Jeep Wrangler JL Rugged Ridge Elite Headlight Euro Guards Reivew & Install

Hey, guys. So today I’m here with the Rugged Ridge Elite
Headlight Euro Guards, fitting all 2018 and newer JL Wranglers. So this is gonna be for the JL owner who’s
looking for small but noticeable mods to add to the front end of their Jeep. Now these are going to be very durable, made
of a cast aluminum construction and those are gonna provide some of that protection
that you may want for your headlights if you’re out in the trail and you encounter any brush
or branches or even if you’re just on the street and you experience any kickup. Now these are also gonna add a very off-road
and rugged aesthetic to your Wrangler because of the matte black powder coat and also just
the overall armored look that this is gonna provide to your Wrangler. Not only are these gonna up the look and the
function on your Wrangler but these are also gonna be very affordable as well. So these are gonna be roughly $50 and I think
for a pair of these and the overall construction and the quality of these that price is definitely
worth it. Now what I really like about these in comparison
to some other options that I’ve seen for the previous JK model, these do not attach with
any 3M tape, these are directly bolted behind the grille, so it adds some structural integrity
to it. These are very different and add a unique
look to the front end of your Wrangler. So the other thing that I do really like about
these Euro Guards is the fact that they go along with the headlight design and the internal
of the headlight and they’re not going to obstruct your visibility while you’re out
on the street or even on trail. Now they do go along with the LED package
in the internal of the headlight but they are also gonna look great on the halogen as
well. And I think that this is really going to add
a unique and a functional look for the front end of your Jeep. Now install is gonna be very easy at one out
of three wrenches on the difficulty meter. You’re gonna need minimal basic hand tools
to get the job done and probably 10 minutes worth of your time. So speaking of the install, let’s jump into
that now. The tools that I used for my install were
an impact wrench, a 3-inch extension, a 10-millimeter deep socket, 5/32-inch Allen key, and a flat
head screwdriver. So our first step to installing our light
guards is to pop off our grille. So first thing’s first, we have to open up
our hood. And after our hood is open we can pop off
these six pop clips that’ll remove our grille. I’m using a flat head screwdriver and I’m
just going to pop each of these clips out. You could also use a trim removal tool but
since there is a little indent on each of these clips, I find it easier to use a flat
head screwdriver. So after those six pop clips are out what
we have to do is raise the front end of our grille just to get out the little pins that
are sitting in the top and then we can give our grille a little bit of a tug to pop out
the retainer clips at the bottom that’s holding on the bottom of our grille. After that’s off, we can just move it to the
side, and that’ll expose our headlight bolts. So what we have to do next is remove the three
bolts that are holding in our headlight. Now we’re not taking out our actual headlight
we’re just taking out the bolt so we can sandwich our guard in between the headlight and the
new bolts. So I’m using a 10-millimeter socket and a
small extension just to make sure I’m clearing the grille and the headlight. And we can remove those bolts. So the headlight might move out of place,
that’s okay. What we can do next is grab our guard making
sure it’s for the right side. We can also grab our provided hardware which
are the button head bolts or the Allen head bolts. And I’m gonna use a 5/32-inch Allen key or
Allen socket and a 3-inch extension to thread the new bolts in. So these new bolts that are provided are a
little bit longer just to accommodate for the extra space that our guard is taking up. So once that’s threaded in, we can move on
to the next one, then down to the bottom one, then we can tighten them back up with the
impact wrench or you could use a hand ratchet. So just make sure you don’t overtighten these
because the headlight attachments are plastic and you don’t want to break those. But that’s one side, then we can just do the
same thing on the other side. All right, so our last step is to pop our
grille back on and close up our hood. You just give the grille a little push, set
the clips, then we can take our pop clips that we took out originally and pop them back
into place. Last but not least, we’ll close up our hood. So that’s gonna wrap it up for my quick review
and install. Make sure you like and subscribe. And for more videos and products like this,
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