Jeep Wrangler JK Raxiom LED Tail Light Review & Install

Hey, guys. Sara from And today we have a review and install of
the Raxiom LED Tail Lights fitting your ’07 through ’18 Jeep Wrangler JK. If you’re tired of your red OEM lenses, once
illuminated, these LEDs will shine through the smoked lenses and last much longer than
OEM bulbs. If you’re tired of the red OEM lens and looking
to do a complete 180 style-wise, these smoked lenses will give your Jeep a unique and modern
look. Coming in at around $200, these are one of
the most budget-friendly options for a smoked LED tail light. I’m giving this install a one out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. It features a direct bolt-up installation
with no wiring or modification required and can be done in 30 minutes. All right. With that said, let’s check out how we install
these. For this install, you will need: a Phillips
head screwdriver, a 5.5-millimeter socket. And an optional but helpful tool includes
an impact gun with a Phillips head socket. All right. So, the first step in our uninstall is to
remove the headlight using the two Phillips head screws on the inside. We’re gonna use a Phillips head socket but
a regular screwdriver will work. With our tail light out, we need to remove
this connector by pressing down on this tab and pulling it out. All right. Before we can get our tail light installed
on our Jeep, we do need to install this resistor onto the small bracket. Grab your resistor and line it up with the
corresponding holes on the bracket, install the small Philips head bolts
and the corresponding nut loosely. Grab the other bolt, install it on the other
side of the resistor. With these both loosely in grab a 5.5-millimeter
socket to hold the nut in place and a Phillips screwdriver to tighten it down. All right. Now, we can install it on our Jeep. Before we can bolt up our headlight, we need
to mount our resistor on the inside of the Jeep here. Using these two metal clips, line up your
resistor bracket and slide them over top of the Jeep. Now, we can reconnect our wiring harness and
get our light mounted on our Jeep. Grab the connector on your Jeep and grab the
connector on your tail light. Make sure you do hear a click and these are
connected snugly. Tuck your wiring in and then line your tail
light up. It helps to line this up if you get the two
tabs on the outer side lined up and then slide the tail light in. Reinsert the screws
and tighten them down. Now, that we have our Raxiom tail light installed
on our Jeep, we can see it side by side with you. All right. So, that is gonna do it for our review and
install. Remember for all things Jeep, keep it at

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