Jeep Wrangler JL Bestop Sunrider for Factory Hard Tops – Black Diamond Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler JL Bestop Sunrider for Factory Hard Tops – Black Diamond Review & Install

Hey, guys, today I’m here with the Bestop
Sunrider for Factory Hardtops in Black Diamond, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers. So, having a hard top can have a lot of benefits,
however, it can have its downfalls, and one of those biggest downfalls is not being able
to easily get an open-air driving experience that you would with a soft top. So, this option by Bestop is going to essentially
be for the JL owners who are looking for the best of both worlds. So, you have a soft top in the front with
this Bestop Sunrider and then you get to keep the big and bulky hard top on the back that
you necessarily would not want to remove because it’s not the easiest to remove. So, the Sunrider is going to replace those
factory T-tops or factory freedom panels. So, if you did want to gain that open-air
driving experience with the T-tops, what you would have to do is essentially get out of
the Jeep, take them off, and find a place to store them. But with this Bestop Sunrider, all you have
to do is unhook two latches, you don’t even have to get out of the Jeep, and you can easily
gain that open-air driving experience by flipping it open. So, not only is this gonna be very easy to
open with the cable assist and easy to operate, but it’s also gonna do a really good job at
keeping you protected from the elements as well as standing up to the elements. So, this is going to seal to your hard top
as well as to the door surrounds that comes with this kit. And it’s also gonna be made of a black diamond
vinyl material that’s set at 28 ounces. So, this is going to be the same material
as the factory soft top, enjoying that this is going to last a very long time. So, as far as price goes, this is going to
be roughly $700 and it is going to be your more cost-effective choice between the two
options that Bestop provides. So, in comparison to the other Bestop option,
this, like I said, it’s gonna be a more cost-effective choice just because this is a lighter weight
fabric. So, it is still gonna be a standard black
diamond vinyl material, it’s gonna stand up very well to the elements. However, the other option by Bestop is gonna
be made of a premium acrylic twill material, which is a little bit heavier weight, and
it is gonna provide a little bit better insulation as well as sound dampening. However, I think if you are not looking for
really the extra benefits, you’re just looking for something that’s really going to be a
unique product, it’s gonna get the job done, then this is a great option to take a look
at. So, it’s also gonna be very easy at a 1 out
of 3 wrenches on the difficulty meter, probably taking you about 30 minutes to get the job
done with only 1 tool needed. So, speaking of the install, let’s jump into
that now. The tools that I used for my install were
our impact wrench and a T-40 torque socket. So, our first step is to remove our freedom
panels and we have a couple of latches that we need to take off and then we can remove
both of those and secure down our Sunrider. So, we can start by unlatching the front latches
and then the ones around the side in the back. We can pop off our passenger side. So, now that our freedom panels are off, we
can install our door surround starting with the passenger side. Now, these are gonna be side specific, so
you wanna make sure that the Bestop symbol is facing up and at the rear of the door surround
that we can insert the pin into our sports bar and secure down the clamp with our long
fastener. So, after we have our bolt threaded in, we
can tighten it down with a T-40 torque socket. Then we can do the same thing on the other
side. So, our next step is to put our deck panel
or Sunrider onto our hard top, and line it up where the front of our hard top and sit
it underneath our door surround. So, this part of our deck has to sit underneath
our door surround so it will seal properly. So, once it’s lined up with this side of the
door surround, what we can do is take our Z clip and secure it down to the little hole
on the side of our door surround. So we have a cable assist when we open up
our Sunrider. So, once that’s connected on this side, we
can move over to the driver side and do the same thing. So, what we’re gonna do next is secure our
Sunrider deck to our door surround and then we can connect all of that to our sports bar. So, right now we’re gonna take the two shorter
torques bolts, thread them into our Sunrider deck. And then we can tighten those up once those
are threaded with that T-40 torque socket. So, after those are tightened up we can take
our provided bezel, our long fastener, and our provided nut, put the nut into the deck
up top. Then we can put the fastener in the bezel,
send that through our sports bar, and thread it into that captured nut. And once that’s threaded in, we can tighten
that down with that same T-40 torque socket. So, next, we can take our provided clamp and
attach it to our Sunrider deck, and make sure that these two tabs on the bottom are underneath
our hardtop retainers, and that’s going to seal this to the hardtop. So, we’re gonna make sure that this has the
Bestop B up at the top, might have to squeeze it together to line it up, we can push it
on into place. Then we can take our two bolts that are left,
these are gonna be the same torques bolts as our door surrounds. Thread them in and tighten them back down
with the same T-40 torque socket. After that, we can close up our Sunrider and
we’re all set to go. We can close up our Sunrider. There is gonna be a spring, so you just have
to pull it down. So, now we can secure down our Sunrider, all
we have to do is pull down this clamp that hooks on to our wind chill retainer, then
we can pull back. Might be a little bit tight at first just
because this is new fabric, then we can do the same thing on the other side. So, for this one, you may have to push the
hook and then we can just pull back. So, that’s gonna wrap it up for my review
and install. Make sure like and subscribe, and for more
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  2. We love our Bestop Sunrider for hard top! It may be pricey but it is well worth the purchase if you don't want to take your hard top off. You get some of the freedom of the soft top with the security of the hard top.

  3. Yeah… I've said it before… The price point on this is ridiculous. You can buy a complete top, for what this section cost… Not only that, but the price just keeps going up!

    I'm not cheap… And I've been driving Jeeps since 1995… 8 in fact, I have pissed away my fair share of money on a Jeep… But this is way up there in the "WTH" catagory…

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