip on gravel is really impressive. But the lack of engine torque is really evident,
especially in hard going. Whichever way you look at it, 120 newton metres
is a lot of oomph. There are clear differences in clearance and
geometry too. Jeep offers more ground clearance and superior
approach and departure angles, while also winning the braked towing battle. The Toyota claws back valuable off-road points
with its tighter turning circle and greater wading depth. Jeep’s there and back warranty is also worth
keeping in mind. It offers two years more than Toyota’s with
service intervals which will see you visiting the Service Department less frequently. And the Grand Cherokee certainly offers more
technology and a little extra cargo space as standard. Its five-seat only configuration means it
doesn’t offer the same level of family friendly flexibility as the Prado Altitude. But with its modern car-like feel behind the
wheel and impressive value to money proposition, it’s the Jeep Grand Cherokee that takes
the win here. It mightn’t have the bullet-proof reputation
of the Prado, but with Jeep’s longer warranty showing serious commitment to its product… And considering the ability and value demonstrated
here… The Grand Cherokee takes the win on this occasion.

About the Author: Michael Flood


  1. The Prado will still command c. $30k in 10 years and be operating flawlessly. The Jeep will be in the backpacker price range. How the hell could you guys award a win to that abysmally unreliable piece of junk. It's FCA crap with an Alabama ML chassis. I smell bribery. The Prado wins hands down off road. You forget to mention it has a live axle rear end and a diff lock, a transmission and transfer case that durability wise are worlds above the Jeep too. Don't get me started on the air suspension your GC tester was equipped with. As far as service goes, no engine has any business going 20kms between oil changes, a sure-fire recipe for a sub 200kms lifespan.

  2. I own a trailhawk and it is awesome. love the air ride and ground clearance. never had any issues with it. tows great as well!

  3. As a Jeep owner, I can say, warranty is great. What's not great is that the car still breaks and spends most of it's time with the dealer. Inconvenient is an understatement! Gonna trade it in for a toyota as sonn as I get it back.

  4. I rent a lot of cars and have rented shit ton of toyota, camrys, corollas, highlander, 4 runners , i can say they are most dull boring fucking cars on the planet. And plus they look like shit. Never have i ever got a compliment on a toyota. On the other hand rented a grand cherokee, drives amazing and looks cool. Plus u get compliments . Reliability might be a issue, but tbh new cars come with warranties so that's not an issue. Plus new jeeps are pretty reliable

  5. Just because the GC doesn't have 7 seats doesn't mean it's not family friendly. I'd say it's more family friendly since there is more space to carry the family gear on or off-road. Plus, there is better visibility without having two additional headrest getting in the way. If you want 7 seats, buy a van or bus.
    Also, the spare tire is inside the GC which makes it easier to access when needed in lieu of the Prado's spare tire being underneath the vehicle.

  6. Jeep is a car for trashy people not a car for family. I would not treat LC 2008 to a brand new GC because that Jeep will break more. It is waste of time

  7. Sounds like some Yank hating to me. Lol.
    Spend the money and get a real LC.
    Got one with 658K miles and still pulls my 33 foot yellowfin.
    Tons of them in Doha with more than 1M kms on them.
    Hard, desert kilometers.
    Prado is what we buy the women to drive.
    Bunch of wanks.

  8. The Prado bores me to death, but the Prado won't let you down with transmission, electrical, water leaks etc, etc… Japanese production line vs. American production line, the Jeep is almost a guaranteed lemon.

  9. both vehichles were built for chicks and neither one is that capable off road even with all the gadgets. these are not the type of vehichles you buy so you can go off roading.
    that being said ill take the Jeep over that toyota any day

  10. You heard the saying ‘Cheap shit’, well that was some bias ‘Jeep Shit’. Prado in actual fact would fuck that Jeep over 10 times.

  11. O AND this. Take this as a Jeep warning if you are thinking of buying a shit Jeep

  12. I'll admit the Jeep is a better daily driver, because it's just better on-road, and it gets better fuel economy. But nothing can touch the Prado's reliability and durability. Although you can get lucky and buy a reliable Grand Cherokee. I've seen people do that, and they're excellent vehicles.

  13. Yeah my jeeps transmission is gone twice now, a mechanic warned me this would happen at 100,000kms and he was right on the money. Its costing overv$8,000 I just question the quality I don't think I'd buy another one

  14. The new Trailhawks rule hands down. Plus Jeep created off-roading. No auto has a 4X4 drive train like jeeps and they rule.

  15. Not really a fair comparison though.. Trailhawk (a top spec) vs Altitude (low spec), of course the Trailhawk is going to win… dumbasses (fyi, i have a Prado LE, and a JGC Limited), they both have pros and cons, but id have to give the win to the Prado in offroad and probably the JGC for on road, but a very close race..

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