Jeep Wrangler JK Barricade Front Skid Plate (2010-2018) Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JK Barricade Front Skid Plate (2010-2018) Review & Install

Hey, guys. It’s Sara from And today, we have a review and install of
the Barricade Front Skid Plate in Textured Black, fitting your 2010 through 2018 Jeep
Wrangler JK. This skid plate features heavy-duty stainless
steel construction with a textured black powder coat finish providing protection to the underside
of your Jeep. So, it is worth noting that the skid plate
is specifically designed for this Barricade Trail Force HD front bumper. It will not work with the factory bumper without
extensive modifications. But if you already have this bumper or if
you’re in the market for a bumper, this skid plate is a nice add-on to give you a little
extra protection. Coming in at around $15, this is a budget-friendly
way to add protection to the underside of your Jeep, especially if you take your Jeep
off-road frequently. I’m giving this install a one out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. It can be done in approximately one hour and
features direct bolt up installation. All right, with that said, let’s jump right
into our install. For this install, we used an impact gun, 3/8
ratchet, 16-millimeter wrench, a deep and also shallow 18-millimeter socket, deep 17-millimeter
socket, and a swivel. All right, so, the first step in our uninstall
is to remove the bumper by removing all the 18-millimeter bolts on either side of the
crash bar. And also you need to unplug your fog lights
to get this off. Remove the connectors from each fog light. And then with your 18-millimeter socket, remove
the nuts on the back of your crash bar. Repeat that process on the other side. With all the bolts removed and our fog lights
unplug, grab the bumper and remove it from your Jeep. Now, we can grab our skid plate and the supplied
hardware and get it bolted up at the back brackets behind the craft bar on the Jeep. Line up the bracket on your skid plate with
the back of the crash bar on your Jeep. And using the smaller provided hardware, get
it bolted up. And we’re gonna leave these hand tight for
now, because we do have to get it lined up in three other mounting positions. Repeat that on the other side, again, leaving
at hand tight until we have all of our bolts in. So, using the provided hardware, we’re gonna
slide one of the larger bolts into the front crash bar here just to keep it lined up while
we tighten down the bolts of the back of the skid plate. Using a 16-millimeter wrench and a 17-millimeter
deep socket, tighten down the bolts at the back of your crash bar. Repeat that with the other bolt. At this point, you can remove the bolt that
you put in here just to make sure it was lined up. At this point, we can grab our bumper and
get it lined back up on our Jeep. Replace the hardware over your studs and tighten them down with an 18-millimeter
socket. Don’t forget to plug back in your fog lights. Repeat that process on the other side. All right. So once you’ve tightened down all the hardware
holding on your bumper, that’s gonna do it for the review and install of this skid plate. Remember for all things Jeep, keep it at

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  2. So, I have this exact combo. Build and quality are really nice…very tough bumper and skid plate. But the design of putting the skidplate between the bumper and crashbar is really poor and keeps your bumper and hardware from making flat contact. And your install completely ignored the darn near impossible bolt and nut on the inside of each mounting plate on the crash bar.

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