Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door RedRock 4×4 Rocker Guard Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JL 2-Door RedRock 4×4 Rocker Guard Review & Install

Hey, what’s up, guys? Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain.
And today I’m here with the RedRock 4×4 Rocker Guards, fitting your 2018 and up two-door
Wrangler JL. Now, this is gonna be for those of you Jeep owners that are off-roading enthusiasts
and are looking for a very affordable option to provide some additional side protection
to their off-roading rig. Maybe you’re on a budget or you’re just not
trying to spend that much money and luckily for you, RedRock’s got you covered. RedRock
makes a very affordable option to give you some added peace of mind when you’re on those
trails. Now most of us as Jeep owners, we like to go off-roading and while those moderate
and light trails may not pose a threat to our vehicle, some of those harder trails,
of course, can pose a threat. Now we lift our Jeeps, we throw larger tires
on there, we get additional ground clearance and of course overall increasing the capability
of our Jeeps. This allows us to tackle those harder trails, go further into the woods and
of course go over those larger obstacles. One of the things that we normally overlook
is going to be armor. One of the most vulnerable spots on your Wrangler is going to be that
rocker panel and that pinch weld. If you happen to go over a rock and come down on that, that
can do some serious damage to your Wrangler. Now the factory side steps and those Rubi
rails are gonna provide basic protection, however, if you’re looking for a little more
protection, a little more peace of mind, I would suggest upgrading. RedRock offers a
very affordable option at right around $180. Now these of course can range anywhere from
do it yourself kits at $130 all the way up to over $400, so this is a very affordable
option, give you some added peace of mind and some protection on those trails. Now, these are mounted to the body, they are
actually mounted in two points, so they’re gonna bolt directly to the pinch weld, they’re
also gonna bolt underneath of the tub, this makes them a very strong point, and of course
they’re gonna provide plenty of protection. These are tubular design and while they don’t
function so much as a step, they’re definitely gonna provide a ton of protection. They have
a solid tube that runs all the way underneath of that pinch weld and they extend out a little
bit which is gonna give you some buffer whether you’re just blocking objects on the trails
or if you’re pushing away wayward shopping carts in a parking lot. These are made of
heavy-duty steel tubing and plating, they’re fully welded up and they’re coated in a textured
black powder coating, it’s not only gonna add to that aggressive rugged good looks of
your Wrangler but of course, it’s going to protect your investment from the elements,
adding some additional corrosion protection. Now these are very easy to install, they bolt
directly onto the Jeep utilizing factory mounting points and they come with brand new hardware,
so there’s no drilling or modification required to get these things installed. Now, these
are gonna provide a good amount of protection and of course, RedRock has a ton of other
options that you can check out if you’re looking for a different style or a little more protection. As far as installation goes, I’m gonna give
us a very easy one out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, as you can get both
of these installed in about an hour just using basic hand tools. Now with that being said,
let’s hop into our install. Tools that we used for this install: 13-millimeter socket,
10-millimeter socket, 10-millimeter wrench, ¼-inch drive ratchet, 3/8 drive ratchet. All right, guys, before we kick off this installation,
I wanted to just mention that if you do have factory sidesteps or those Rubi rails, you’re
gonna need to get those off. All of that factory stuff is very easy to uninstall, just held
on with some nuts and bolts and you get to use a 13-millimeter and a 10-millimeter to
get that off, once you get that off, you’re ready to install these. Now before we get
these installed, as you can see we have nothing here, we have nothing to uninstall, we’re
gonna hop right into the install. And I want to show you exactly how these are gonna bolt
on now. We have two mounting points, this front mounting point right here is going to
bolt directly to this pinch weld, we’re gonna have this other bracket, we’re actually gonna
send a bolt up through the floor. So now you get brand new hardware to install these with
and you can see our backside we’re gonna have a little bit longer of a tail section. Like
I said, we’re starting with the driver side. I’m gonna go grab a creeper, grab some hardware
and some tools and we’re gonna get this thing installed. All right, so what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna
pick this up. Obviously, the best way to do this is going to be with the help of a friend
and these mounts are actually gonna go on the backside. So we’re gonna place these on
the backside and we’re gonna start with those bolts that go up through the floor. So we’re
gonna hold this up against our body and we’re gonna start with this hole going up to the
floor. Now you’re gonna use the largest bolt they give you and each one is going to get
a lock washer up against the head of the bolt and then a large flat washer. So we’ll slide
this up and under and then we’ll get that floor bolt started. Now as far as the pinch weld goes, we’re gonna
use the skinny bolts that they give us. We got a ton of flat washers, so each one’s gonna
get a flat washer. We’re gonna go through the outside to the inside, then we’ll get
another flat washer and then we’ll do a nylon lock nut on those. So each mount is gonna
get two of them and then we’ll go up to the front and we’ll get those other ones installed.
So we’ll get this last bolt in and then we’re gonna go ahead and tighten everything up. So to tighten these up, this bolt going up
through the floor, we’re gonna use a 13-millimeter socket and the side bolts and the pinch weld,
we’re gonna use a 10-millimeter socket and a 10-millimeter wrench. I’m gonna start with
the bolt going up through the floor. When you’re tightening these up, you want to make
sure since they do have a little bit of adjustability and play that it’s tied up against this pinch
weld, so we’re gonna pull it towards the outside of the vehicle, we’re gonna tighten up this
bolt. After that, I’m gonna take our 10-millimeter socket and our wrench and we’re gonna tighten
the rest of the stuff up. All right, guys, so now we have this side
completely installed, you can use that same exact process to get the other side installed.
However, that’s gonna wrap up my review and install. For more videos and products like
this, check us out at

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