Jeep Wrangler JK Steinjager Adjustable Poly/Poly Chrome Moly Track Bar – Red Baron Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JK Steinjager Adjustable Poly/Poly Chrome Moly Track Bar – Red Baron Review & Install

Hey, guys. Today, I’m here with the Steinjager Poly/Poly
Chrome Moly Track Bar in red baron, fitting all 2007 to 2018 JK Wranglers with zero to
six inches of lift. So there’s a lot of suspension parts going
on with your Wrangler and all of those are responsible for a certain task and the track
bar is responsible for re-centering your axle. So this is gonna be perfect for the JK owner
who has either lifted their Wrangler and got a lift that didn’t have a track bar or a track
bar relocation bracket and is looking to re-center their axle. Now, this is also gonna be perfect for just
the standard Jeep owner who doesn’t even have a lift and is just looking to do a little
bit of extra maintenance on their Wrangler, if they have a worn, damaged or even bent
track bar and are looking for a good replacement. Now, this option by Steinjager is obviously
going to be in red baron, so it is going to be perfect for somebody who’s looking to add
a pop of color underneath their Jeep or also match a red color scheme that they already
have going on. Now, this is also going to be for somebody
who’s looking for a very easy to adjust as well as a very easy to maintenance track bar. So this is gonna come with Zerk fittings on
either side and it’s also gonna be double adjustable, which means you don’t have to
disconnect your track bar in order to adjust it and it’s also gonna be very convenient. Now, with all that being said, this is actually
gonna be really affordable and very averagely priced for a track bar, roughly $150. Now, there are a couple of different styles
of track bars on the page and they’re all gonna have their benefits and drawbacks. Now, this is going to have poly fixed bushing,
so it’s gonna have polyurethane fixed bushings at either side. However, it is gonna be double adjustable,
so you do get a kind of a drawback and kind of a perk out of this. Now, in comparison to some other more expensive
options, usually those more expensive options are gonna have a bunch of those perks or some
more bells and whistles. So they may be double adjustable but also
have double heim joints, meaning they’re gonna have a little bit more of some range and motion
and better articulation in comparison to a fixed joint. Now, my personal opinion, I don’t really think
that’s all that bad. I still think this is a good product. And in comparison to some other options that
you may see on the website, some of those that are more cost-effective maybe for a single
adjustable which is a little bit more work if you’re looking to adjust this all the time
or it’s going to be for a factory replacement. So, in my personal opinion, I think if you’re
looking for something that is unique, considering the color, it’s also gonna be very easy in
the maintenance, very functional, and very easy to adjust, then this is gonna be the
perfect choice for you. So install is gonna be a two out of three
wrenches on the difficulty meter. And you do have to know your stuff in order
to get this thing bolted up. However, if you do know your stuff, it’s gonna
take you about 30 minutes with the couple of basic hand tools. So speaking of that install, let’s jump into
that now. The tools that I used for my install were
a dead blow, a pneumatic impact, a 5-inch extension, 21-millimeter deep socket, a 7/8-inch
wrench, an adjustable wrench as well as a tape measure. For this install, get the Jeep up and off
of the ground. Now, we are gonna be in the front, so you
want to take off the front wheels as well as tuck the rear wheels, then you can go ahead
and support the axle. I have two pole jacks underneath the axle,
just to make sure that the Jeep is stable when we take off the track bar bolt. Then we’re gonna go ahead and take off our
axle side track bar bolt using a 21-millimeter socket as well as a extension and an impact
wrench. After that bolt’s out and you grab the flag
nut, what we can do is move up to the frame side. So with that same 21-millimeter socket, we’re
going to take off this bolt. Now, there is not gonna be a flag nut on the
other side, there’s going to be a standard flange nut, so I am gonna use a 7/8-inch wrench
to hold that still. All right. So one side is off, what we can do is wiggle
that bolt out and completely remove our truck bar. So before we go ahead and install our new
track bar, I did want to tell you guys a little bit more about this option by Steinjager,
especially in comparison to the factory set up. Now, this is gonna be a lot stronger than
your factory track bar and made of a chrome-moly tubing which is gonna be 11/4-inch thick. So this is gonna resist damage a lot better
than your factory setup. Now this is also going to have a red baron
powder coat on here, which is gonna protect that chrome-moly underneath. What it’s also gonna do is add a pop of color
to your suspension and match with any other red accessories that you have going on underneath
or even outside of your Wrangler. Now, what I do really like about this is the
