Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door Smittybilt SRC Side Step Bars Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door Smittybilt SRC Side Step Bars Review & Install

Hey, what’s up, guys? Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain. And today I’m here with the Smittybilt SRC
Side Step Bars, fitting your 2018 and up four-door Wrangler JL. This gonna be for those of you jeep owners
that are looking for a very durable step, it’s gonna provide excellent side and undercarriage
protection. This a great way to change up the look of
your Jeep and gain some ease of access into your vehicle, especially for those of you
that are lifted whether you’re just hopping in the cab or you’re reaching any items that
you may have stored up top. Now these provide excellent side and undercarriage
protection making them perfect whether you deflecting shopping carts in a parking lot
or you’re hitting those trails. Now these have a very unique design that’s
gonna set them apart from the rest and they’re made from heavy-duty tubing with welded in
step plates that’s gonna add to the structural integrity. Whole thing’s finished off with a very nice
textured black powder coating that’s gonna add to the aggressive styling. It’s also gonna provide corrosion resistance
which is going to protect your investment from the elements. Now these come as a set so you’re getting
the passenger and driver side and they are completely bolt-on design so there’s no drilling
or modification required. As far as price goes, they are middle of the
road coming in right around $350. I think this is a great option to go with
if you like this particular design, you’re looking for this protection and functionality
and they even come with a five-year warranty. Now as far as installation goes, I’m gonna
give this a two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, expect to get these installed
in under two hours just using hand tools and a friend. Now with that being said, let’s hop into the
install. Tools we use for this install: three-eighths
drive impact, five-eighths socket, 18-millimeter socket. So before we get started with this installation
there is one thing that I would like to point out. If you have a factory side step you need to
remove that. This is relatively easy to do and you need
a 13-millimeter socket and a 10-millimeter socket to get that thing off, ditch it, and
we’re just about ready to install the step. Now as far as disassembly, there is a few
parts that we need to remove off of the Jeep. We have a couple nuts underneath the here
on the body mount that this new step is actually going to attach to. So we’re gonna slide underneath of the Jeep,
we’re gonna take those off first and then we’ll get to installing the step. Now we only need to do this for the middle
body mount and the rear body mount. So we’re gonna start with the middle one. Now you’re gonna have these two studs on either
side. We’re gonna remove these nuts. Use a five-eighths socket to get these bad
boys off. We’re gonna move to the rear one. We’re gonna take those nuts off. You want to save this hardware because we
will be reusing it. So at this point and time we are ready to
install a side step. Now first thing I want to mention is this
thing is pretty heavy so you want to grab a friend. Now you want to grab the correct side, we
are on the driver side, so we want a large gap in the front here and these steps are
gonna wind up right in the middle of our doors. Now you can see back here that we have these
two funky looking mounts, these are actually going to go on those body mounts where we
took those nuts off. This front side has a little bit of a different
bracket and that’s gonna bolt to the frame. So I’m gonna get a friend to hold this up
while we get this installed. We’ll get those nuts on and then we’ll go
from there. So it’s pretty hard to see but up here on
the body mount you’re gonna have this large circular disc. Now when you install this rock slider the
top of it needs to slide above this and then once you get it on there and you can slide
it onto the studs that we took the nuts off. After you get up on there, you can take these
factory nuts and then just put them back on. So you’re gonna do that to both of these mounts
and then we’ll work on getting the front installed. It’s kind of hard to get your hand in there
so you can put the nut in the end of the socket and just run it up those threads. So we’re going up to the front and we’re gonna
mount it. Now this bracket mounts on the side of the
frame and the bottom of the frame, we’re gonna start with the bottom of the frame. So you have a hole here and a hole here, we’re
gonna use a circular hole. So you get these welded nut tabs on a stick. Reason they are on a stick is so you can feed
them through the frame. So I’m gonna go up here and feed it through
the frame. So basically you want to bend it in the shape
that you want it and then pass it through the frame. And we’re gonna try to get it to line up with
that hole down there. After we get it to line up with the hole,
we’re just gonna stick the bolt through. All right. So we got that one in, so now we’re gonna
work on getting the side one in. So next we’re gonna do this one on the side. Now you need to either go through this slot
behind this towards the rear of the Jeep or you can go through that same hole up front
below the front body mount. This will actually fit through there nicely
like that. So we can get it to call over here but we
need to bend it in a certain way because this is a wide gap. We don’t want it to fall through. So I’m gonna take this and just bend it like
that, make it a little hockey stick, feed this through. So we fed this through, it’s on the backside. We’re gonna go ahead and tighten this bolt
up and that way you leave this little tail on there, if you ever want to take these off,
you can fish that back out. All right. So we got that in, we’re gonna go ahead and
get some sockets and getting this rail tightened up. So next we want tighten the front up, so you
want to make sure that this is all the way in and we’re gonna use an 18-millimeter socket
to tighten up this bottom bolt then we’ll tighten up the side bolt, then we’ll do our
body mount bolts. So to tighten up the body mount nuts, we’re
gonna use that same five-eighths socket. So after you get these steps installed and
tightened up, you can do the same exact thing to get that other side installed. However, that’s gonna wrap up my review and
install. For more videos and products like this check
us out at

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