Jeep Wrangler TJ Bestop Upper Door Sliders for Factory Soft Top – Black Diamond Review & Install

Jeep Wrangler TJ Bestop Upper Door Sliders for Factory Soft Top – Black Diamond Review & Install

Ryan: The Bestop Upper Door Sliders for a
factory soft top are for those of you that have been 1997 to 2006 TJ that has a soft
top and also has half doors installed on it that are looking for something that’s going
to be a little bit easier to open and close than those soft upper doors. These are going to install very easily, one
out of three wrenches. They really just drop into place on top of
your doors and these are going to add a ton of functionality to your TJ. We’re gonna show you how to get these installed
in just a second. So if you have a set of factory soft upper
doors on your Jeep, you know that in order to open them up, you need to unzip them, which
isn’t the easiest thing to do while you’re driving. If you’re coming up to a toll booth, it can
be a little bit of a battle. And when they are folded down, they’re kind
of in the way of your elbow, so not a great solution, at least in my opinion if you’re
somebody who wants to be able to open and close that soft upper and not just have to
be completely stopped, have the door open and you remove the soft upper. So this is going to give you the ability to
open and close that window. Of course, the soft uppers as well with the
zippers and everything flexing and moving can eventually start to wear out, break down
when they start to get old, the windows themselves being plastic can get scratched like the other
three plastic windows in your Jeep. There are just a lot of reasons to want something
like this installed on your half doors. This is going to give you essentially a soft
door here and all the way around. This is going to be a factory black diamond
material but it replaces that plastic window with two pieces of sliding glass, so these
are going to have latches built into them, they can be latched all the way closed. Both of them. They’re gonna seal up really tight with some
weatherstripping all the way around here. So perfect seal, almost like you have full
doors on the Jeep. Then if you need to open it up to get some
air in when you’re coming up to a toll booth, whatever it might be, it’s very easy, these
are just a spring-loaded latch here. You just push on it and pull the glass, you
can either pull that front section back or pull the back section forward to open them
up. Of course, you are going to get a kit here
that’s going to include both sides of your Jeep. So this is a piece that is going at a ton
of functionality to your Jeep. I think they look better, they definitely
work better, they’re gonna seal up tighter. There aren’t a lot of reasons that you wouldn’t
want these if you had a set of half doors on your Jeep, at least in my opinion, except
the cost. These are from Bestop, they’re in incredibly
high-quality option for you when it comes to sliding upper doors for your TJ. But because of the quality you’re getting,
you’re gonna pay a premium price. These are going to come in at right around
$600 for the pair. If you have the budget for it, this is going
to be the best option out there for you. If you don’t, certainly there are some less
expensive options out there that aren’t going to wear as well or seal up quite as tight
because the weatherstripping or look as good or whatever it might be, and those are gonna
be less expensive sources out there. But if you’re looking for what, in my opinion,
is the best choice for you, this is going to be it and the price, honestly, is it worth
the additional quality that you’re going to get. So like I said, these are going to install
incredibly easily onto your Jeep, one out of three wrenches, let’s show you how to do
it. Man: All right, let’s get our factory soft
top uppers out of the way here. Just gonna open up the door here, grab our
window, lift straight up. Now we’re going to bring in our new hard upper
sliders. Close it up. Hey, guys, that’s gonna wrap up my install
of the Bestop Upper Door Sliders for your factory soft top TJ. And for all things Wrangler keep it here at

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