fact that this is a double adjustable track bar. So basically what that means, so if you do
have to adjust the positioning of your axle, you don’t have to disconnect either side,
all you have to do is loosen up these jam nuts and you’ll be able to adjust it while
it’s on the Jeep being a big time saver and also being very convenient. Now this is also made in chrome-moly, so it
is gonna resist any damage and also lasts a very long time. Now, the other thing that I do really like
about this is the fact that this has polyurethane bushings that’s gonna soak up some residual
energy with your suspension and it’s also going to last a very long time in comparison
to the factory bushings, which can crack over time. Now these also have Zerk fittings on either
end so you can maintenance them and grease them and that’s going to ensure a longer life
span out of this. So, overall, this is going to be a really
good setup, especially in comparison to the factory setup. This is gonna offer you a number of different
benefits that your factory one cannot. So enough about this two side by side. Let’s go ahead and measure this one out so
we can mount it up for our Jeep. So before we go ahead and mount this up, I
would recommend to measure from eye to eye on each of your bushings here. Now, 33 inches is a perfect starting point. I actually just loosen up both these jam nuts,
and put it to 33 inches. Now, it is going to depend on your lift, how
you need to center your axle, how long this is or how short this is. So because this is double adjustable, we can
mount this up and if we need to adjust it we can do that on our Wrangler. So what we’re gonna do now is put our track
bar into place. I would recommend to keep the dust caps in
the Zerk fittings facing up on the axle side and down on the frame side, just so you can
easily access them and you don’t damage them. We can pop this into place. This is gonna rest the axle side on top of
our bracket for now and wiggle this down on in. Now, you want to make sure that the band is
going over the differential. That’s exactly what it’s for. You might have to give it a little tap with
a hammer, just to set it. Then, we can grab our factory bolt, send that
on through and touch the nut on the other side. So I would like to mention that you want to
tighten this down while it’s down on the ground. You don’t want to rip the bushing and you’re
gonna tighten them back down with the same tools that we used to take them off and then
torque each side to 125 foot-pounds. So after we finish up on the frame side, we
can go ahead and attach our axle side. So I’m gonna do…again, let’s just give it
a little tap with the hammer. Now, if it’s not lining up all the way, what
I would recommend is to put it on the ground and have someone turn the steering wheel back
and forth. So ours seems to be lining up pretty good,
so we can send our bolt-on through. Might have to give it a little bit of a tap. So what we’re gonna do is tighten down our
jam nuts before we go ahead and put this on the ground and tighten everything up. So going to make sure that these butt up against
the collar as well as the end of our truck bar here and then we can take an adjustable
wrench and tighten those down. I also would recommend to put some anti-seize
on this if you do have to adjust it in the future. So you have a two-inch lift, you go up to
four, you need to adjust the centering of your axle. It will be really good if this had some anti-seize
on it. It would save you more money. So once that’s backed up to our collar there,
we can take an adjustable wrench and tighten that up. Now, what we can do is put our tires back
on, lower this down on the ground, tighten everything up and torque them each to 125
foot-pounds because we don’t want to tear the bushing tightening it up here, and then
putting all that weight down on the Wrangler. So after you have finished bolting this up,
you would want to put it on the ground, tighten everything down and torque both ends to 125
foot-pounds. Now, in order to adjust it, since we did start
at 33 inches from eye to eye, you’re gonna want to measure from the frame to the end
of your tire, or the outside of your tire, on either side to make sure that they match
up and that your axle is perfectly centered. Now, because this is double adjustable, you
are able to loosen up the jam nuts and adjust this on the Jeep to reset it. Actually, you don’t have to take it apart
again just to adjust it. So after you have finished with that and after
everything is centered and torqued down, then you’re all set to go. So that’s gonna wrap it up from my review
and install. Make sure like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this,
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  2. I'm currently looking to replace my track bar so this video was timely. So many choices out there on the market to choose from.

  3. Would this track bar work with the larger track bar bolts you can get aftermarket? because I know the factory jk bolts are slightly undersized which causes death wobble

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