Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door Barricade Roof Rack Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JK 4-Door Barricade Roof Rack Review & Install

Hey, guys, it’s Sara from And today, we have a review and install of
the Barricade roof rack in textured black, fitting your ’07 through ’18 Ford or Jeep
Wrangler JK, but is also available for the two-door options. This roof rack provides your Jeep with extra
cargo space, and has a weight capacity of 350 pounds, plus it has removable cross bars
for complete customization. Coming in at around $450, this roof rack is
towards the lower end price-wise, but if you’re just looking to add some extra storage to
your Jeep without breaking the bank, this will get the job done. I’m giving this install a two out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. It can be done in approximately two hours,
and does feature a direct bolt up installation. However, there is quite a bit of adjustability
to get all the bars lined up, so I would grab a friend for this one. The front and rear bars also have tabs for
the addition of lighting, and are interchangeable to accommodate most lighting options. All right. With that said, let’s jump right into our
install. For this install, we used an impact gun, ratchet,
18, 16, and 13-millimeter sockets, a swivel, a small extension, razor knife, T40 Torx,
5-millimeter Allen key, the included Allen key, and a 13-millimeter wrench. So, the first step of our install, we’re going
to remove the four bolts holding the side of the windshield in using a T40 Torx. Repeat that process on the other side. So, before we can bolt up the pieces that
go to our windshield, we do wanna put these foam strips on them so it doesn’t damage the
paint. Peel back on the adhesive and stick it to
the back of the plate so it’ll bolt against your Jeep. So, you will need to trim this down in order
to fit and not stick out past this bracket. So, flip this over, grab a razor knife, and
trim the edge here, as well as into both of the bolt holes so you can get the bolts through. Repeat that process with the rest of these
brackets. This one you’ll have to trim a little bit
farther back this way as well, because it does only mount to the body on this small
plane. Using a straight edge or another piece of
metal, don’t forget to cut out your bolt holes. Repeat that set for your other bar. Now, we can install these onto the Jeep using
the factory hardware. Grab your T40 Torx socket and tighten these
down. So, before we can install our passenger side
windshield bar, we do need to install this cross bar. They recommend putting a towel in place just
so you don’t scratch your windshield or your paint while you’re doing this. Now, we can install our passenger side windshield
bar, first putting it on the cross bar. Now, you can reinstall the factory hardware. So, before we tighten down the hardware on
our passenger side window bar, we do wanna make sure that our Allen key hardware goes
through these holes holding on your cross member. You may need to turn the bar a little bit
to line it up, but once you do, and saw your washer and lock nut, grab a 5-millimeter Allen
key and a 13-millimeter wrench and tighten this down. Grab your Allen head hardware and install
it on the other side. Grab your 5-millimeter Allen key and 13-millimeter
wrench and tighten this down. With our cross bar bolted in place, we can
now tighten down our passenger side windshield bar. All right. So, when it comes to the back of your Jeep,
you do have two options. If you have an aftermarket bumper like we
do, it’s very simple, you just pick this larger bracket and it bolts right to the side of
your frame. Now, if you’d like to keep your factory bumper,
you have two options, you can choose this bracket, which mounts to your body, but it
does require drilling into the side of your Jeep, or you can choose to use this mounting
position to your frame, but it does require cutting into your factory bumper. But we have an aftermarket bumper on our Jeep,
so we’re gonna go ahead and get this mounted. Using your 18-millimeter socket, remove these
two bolts holding on your bumper. All right. So, if you have an aftermarket bumper that
is on the outside of the frame here, you will need to use a spacer, but it’s nice that they
include that. Ours is on the outside, so let’s put the spacer
in position and get your hardware installed. Install the provided hardware into the mount
on the bumper. Once these bolts are in, grab an 18-millimeter
socket and tighten them down. You may also want an extension or a swivel
extension for here. Now, you can tighten down the front two bolts
with a 16-millimeter socket. Repeat those steps on the other side. Grab your plate, line it up with your bolt
holes, and then line up our bracket. Grab the included hardware and thread it into
the holes for the bumper. Grab your 18-millimeter socket and tighten
these down. Grab a 16-millimeter socket and tighten these
down. At this point, we can set our Y-bar in place
onto the brackets that we just mounted, and then get our cross bars installed. Grab your cross bar and install it into the
front section. So, this long bar is quite a tight fit. If for some reason it doesn’t slide in nicely
with just the play on this Y-bar, you can loosen up the bolts at your frame and windshield
just a little bit to give it that little extra play so it slides into place. But with that said, let’s hop over to our
passenger side and our rear bar. Finally, we can install the rear bar. Once it’s in place, grab your hardware. Once your hardware is installed, grab a 5-millimeter
Allen key and a 13-millimeter wrench and tighten it down. Repeat that process with the rest of the hardware
for the rest of our roof rack. With all of our bolts installed in the body
of the roof rack, we can now install these cross bars. Line them up to each hole on each side of
the roof rack, grab the long Allen hardware and the knob, and tighten it down. Use the included Allen key to hold the bolt
head down while you turn the knob up top. Repeat that process with the rest of the cross
bars. Now, you can repeat that process with the
other side of the bars. So, now if you’d like, you can add these rubber
caps the top of your knob, and if you’re not gonna add a light bar right away, you also
may wanna cap off the front of this bar. But that is gonna do it for the review and
install of this roof rack. Remember, for all things Jeep, keep it at

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  2. I keep belaboring the fact, but I am compelled…
    ANTISIEZE is your friend, people. Liberal and proper use will prevent headaches down the line. A small bit of black touch up paint with a few Q-tips would be great, too.

  3. I really want to get this roof rack but I’m worried it won’t fit in my garage after installation. How high above the Jeep hardtop does it extend?

  4. Hey in this installation video the front and rear crossbars are installed in the wrong positions. I have this roof rack and have watched previous installation videos and the front crossbar has the 4 light bucket sections and the rear has 2, in this video the rear and front are mismatched.

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